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Is one Cruise a year enough for you (and Salem)?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-27-14 6:22 AM

Sorry, Q, I guess I shouldn't give them ideas :)

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Jun-26-14 9:51 AM

Not sure what you mean by Salem's own sales tax. Columbiana Co has one of the biggest sales tax in the state--please, no more.

But at Cruise, could they have the vendors now pay more to set up?

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Jun-26-14 6:30 AM

There should at least be a small increase in payroll taxes?

I don't think Salem has imposed its own sales tax?

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Jun-25-14 10:35 PM

My goodness, someone sure is cranky here--no one can say anything without getting disagreed with.

Not sure of the disagreers mental status tho, so I won't say much more than "cranky" (but idiot comes to mind as well).

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Jun-25-14 8:46 PM


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Jun-25-14 6:13 PM

I like going to the cruise for the other stuff. This event could be huge. Instead of 100 cars, when Salem is pulling in over 1000 cars from all over that is a huge success to me.

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Jun-25-14 6:12 PM

Q, I understand that. But the city is only getting back from the vendor fees to replace what they spent. I just want to see this event flourish and generating revenues for the city and the business owners downtown. It just seems to be a shame that this event is not making a huge impact economically for Salem. Actually, I am hoping they are looking outside the box and now with Mr. Herron's motel and the bed and breakfasts in this town, that they can reach out with advertising even further and entice more out of towners and out of State people to come this event.

In otherwords, I want to see the city spending money to make money.

That's why I would rather see them do only one event a year extend the days of it. Get some big entertainment in, offer more for all ages and kick butt with this event. Doesn't have to be just about the car enthusiasts.

Like me, I know I will be called Unamerican for this. But I don't go for the cars. I am not a car fan.

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Jun-25-14 3:46 PM

And I don't mean to offend, I know we have the concerts in the park, the art and craft show in the park next week, etc.

But the park events (while I appreciate having them) don't really up the businesses in town. So I was referring to downtown events that we no longer have.

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Jun-25-14 3:40 PM

So I agree with you both. But watchdog, while vendors (almost all from elsewhere) do make money, they also pay the city about $300 to set up for the weekend. That is where the city makes the money.

But if we are looking at what's good for all, what ts said about not blocking off the business part of Broadway would go a long way in making all businesses happy.

The first few years of the Cruise, Broadway had show cars parked on half of it and the other half was obviously one-way but very usable.

I think everyone was okay with that.

And if an event is well done (and overall the Cruise really is) then events are good for cities. We no longer have Jubilee, no longer have Christmas or Easter Open Houses downtown--we got Nothing without the Cruise. That is Not good for a city. (In my opinion)

So if car shows are what works, then car shows it should be. Just maybe with the welfare for All businesses considered. (Thank you ts.)

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Jun-25-14 11:44 AM

What success? Maybe it's just me, but how do you measure success in this? The city makes no money off it, which blows me away that they don't want any revenues from it, their just happy to get back the start up costs. The city still foots the bill for city workers and police.

We can't measure success for downtown business owners because there is no way to measure their profit intake during the cruise or any downtown events. That is mostly a end of the year tax show. Vendors that do come take their profits and go back to where they live and spend any revenues they make from where they rein from.

The most we can see by the measurement of success was "everybody had a good time". Do these events make an economic impact for Salem? Guessing game and one big party.

Before anybody sees this as negative, it's not, we need to make these events worth it or count towards making the difference.

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Jun-25-14 10:41 AM

For an example of what I'm talking about, there is an article in today's Massillon newspaper (Google it since you can't post links here), about how they block off one block of side street right off of the main drag every Saturday for a cruise-in. What they block off would be the equivalent of blocking off Broadway behind City Hall from Pershing to Columbia, which would really affect no businesses (and this is right next to Massillon PD/City Hall too, so it's nearly identical setup).

Massillon has their big, block off Route 172, draws thousands upon thousands car show early June (14th this year), then supplement it with the weekly thing. Something like this would be the best scenario to expand if the city wants to do something on their own.

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Jun-24-14 8:27 PM

That's a good idea, ts. Some past article mentioned about 90 volunteers with about 500 man hours for the Cruise, so full scale probably not possible, but something smaller in Aug could maybe be attempted.

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Jun-24-14 12:42 PM

I think overkill is a definite concern, as well as logistics of doing it full scale multiple times.

That being said, does the city perhaps offer up a municipal lot (likely the Timberlanes one because it's gigantic, and I can't imagine it opening any time soon) every month or two, and work with say, the Arby's car people to put on a car show there? Don't set a formal cruise route or offer much anything besides maybe a couple food vendors, but you could still have something regular and manageable that brings people in on a regular basis (even if it's substantially less, it gets some out-of-towners regularly in Salem), and it won't take away from the Big Event in June.

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Jun-24-14 9:42 AM

I would say you could find people to plan it and organize it. There are people that benefit from it, and that benefit drives the desire to want to do it. But I agree to a point that it MAY be overkill and not get the support, that's why I said IF.

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Jun-24-14 9:22 AM

Whose going to donate their time in planning a second cruise ?

And a second cruise would eventually lead to over kill and wouldn't gain support.

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Jun-24-14 9:11 AM

I would say yes, but if you can duplicate the success of it again in August, why not do it?

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