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Democrat U.S. Rep. James P. Moran from Virginia is proposing adding about $2,800 for housing to the average Congressional member’s $174,000 annual salary. Do Congress members deserve the assistance?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-13-14 9:51 AM

Pssssst. Who cares ?

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Apr-12-14 3:45 PM

I don't hold much hope in that happening.

And I think were slowly running out of time.

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Apr-12-14 3:02 PM

You are right ladybug, not arguing that point. We do re-elect the same ones. Because not enough people are willing to blast their own candidates after they elect them. We have to hold them accountable.

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Apr-12-14 2:56 PM

We can't change the politicians until we change the people.

Moran is a dime a dozen. I don't know how his district of people can sit there and see with their own eyes the right and wrong and keep rewarding this guy for as long as they did over the years.

Thank God he announced his retirement in January but he is sure trying to go out with a bang and our buck to go with it.

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Apr-12-14 2:52 PM

Ok .

Only problem you and I both know come nov, 90 % will go in re-elect the same people or vote along party lines.

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Apr-12-14 2:50 PM

Ladybug, I am not disagreeing with you. This is what Congress has become. It's about the power. I promise you, show me a Republican doing the same thing and I will tear him or her up just the like the rest. This is why we can't get progress moving in this country. That party affiliation game is blistering us badly. We the people, need to get into the center of the aisle and start stomping on our politicians regardless of party. We are losing this country.

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Apr-12-14 2:06 PM

And sorry watchdog.

I put all of them in the same class .

Their all a bunch of weasels

You name me one person in the whole bunch who really cares . That will put the politics ,party ,and getting re-elected aside in favor of accomplishing a resolution to all the BS

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Apr-12-14 2:05 PM

His district is the DC area--why does he need more for housing?--he can live at home even when he's in DC for work, unlike most of the rest of them.

Hard to believe the nerve there. But I guess if you've been able to take and take, why not try to take some more.

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Apr-12-14 1:55 PM

In 1999, Moran drew attention for taking personal loans from a friend who was a drug-company lobbyist. He got another loan three years later from the co-founder of America Online. The Washington Post reported in 2002 that Moran received favorable terms on a home-refinancing package from MBNA as he backed a bankruptcy reform bill supported by the credit card industry. Moran was not charged with wrongdoing in those instances.

Now you know why Moran is trying to rip us off!

The guy is a weasel and loved by his constituents. Moran’s district, which includes Arlington County, Alexandria, Falls Church and a portion of Fairfax County, is overwhelmingly Democratic, delivering 68 percent of the vote to President Obama in 2012.

Sorry Ladybug, I know you don't want politics in this but this weasel's actions is why we ALL get screwed over. He is looking out for his own interests and not ours.

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Apr-12-14 1:48 PM

In 1999, his second wife — Moran has divorced three times — called police after a domestic dispute, although no charges were filed. The next year, Moran got into a heated argument with an 8-year-old boy whom Moran accused of trying to steal his car keys; the incident made national news.

Moran has also had personal financial troubles. A former stockbroker, Moran lost roughly $120,000 from trades and bad investments in the mid-1990s and went into significant debt. During their divorce, his second wife accused him in court papers of “wasting the family assets on his stock market gambling.”

Moran was an active trader again in the mid-2000s, with assets owned by his wealthy third wife. After their 2010 separation and eventual divorce, his financial situation changed significantly. His most recent financial disclosure report, covering 2012, shows him to be one of the least wealthy members of Congress, with no assets other than a money-market account worth $15,000 or less.

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Apr-12-14 1:27 PM

"50 % of these people are millionaires." 100% when they leave unless they get cote with their tong in someone.

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Apr-12-14 1:02 PM


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Apr-12-14 12:13 PM

Well, it looks like 2% of the persons taking part in this poll are members of Congress.

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Apr-12-14 11:02 AM

I like how they all stand up there and care about the American people and what they think .

It's showed on several occasions when 70 or 90 % of the people felt this and they did just the opposite .

They get on the plane and leave Washington every Thursday ,come back late on Monday .

Headed for another 3 week vaca. " sorry spend time their district " and in a few months shut down to campaign . Real value for our money .

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Apr-12-14 10:54 AM

Whats this got to do with liberals ?

Their all nuts . From the president on down. Me Me Me !

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Apr-12-14 10:53 AM

For one time in your life Kozy keep the politics out of your answer.. This is just another example of the insanity of these people running our country.

50 % of these people are millionares.

There isn't a*****one of them who knows how the common people have to live and survive while they play their BS me games.

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Apr-12-14 10:40 AM

It was turned down. But, if they could...liberals would and just add another tax on something.

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Apr-12-14 9:27 AM

While I said No, they didn't need it, if the poll had asked if I think they will get it anyway--unfortunately, that would be Yes.

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