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Today is the day. Did you get your tax returns filed in time?

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Apr-19-13 1:23 AM

I wasn't really trying to make any particular point. I don't think the woman was intentionally being impolite. It was my impression that she just didn't know any better, but the problem of people not knowing any better has become all too common. My purpose for relaying that story was primarily to vent some frustration and it seemed to fit with the topic. Sadly, that turns into rightway whining and complaining about people on here whining and complaining. However, all of you (with the exception of rightway) brought up some very good points along the way. Now there's some irony!

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Apr-18-13 7:14 PM

It seems to me RPMWWE was addressing an issue not a person. Rpmwwe I have usually found your comments to be issue driven. Ever go to a store and have people stop in the isle and carry on a conversation and never move aside till their finished with their conversation. That is being inconsiderate too. It seems there is a growing element in this world that doesn't not think being considerate of others is important but believe that it is the ones that are being inconvenienced that are the ones in the wrong. Isn't that every man doing what it right in his own eyes?

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Apr-18-13 2:21 PM


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Apr-18-13 12:47 PM

"All anyone ever does on here is whine and complain about everybody else."

...and your comment was somehow different?

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Apr-18-13 10:25 AM

I do notsocialist. I do.

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Apr-17-13 2:17 PM

I didn't miss anything. Sh*& happens. Deal with it like the rest of us. All anyone ever does on here is whine and complain about everybody else.*****it up like a big boy and move on. I hope all your lives are much happier in real life than they are represented on here.

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Apr-17-13 12:28 PM

rightway, perhaps you could actually read the comments rather than skim through them. From your reaction, it seems you missed quite a bit. I don't feel I'm deserving of special privileges but I don't feel I, or anyone else in that line, should be expected to compensate for the ridiculously poor planning of others.

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Apr-16-13 12:49 PM

rpmwwe, perhaps you could request special privileges from the post office? That way you wouldn't have to wait in line. When you walk in, they could roll out the red carpet and you walk past all the common folk?

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Apr-15-13 5:08 PM

I went to the post office today to mail in my returns. As expected, it was a little busier than usual but it wasn't an issue until the lady with a whole laundry list of special needs and wants got up to the clerk. When I saw a package in a brown paper lunch sack folded closed with scotch tape (among many other poorly packaged items), I knew those of us still waiting were in trouble.

I overheard comments from the clerk that indicated the woman did not have complete addresses and some packages weren't taped closed at all. The line grew and grew until she was advised to step out and get her stuff together.

The irony was I realized a portion of the taxes I was standing in line to pay were going to be used to support people like this woman, and thereby make it possible for her to go into places, such as post offices, and cause others to wait in longer than needed lines.

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Apr-15-13 8:37 AM

On February 2nd.

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Apr-15-13 7:39 AM

Filed extentions

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