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"Social Security" & Retirement...

Started to assist in retire, it has become a political football and adds to the uncertainty of how and when to retire. Not taxed before 1983 and with a push from Alan Greenspan, congress passed a new tax by adding 50% of ones SS to income which may be taxed. In 1993 and pushed by Clinton and Gore, who broke a tie in the Senate, that amount was raised to 85%. I call that double taxation. Now if the current taxes go away, those retired will have their investments subject to a huge tax increase. Why was there no vote on taxes before congress left to go home...well lets say they were not worried about retirees! I don't know how anyone retired could vote for those who left. We need to let them know that our retirement was hard earned and we want to keep it! Maybe they should have to live on Social Security and they might be more concerned.


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