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1037 days ago.
by concerned

Wall of Shame

When you read about GE paying no corporate federal taxes in 2010 while getting a $3.2 billion rebate, does your blood start to boil? You probably thought companies like GE paid 35% in federal taxes. Not so. It’s a rare big company that ponies up that amount. Small companies are a different story, but lets stick with the biggies... For too long the American public has been hornswoggled by this century’s “robber barons.” Remember, it was our tax dollars that saved the hides of many of these multinationals with colossal bailouts, and how do they say thanks? By not paying their taxes. Nada, zero, zilch. And it’s legal, thanks to the President and the Democratic Congress. However, I am betting you’ll pay your 2010 taxes on April the wall of Shame:


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The liberal mindset does not seem to be able to comprehend how economics works. Any additional cost whether they be taxes, wages for labor, benefits, transportation cost or increased cost of raw material are all incorporated into the cost of the finished product. So who is pay these increases? The person purchasing the product, not the one producing the product. Every time the cost of producing a product goes up, inflation goes up. Which is what affects Mr. and Mrs. Average American. As I have said many times on this board, inflation is the poor man's enemy. Of which taxes and government mandates are one of the biggest contributors to inflation.

Posted 1037 days ago.

Taxing for corporations depends upon the type corporation you're talking about. There are partnerships, chapter c, chapter s and more...and there are many non profit types.

Posted 1045 days ago.

If I understand it correctly, corporations don't pay income taxes because the shareholders do. The profits of the corporations are the property of the shareholders. Making the corporation pay taxes on it's annual income and then having the shareholders pay taxes on the same annual income would be double dipping by the IRS.

Income taxes are a mess. Eliminate them and replace them with either a flat tax or a national sales tax for EVERYONE!

Posted 1046 days ago.


notSocialist, Are you not aware of just who it is that is fighting to keep that same status quo? It is your Republican Representatives that have let you down here, not the Democrats. I think anyone who follows the news and does not have a mad dog bias against this President will admit to that.

Posted 1049 days ago.

We Christians are hated by the world for seeking the's ok. I will continue and I will keep praying for you.

Posted 1050 days ago.


Are you kidding me? How can you post "And it’s legal, thanks to the President and the Democratic Congress" when the democrats and This President who have repeatedly tried to address this issue only to be thwarted by the Republicans at every turn. Everyone knows that the Republicans are against any attempt to raise or redress the current corporate tax laws that would increase big corporations share of taxes. Really how can anyone post such out right lies???

Posted 1050 days ago.

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