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a prediction

the teapublikkkans threaten to shut down the fed to make thier point (yeah right) here's my prediction; the fed is shut down, NO checks for SS, disability, va, or ANY FED program. all those people miss a payment on thier credit cards, car payment, morgates, utiities, even food does not get bought. the credit companies (i.e banks) can, now under federal law jack the intrest rates to 40%. result? more people DO NOT pay thier credit card payment, the banks scream for relief, and by this time, the teapublicans pass NEW bailout monies to stave of the collapse of the "credit industry". where does the money come from? why from cutting services to the poor the elderly or from social services. like child welfare, health and human services or ther teapublikkkan's favorite, education. just a prediction. it's going to be VERY UGLY for the next few years.


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