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February 23, 2014
Salem News

Roses to Good Samaritans. We've heard a number of accounts about kind-hearted people throughout our brutal winter. Here's another unusual example that happened in Salem. A resident came upon a poor cat actually frozen to roadway slush. According to information passed our way, once carefully freed, the cat scurried on frozen paws to a nearby house in the neighborhood. But it was confirmed that it was a stray and had been around for a number of days. The gentleman who discovered the cat took it to a vet. Despite efforts to save the poor thing, the effects from exposure were too much. The cat died. "He cared enough to get involved at his own time and expense in order to attempt to save its life or in this case its suffering," a reader wrote us. "He rescued it and offered to cover all of the expenses, even though he is allergic and knew he would have to find it a home. I know he and his wife are compassionate animal lovers and were heartbroken recently at the untreatable illness in their dog. Sadly, the cat didn't make it after heroic efforts. I'm sure he was emotionally and financially impacted by this situation." Not all stories have happy endings. This one didn't. But we should appreciate the efforts of this Good Samaritan who chooses anonymity. You, sir, are a very good person.

Roses to readers of this column who give us ideas for possible roses - and thorns. We appreciate your input and often times wouldn't know about the good deeds of our residents if not for you. Keep 'em coming.

Thorns for two restaurants on South Ellsworth recently closing within days of each other. We heralded their openings as new businesses offering jobs and dining choices. Now the lament. It does say something about the neighborhood and perhaps the clientele traffic down there when two places within - what? - fewer than 50 yards of each other abruptly shut down. Being located in one of Salem's biggest drug sectors doesn't help.

Roses for city leaders cooperating and working together to get more cops for the city. We gave roses last week for the benefits of extra officers. The plan to hire six part-time officers will place an additional officer on each shift, reduce the need for overtime and give the department more manpower. The administration, city auditor, police chief, the union representing officers and city council all worked together to make it happen and should all be commended. It's refreshing to see officials do what they can to reach a goal instead of just spouting reasons why they can't do something.

Thorns to clerks in stores who wait on people rudely breaking into line. Tell them to get to the back on the line and wait their turn. It's all about customer service - serve the good ones and not the inconsiderate idiots. Ever been in a store with two or three customers in front of you and then, at last, it's your turn, but, oh no, somebody just slides right up to the counter in front of you and demands service? Maybe at first it's just a question they ask the sales clerk. But, more times than not, they want to pay for an item or two they have. So you have no choice but to wait, patiently, until they selfishly finish their transaction. It seems that some people just cannot wait until it's their turn and clerks aren't willing to do anything about it. The line busters must be special.

Roses for the Green Family Trust donating $300,000 toward the new grandstand going up at the county fairgrounds.?John Green provided the gift on behalf of the family. It honors his late grandfather, Arnold C. Green. The grandstand will be named in honor of the longtime fair board member. Cost of the much needed project is $900,000. Other donations have been received but more are needed. Roses to the First National Bank of Salem for fronting a loan to keep the project moving forward while more pledges are raised.



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