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February 6, 2014
Salem News

- Deputies checked on a suspicious vehicle on Bell Road near Fairfield Road with a woman slumped over in the front seat at 9:20 a.m. Jan. 29. After several attempts the woman, Jodie Harris, state Route 45, Lisbon, awoke, looked at the deputy, rolled her eyes and went back to sleep. Deputies opened the door, found Harris' foot on the brake and the vehicle in drive. When asked for identification, she handed deputies a debit card and other cards. She claimed she was not passed out in the middle of the road, only sleeping. She was transported by KLG to the Salem Regional Medical Center and her family came to take the vehicle.

- Dave Freeman, Johnson Road, Lisbon, reported at 1:37 p.m. Tuesday over the past few months a neighbor of his elderly aunt has repeatedly gone to her home looking for work or to borrow items from her. She reportedly has become uncomfortable with him coming over there and Freeman and the aunt's son have asked the man to stop. Another man believed to be first man's roommate reportedly called Freeman and threatened to assault him if he speaks to the first man again about going to the house.

- Margaret Curtis, Opal Drive, Wellsville, reported at 10:48 p.m. Thursday Joseph Call punched her in the face. She was intoxicated and fell going up the stairs. Call denied the accusation and stated she had fallen several times. Deputies found no evidence of her being struck and she then threatened to harm herself. She was transported by deputies to meet a Tri-County EMS in Wellsville and on the way threatened to kill deputies. She was taken to East Liverpool City Hospital.

- Kenny Merrick, Rochester Road, East Rochester, reported at 5:36 a.m. Monday he was awakened by a sound which sounded like gunshots from the direction of the road. He saw an SUV or pickup heading north. Merrick also found 11 9mm shell casings on the road and found his father's hayfield torn up from a vehicle. A neighbor also reportedly saw a red Chevy pickup with black rims driving in the fields and a part of it was left behind. At 3:09 a.m. Wednesday Merrick reported his neighbor had called him to report he believed he located the vehicle on Weaver Road.

- Elicia Travis asked deputies to check on her boyfriend at 7:12 a.m. Sunday. He told deputies he and his girlfriend argued over the telephone, he texted her and told her he could not handle it anymore, turned his phone off and went to bed. She reportedly did the same thing to him the day before and he claimed he is tired of it.

- George Bach, state Route 644, Salineville, reported at 12:22 a.m. Friday his 28-year-old son was dropped off at home by friends and the son had been drinking. They argued and the son started throwing tools and things around. The son told deputies he had some things bothering him, so deputies spoke to him about other ways to handle stress and depression besides drinking. The son agreed to go to a relative's for the night.

- Kenny Parks, Miller Road, Leetonia, reported at 9:46 p.m. Tuesday there was a domestic argument with Annette Reitz over a cup of beer. Reitz asked her daughter to give her a ride to Salem.

- Matthew Householder, state Route 172, Hanoverton, reported at 8:24 p.m. Tuesday he heard gunshots and saw what appeared to be an SUV leaving the area on McCann Road. Deputies did not locate anyone.

- United High school reported at 7:54 a.m. Tuesday two students were found with marijuana. The assistant principal, Frank Baker, told deputies the two boys came into the school reeking of marijuana odor. The 17-year-old said the 16-year-old picked him up at his home, and he smoke one pipeful on the way to Hanoverton to get gas and the other on the way to school. The 16-year-old claimed he picked up the 17-year-old and they drove straight to school, while the 17-year-old smoked marijuana. The 16-year-old's mother gave deputies permission to search the vehicle and two pipes were located. Eventually both boys admitted to smoking some marijuana and the matter will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

- United High School also reported Tuesday morning on Monday an eighth grade student brought alcohol into school. The 13-year-old boy drank some wine cooler while waiting for the bus and put a lid on it. At some point during the day the lid became loose and the alcohol was leaking from his backpack onto the floor. A teacher saw it and had him take the backpack to the office. The boy claims he drank at his father's in the past. The issue will also be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

- Ron Hostetter, Dyke Road, Negley, reported at 10:25 a.m. Tuesday he was at work and his wife left the house at about 7 a.m. When he came home at 10 a.m. he found someone had kicked open the front door. A small amount of change and a 42-inch flat screen TV were missing. The upstairs was ransacked. He planned to make a further list of the missing items.

- Robert Gibler, Eastlake Road, Lisbon, reported at 2:49 p.m. Tuesday his neighbor behind the house had been harassing him "all summer." Gibler said on Tuesday he was walking his dogs through a vacant lot next to the neighbor's when the neighbor yelled at him to stay off the lot. He also reportedly threatened to hurt Gibler and his dogs.



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