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January 26, 2014
Salem News

Roses for the now retired former SFD Lt. Rod Hughes who served our city for nearly 24 years. Firefighters and, of course, police officers are in the highest-risk positions in any community, small through large. We have very good firefighters and police officers here in Salem. We appreciate what they do. We appreciate having a fire department to call our own while not having to listen to any fire district ramblings like we previously did under a city leadership that was ousted by voters. We appreciate the city approving $860,000 for the purchase of a 102-foot ladder truck. That is protection for all residents.

Thorns to the city Health Department. The department is appealing an alleged violation issued by the state department of health. It contends two vaccines were permitted to expire without ever being used. A notification to the state should have been issued by the local department prior to the vaccines expiring. Our city health department provides a lot of benefits. But this kind of stuff never looks good when it appears on page one. It's about accountability. So besides the health dept. taking a cred bruising public perception-wise, this, er, oversight could cost the city $1,536 to replace the vaccines. Not good.

Thorns to reported (alleged?) shortages/hardship in transporting a wintertime essential. Namely heating propane. What? Like all of a sudden the delivery trucks evaporated? Buy another fleet or two with the fat profits gathered from again gouging consumers. Once those belonging to the second estate of economic suppression are done wallet whipping your average guy, poof!, somehow essentials such as propane will miraculously reappear. There will be enough trucks to deliver the fuel from here to China which, incidentally, is where a lot of propane gets exported, abetting driven-up domestic prices. Maybe we should pump the brakes on all those propane/energy exports to China and take care of our own. And while all of the fixed-income seniors, single mothers and the rest of us are waiting for that fat chance to ever happen, keep the thermostat done, grab another electric blanket, jack up the space heater and get ready for some more sub-zero temps coming this very week. Along with outrageous heating bills. There are, always has been and always will be those profiting -without a flinch of clear, good conscience -from the miseries of others. That will never change.?

Roses (along with a quarterback, running back, couple of linebackers, et al.) to new Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine who also now goes by Who's That? and What's his Name? Management fired Chud for this? Think about it. Those in the coaching profession aspire, dream and often would do anything to become a head coach in the NFL - usually anywhere in the NFL. Yet the culture in Cleveland is so bad that management has potential good candidates refusing to even interview with the team for one of those 32 coveted, sometimes once-in-a-career head coaching opportunities. Those of us of a certain age who remember hearing about Paul Brown and Otto Graham and grew up watching Jim Brown, Frank Ryan and Leroy Kelly right up through the likes of Sipe, Kosar and Mathews can only cringe knowing another four, five win season is ahead. Meanwhile, go Indians. Pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear, Ariz. on Feb. 11. The season opener against Oakland is March 31. That's 65 days and counting.



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