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January 19, 2014
Salem News

Tax dollars benefit trustees not residents

To the editor:

A moment of your time to review the recent decision by the Perry Township trustees to renew health care and life benefits without so much as a formal announcement in advance of this critical decision.

I believe this moment should have been announced in advance for any public input, but was not, for an obvious good reason. This action on the trustees' part is like a poke in the eye to your electorate. Telling Mickey Weaver you have raised the "deductible" and that is good enough to warrant the continuance. That is five pounds of baloney in a one pound container. I ask, what has raising the deductible got to do with the benefit payments the township makes on your behalf, you all still get the coverage payment made by the taxpayers of the township on your behalf, no matter how high the deductibles.

At best you are all part-time workers drawing the benefits of full-time employees. One day, soon perhaps, the taxpayers of the Perry Township will become enlightened just how little you do to earn these costly perquisites.

It is a rare newscast on a national level these days that does not spend time addressing the issues regarding healthcare and the issues of more of the cost being transferred to the employee. Where do the Perry trustees fit into this equation? Are you exempt from this logical thinking? Are the Perry Township pockets bottomless therefore ripe for the picking? Perhaps we'll see a future request for a tax increase, got to cover these expenditures, right?

If the Perry trustees' concerns are in the right place they should be thinking first of their constituents.

Are you all of the same mind set that these monies are best spent to your benefit rather than used for improvement to the benefit of the entire township, that way all the taxpayers would see the fruits of their tax dollars at work.




Property owner upset over $7,056 bill

To the editor:

I am one of the property owners, on Depot Road, that voted no to the sewer extension on Depot Road. We didn't want it, didn't need it and couldn't afford it.

I have lived in my house from 1949 until the present. When my husband was alive we maintained our property. If it broke, we fixed it, since his death I have continued to keep up my property.

I have received a bill for $7,056 for a pipe that was put under the road to my property, then capped.

I thought I might have to pay $500 to $1,000. I never expected to owe so much for something I do not want or need.

If someone put an unauthorized charge on my credit card they call it fraud, what do you call this?




Nothing positive out of Washington

To the editor:

The days, weeks, months and years are slipping by and nothing positive is coming out of Washington. We have a $17 trillion debt towering over us like a sizzling volcano building up pressure, threatening to erupt and scatter our fragile economy to the four winds. I know this is old stuff I keep bringing up and maybe I should apologize for blowing the same old smoke. However, at the tender age of 94 and a veteran of WWII, I believe I have earned the right to spout off occasionally.

My motive is quite simple. I have a deep love for my country and am fearful too many of us, particularly young people, are in a serious state of complacently. Many have no idea what is going on in Washington and the country and seem to care less. If we ever wish the country to become strong and respected again we must stamp out the liberal socialist state we are fast becoming and bring back a strong Democratic capitalistic system based on conservative values and individual freedoms.

There is a power struggle going on in Washington and the wrong side is winning. We, a country with a heritage of personal freedoms, have stood by and allowed the power of governing to slip from our hands into the control of a few who have ignored the will of the people and would replace our present system of self governing with a European style of Socialism.

For the last five years the president and his bunch of progressive pinheads have been creating and enforcing dozens of laws and regulations without the vote of the congress and the counsel of the Supreme Court. Obama has often indicated his contempt for the highest court in the land. Why is this man still in office?

One has to wonder how this man who appeared out of nowhere five years ago with no experience in governing, was able to talk his way into the highest position this country has to offer?




Fall victim grateful for compassion

To the editor:

At this time I wish to thank St. Elizabeth Hospital and Blossom Nursing and Rehab Center. The care I received at both was awesome. After my recent fall, the visits, cards and prayers were so appreciated, including thoughtful words from numerous organizations and old classmates.

You don't know how much you are thought of until you have an accident.

Thank you to all of my "special friends" as well as all of my family and church.

I am coming along well now and I sincerely hope that I have not forgotten to thank any and all of you.




Wellsville FD thanks WTI, Port Authority

To the editor:

We at the Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank Heritage WTI in their assistance in the disposal of various chemicals that were discovered during the excavation of property formerly Sterling China Pottery.

Heritage WTI agreed to dispose of the chemicals and even sent a sampling team to decipher what the barrels contained. We also want to extend a thank you to Columbiana County Port Authority for assistance with a grant to have underground fuel storage tanks removed and disposed of. Without their dedication to our mission we would have not been able to afford the completion of either of the projects.

The Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department looks to create a community entertainment park, training facility, fire department and community hall from the former brownfield.

They have shown great dedication to the community with continued support of local entities while creating a clean environment. Again thank you Heritage WTI and Columbiana County Port Authority for your continued community support and dedication to the citizens in the area that we all live and work.



Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department


Explaining her Asperger's traits

To the editor:

What is Asperger's like? Well that's a doozy of a question. I thought about it after a few people online that I talked too asked what it's like to have Asperger's. Is it hard? Do you hate it? What are the symptoms? Well I hope I can help you and I better understand what Asperger's is.

If you don't know what Asperger's is, it a form of high-functioning autism that is characterized by social awkwardness, stereotyped movements, such as hand flapping, and lack of social skills or understanding. I have a few of all these things. I am 19 years old and I have struggled with social anxiety and not understanding my peers or the social aspects of being a teen. But I have improved and now am more social and can look people in the eyes. (That's a weakness for us Aspies)

If I'm extremely happy or upset I'll tighten my body and imagine a scenario or focus on the thing that makes me happy. Pretend I'm happy that I just got a new book for my nook and I'm letting the gates of my imagination immerse me with the characters and stories. Out comes the hands flapping, sometimes tigthing into a fist or my whole body contorting with happiness. It kind of leaves me exhausted sometimes if I keep doing it. But I like the feeling of comfort I get from doing these motions.

Now if I'm upset my body starts to twitch and tighten up. I imagine hurting something or someone or being able to correct what makes me upset. But in the end I end up crying and talking to a trusted love one. I also have OCD and struggle with intrusive thoughts, which are unwanted and upsetting thoughts that you would never act on, but play like a movie through your head. It is quite the pain I tell you.

I am an extremely picky eater and I can't stand certain textures such as dry, rough surfaces or -?shudder -grilled cheese sandwiches. I do not like being tickled either as it makes me feel weak and vulnerable. When I was young and somewhat in my teens I didn't like to be touched or hugged. I would tighten my body and squirm as a baby and teen. But now I quiet enjoy hugs and snuggling up on the couch with my family while watching a movie.

I'm a lover of anime and manga and my little pony. I am pansexual, which means I like anyone regardless of gender or appearance. I like to ride bikes when the weather is nice. I enjoy a good book and TV episode. I love to spend time with friends and family, and above all I like being me. I can't say having Aspererger's is fun all the time, but it sure is interesting.





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