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December 15, 2013
Salem News

Thanks for supporting Eyes for Olivia efforts

To the editor:

Our family and Eyes for Olivia would like to send out a huge thank you to all of the businesses and individuals that have supported us this past year in our fundraising efforts for our daughter Olivia.

Olivia has been diagnosed with a rare genetic retinal disease that slowly kills off the cells of the retina. Without a cure this disease will eventually rob Olivia of her vision. We are raising money, along with other families across the country, to fund research to find a cure.

Since we started this mission about a year ago the support from our community has been amazing. From supporting the fundraisers that we organized to friends and co-workers organizing their own events to the support of our church it has just been awesome. Our family is so overwhelmed that we just can't thank everyone enough. We hope to continue to see this same support next year and the coming years as we continue our mission until a cure is reached. THANK YOU!!!!

If you would like to follow our journey you can visit our web page, or our facebook page, Eyes for Olivia. You can also follow our groups journey at their website, as well as their facebook page, Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation

The Hoffmans

Mike, Kim, Sarah, Olivia and Sean,


All welcome to Traveler's Christmas Service today

To the editor:

Again this year we are reminded of the joy and splendor which is the Christmas season. This is the season when we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

For many people the traditional Christmas Eve service is an important part of their Christmas celebration. Unfortunately in our modern age families are spread out over the miles making it necessary for some of us to travel great distance to be together. This means that several people are unable to attend the traditional Christmas Eve service in their home sanctuary.

As Pastor of the First United Methodist Church, I certainly do not want to entice active members from other congregations away from their services but I do want to extend an invitation to those unable to attend a service on Christmas Eve to come to the Traveler's Christmas Service at the United Methodist Church at 4 p.m. this afternoon, Dec. 15.

We anticipate many people from the larger community. We extend a special welcome to those of who we met during the Salem Tour of Homes.

This traditional service, about an hour in length, will feature a variety of special music, scriptural meditation and conclude with the lighting of candles and singing Silent Night.

The Salem First United Methodist Church is located across from city hall on South Broadway. The largest of our three parking lots is located south of the building and is accessible from both Broadway and Columbia Streets.


Salem First United Methodist Church

On Christmas Day, we need to return our love

To the editor:

Christmas day is drawing near. It is not only a day for rejoicing, celebrating and being with family, but also a day for exchanging gifts.

Many look down on gift giving, saying it makes the day commercial. But, when we read history, we find it not only is the greatest day of the year but at its origin, it was a day for giving.

First and most important, it was the greatest day because God gave us his son Jesus Christ. The only day that could surpass it is the day Christ arose from the dead after being crucified. Gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were brought to the Christ child lying in a manger on that day of his birth so long ago.

So, gift giving is not wrong, but maybe it is sometimes what we give or the reasons we give. Why not give a devotional, a cross necklace for women and girls and a cross tie pin for the men on your gift list; maybe an angel or a small statue of Christ rather than one of Santa Claus?

Why not gifts of food or clothing to those who cannot afford to purchase the necessities? These gifts could keep someone from being hungry or from being cold for the lack of clothing.

Or, perhaps it could be a day for expressing love to those dear to you.

If the day can be spent in enjoyment with your family, this in itself is a gift - a gift of love that costs you nothing. If family is too far away for a get-together, make the telephone ring or sit down at the computer and email.

The rejoicing can begin on Christmas Eve by attending church and being reminded of what we have been given; by enjoying this gift by spreading it to others.

Christmas is the day God gave us his son who is full of grace and who gives us faith. All we need to give in return is our love.

Lucille Huston,


Supports ordinances protecting environment

To the editor:

Thank you for your article on the proposed ordinances that would monitor the shale industry drilling. I want to show my support - not only as a member of this community, but also as a mother who's concerned about the environment my child grows up in and the water she drinks.

I am in complete favor of the close monitoring of these companies. These oil and fracking projects have a history of neglect when it comes to our safety, our health, and our environment.

Just a few weeks ago 15,000 gallons of fracking material spilled into a wetland in Lisbon. Spills like these leach through the soil and contaminate our wells and water systems! I understand accidents happen but we must find a way to make sure the people of this community are protected and keep these fracking companies as honest and accountable as possible.

I personally don't agree with the fracking process, but this isn't about stopping the fracking. These ordinances are about "protecting the residents" over the course of this inevitable oil extraction project by involving the health, police, and fire department and establishing a mandatory "monitoring program of air, water, and ground."

Yes, the shale is bringing industry to our area (though job growth claims have been extremely exaggerated by these oil companies), but how can we enjoy any possibility of economic growth if our air and water become too increasingly toxic to survive here?

I also want to urge the people of Salem (and neighboring cities) to call or write to our council members in support of these proposed ordinances. These are steps that need to be taken to insure that throughout this process we keep our environment clean and our children healthy.



Kind words for staff members at Essex III

To the editor:

I want to thank some very special people that took wonderful care of me.

I had some complications from surgery and was in bad shape. When I arrived at Essex III, I was in so much pain that I was a real "pain." I had to stay almost two months. I was only home for a couple days and our apartment house caught on fire.

My husband and I were taken to the hospital. Then I had to go back into Essex III for another two weeks. The staff did everything possible to help us. They worked with the Red Cross to find us housing since we needed a place to live. They sought out other services that might be available. One of the housekeepers even took our smoke-filled clothes home and washed them so we'd have clean laundry.

Essex is the best place I know. You're well cared for and the staff knocks themselves out to go beyond anything you expect. I'd mention them all by name but there were so many people - in the kitchen, maintenance, housekeeping, therapy, and the office - really every department. They'll never know how much it means to me. I don't know how else to express my thanks. It's a miracle you can still find people like them. They certainly can't be paid enough.

As much as I want to go home, I will miss them. I hope they are blessed and have a happy life. I also want to thank the Red Cross for being there when we needed them. Please donate so that they can help other families when a disaster happens.



Mindset needs to change among leaders in Lisbon

To the editor:

With the recent $23 billion in the Capital Budget Appropriations to the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth, it seems a shame that Marietta, Ohio, will score a huge chunk of that money to use in a town so proud of its old buildings. When will Lisbon become proud of its old structures and see the opportunities available to them, if only the mindset would change.

Perhaps the County Fairgrounds Grandstand could have been restored with this money, since it is the oldest standing grandstand in the state of Ohio. If it were in Marietta, I am sure it would have been restored with a Budget Appropriation instead of replacement with money borrowed from a bank, in an area wealth is not the norm.



Does President Obama want to be that smart?

To the editor:

I wish I were smart, not in the same way President Obama is smart, but a wise smart that gives me the ability to know I hold the goodwill of the American people in the palm of my hand and smart to know I should not squander it.

A smart that tells me to use that goodwill to help racial healing for a people looking for it. I want to be that smart. Does President Obama want to be that smart?



Contends Obama misled public over insurance

To the editor:

I quote, "If you like your present insurance you can keep it, period." If you like your doctor you can keep him period. Obama repeated these statements 24 times during the past year.

What reason or reasons prompted the president to continuously and knowingly deceive the American public?

Let's go back to days of his first campaign when we so often heard the those words, "fundamental transformation."

Impressing words for a nation hungry for change, but how many of us were aware of the president's true motivation the abolishment of capitalism, a major move into socialism.

He planned to ignore the crucial problem facing the country, unbalanced budget, high unemployment and a national debt that has gone through the roof. I think the president believed by pushing universal health care down our throats and making it the law of the land he would have accomplished the first step toward his ambition the complete transformation of our capitalist government into a European type of socialistic system.

We should be thankful his plan was so badly conceived and so clumsily implemented it is now destroying itself.

However you can't tamper with one sixth of this country's economies and personal insurance with out creating serious problems. Insurance companies were misled by Obama and his helpers and told to make ready for the change over from the old policies to the new plans. The companies complied and canceled millions of the current policies to be ready for the new programs.

We know now the websites were a total mess allowing only a trickle of people to get through leaving millions holding canceled insurance policies and wondering what was going to happen to them.

While this situation is becoming worse as each day goes by, you Mr. President and your administration can only hope the insurance companies can rectify the damage inflicted on the millions of policy holders.

Mr. President, in your stubborn determination to sell your unpopular plan to the public, you have deceived us at every turn and I fear will cause a tremendous burden on the taxpayers.

Mr. President you rhetoric is masterful, but words must bear substance to be effective .





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