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July 28, 2013
Salem News

Reps should vote based on Constitution

To the editor:

Americans are not as divided as the media and the politicians like to portray. On July 15, about 2,500 traveled to DC for the March for Jobs. This rally was sponsored by Tea Parties and the Black American Leadership Alliance.

Speakers at this event included Senator Ted Cruz, who traveled by bus from Texas with his constituents, Senator Steve King, and Allen West. They spoke out against the Gang of Eight's push to grant amnesty to what is estimated to be somewhere between 11 to 30 million illegal immigrants in our country.

( To see photos of the March for Jobs, go to

To support those from the Ohio Valley who went to DC to participate in this rally, two of us stood for a little over an hour outside Congressman Bill Johnson's office with signs reading "no amnesty" and "secure our borders." Many passerbys beeped, nodded, and gave thumbs-up in agreement with our signs. Some who were backed up at the traffic light rolled down their windows to ask questions and make comments. But Congressman Johnson did not hear these beeps nor see the nods and thumbs-up. So before leaving, we left the following letter with the congressman's staff:

Dear Congressman Johnson:

It is reported over and over in the media that the American people want "some kind" of immigration reform. And this is true. We want the following immigration reform that puts our Republic before the interests of any political party.

1. Secure our borders.

2. Enforce current immigration laws, including deportation.

3. Reduce the number of legal immigrants during these days of high unemployment.

Thank you for putting America and jobs for Americans first when considering any immigration legislation that may come before you for a vote.

Until we elect representatives we can trust to vote in accordance with our Constitution and who will honor their oath to defend our Constitution, we must stay vigilant and continue to petition them. The far easier and wiser course would be to vet candidates before voting for them, to check out any voting record, and to weigh if they say what they mean and mean what they say.




We never get an honest discussion about race

To the editor:

If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'! The general population of this nation will never hear or have an honest discussion about race. With the only history taught, preached, and proclaimed is that this nation was unjustly founded by white racist, all whites are privileged, and the only important American history deals with class struggle. These are appalling distortions combined with the purposeful omission of America's earliest history that include considerable contributions by Blacks, all combined create terrible lies. These lies create an illusion of a victimized class that have a perpetual grievance while suppressing free will of the individual. Just who is responsible for these distortions and omissions that will keep this nation divided with everyone afraid of the word "racist?"

Chalk this continuing success up to the bureaucrats in politics, so-called civic leaders and the main stream media.

Bureaucrats do not wish to govern law abiding citizens, they need every one of us an outlaw (or a racist) so as to pass laws and rule. America is a nation governed by law as proven by the verdict after the trial of George Zimmerman. Had America been ruled by men then Planned Parenthood would had intervened long ago and either Trayvon or George or both would have never been born.

Then of course there is the media and civic leaders who will never let facts get in the way during commentary or in written articles when they are trying to create a desired outcome. The media and so-called civic leaders ongoing tale is that "a young black child was killed by a white man with a gun." The truth is a young black man standing 6'2" weighing 175 pounds was sitting on a Hispanic man beating the Hispanic's head into the ground with his fists. A tragedy did occur that night but a travesty to justice is being fomented by the media and the civic leaders.


East Liverpool


'Political correction' is really 'political corruption'

To the editor:

"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you." How many times did I hear this from my father during my childhood years?

They call it "political correction." I call it "political corruption." A behavior that reeks of stupidity and adds fuel and unrest to a society which has far more serious problems to deal with. When someone utters a few improper words or remarks there is always those ready to scream bloody murder even though the remarks were not directed at them.

What are we coming to when someone makes a few off the cuff remarks 15 years ago, offers a sincere public apologize and still suffers the near loss of a successful business?

Back in the days when duels were fought over disagreements and insults there was a thing called honor. I failed to see any honor when people who have no contact with someone will want to snip away at their character. Perhaps if duels were again allowed most of the mouthy troublemakers would be inclined to mind their own business. No one can deny that missed stated words can penetrate the skin and cause discomfort, however wouldn't we be a happier society if some one would bring forth a medicine that would grow us a thicker skin?




Local mental illness education is available

To the editor:

Mental illness is a brain disease. There is support and education for families. Caring for a relative or friend with mental illness can be difficult, despite gains in the treatment and opportunities for recovery.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Columbiana County offers the Family to Family Education program twice each year in the spring and fall.

The program offers the 12-session course for family and friends of persons living with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Course participants gain vital information, insight and understanding of their loved one that many describe as life changing. Family to Family course provides insights into and resolution of the profound concerns experienced by family members, close relatives and friends as they strive to cope with the realities of serious mental illness. Caregivers not only learn a wide range of information about serious mental illness they also learn to understand, how living with these conditions affects their loved one. The course provides caregivers with communication and problem solving techniques, coping mechanisms and the self care skill needed to deal with the loved one's illness and its impact on the family.

Currently the course will be offered for six weeks with sessions meeting twice weekly at Shining Reflections, 509 Market St., East Liverpool. Please call to register for the classes at 330-424-5772. Class will begin Tuesday, Aug. 6, continuing Friday, Aug. 9 from 12:30 to 3 p.m., continuing twice weekly with the final class being Friday, Sept.13.

The course is free. Registrations is required for preparation of materials offered free of charge for attendees. The course follows a structured format covering issues frequently faced by families dealing with mental illness and is taught by trained NAMI family members who have relatives with mental illness. The NAMI Family-to-Family education program is taught in 49 states, two provinces in Canada, Mexico and in Italy. It has touched the lives of more than 200,000 participants.

NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMI has over 1,100 affiliates in communities across the country who engage in advocacy, research, support and education. Please share this article with loved ones, families and caregivers of persons with a severe mental illness, your advocacy for mental illness and recovery is needed for a better community, country and world.


NAMI, Columbiana County president,



Perhaps slate roofs would be beneficial

To the editor:

The reason many old buildings still stand is because it used to be law that slate roofs were required to prevent destruction from fire. Since slate is stone, fire can't go through the roof. Insurance companies, to be sure, were behind this legislation.

Obviously the roof of Legends in East Liverpool was not slate, but shingles, and the building was totally destroyed. With replacement value being what it is, I am wondering if it would be to insurance company's advantage to offer discounts to people who keep their slate roofs intact. Food for thought.




Physician-scientists must weigh in on medical pot

To the editor:

It is time for physician-scientists to weigh in on the legalization of so-called "medical marijuana."

I am the president of the Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the leading organization specializing in addiction medicine representing over 3,000 physicians across the country. I see daily examples in my practice that marijuana is a drug of abuse and dependence that has serious negative consequences for many users. I see previously healthy teens now relegated to illegal activities to fuel their drug abuse that started with marijuana.

The adolescent brain is undergoing major changes and we know that marijuana-smoking teens have changes in their brain chemistry that makes them more likely to abuse opiates and heroin later in life.

We know that teens that start smoking marijuana have a significantly increased risk of cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs use. They also have a four to nine times increased risk of experiencing drug abuse and drug dependence later in life. In states where marijuana is legal to be used as "medicine," serious unpredicted negative outcomes have developed. In Colorado, most teens that start to smoke marijuana are doing so with regulated "medical marijuana" that had been recommended to other patients. In California, unscrupulous providers are opening cash-only strip mall offices to sign off on medical marijuana recommendations for anyone with the enough money to receive a recommendation.

Proponents feel that they can pass this measure by showing cancer victims that can only gain relief from smoking marijuana. In fact, good scientific research has shown that smoking marijuana is not necessary and in fact is dangerous as is smoking any product.

We already have a form that has been studied and approved in the proper manner by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dronabinol is a cannabinoid available to all patients at this time. Controlled scientific studies of head to head comparison with dronabinol vs. smoked marijuana showed dronabinol to be equal or better than smoked marijuana for pain and nausea.

ASAM asserts that marijuana (cannabis, cannabis-based products, and cannabis delivery devices) should be subject to the same standards that are applicable to other prescription medications and medical devices and that these products should not be distributed or otherwise provided to patients unless and until such products or devices have received marketing approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Medical marijuana is a bad idea for Ohio, a state already being ravaged by drug abuse and dependence. Physicians have the medications we need to treat patients. What we do not need is a repeat of the Ohio pill mills that drove the current opiate epidemic to be replaced with shady clinics providing uncontrolled marijuana for the smallest of medical conditions.


President, Ohio Chapter of the American Society

of Addiction Medicine,



Property owners should know hazards of pipeline

To the editor:

If you are a property owner in this community and have been contacted by a representative of Williams and Boardwalk about surveying your land for the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline, please take this opportunity to learn more about the potential hazards and the questions you should be asking.

What is the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline? The proposed Bluegrass Pipeline initially will carry 200,000 gallons a day of natural gas liquids (NGLs) under high pressure from the Utica and Marcellus shale fields through Ohio and Kentucky to processing plants in the Gulf. The plan for these natural gas liquids is to ship most of the refined petrochemicals overseas, mainly for plastic production so we can buy back finished products as imports.

Why might you be concerned? As a property owner who might be asked to grant an easement, you need to evaluate the research-based evidence on the impact of a pipeline easement on the value of your property, your ability to maintain your current mortgage or refinance your current mortgage, your ability to sell your property at some time in the future to someone who will need a mortgage, your ability to maintain property insurance, and your liability for damages to a neighbor's property if an accident occurs.

One analyst says: "There is no upside to having a pipeline easement on a property." Understand you do not have to grant the easement or even allow company representatives on your property to survey.

Why might a community be concerned? As a resident of a community along the proposed pipeline you should be concerned about the potential risks. Understand that NGLs are not natural gas. Natural gas liquids include ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, and heptane, benzene and other hazardous chemicals. NGLs become an odorless and colorless vapor once they hit the air.

They are highly flammable and can be ignited by heat, spark or flame. NGL vapor is heavier than air and will tend to stay low to the ground following terrain features such as valleys, canyons, creeks, rivers or other low points. It can be ignited at remote locations, and flash back. In certain types of geologic areas, such as karst, the liquids can quickly seep into underground water supplies where it will be nearly impossible to remove them.

The US Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration ( reports that hazardous liquid pipelines represent 5.4 percent (3,908) of the 72,256 miles of pipelines in Ohio. But hazardous liquid pipelines represent 51.1 percent of all the serious/significant pipeline incidents, 66.3 percent ($45.7 million) of the total property damage from these incidents, and 100 percent of the gross barrels spilled in pipeline incidents.

Contact for more information on how to connect with others who are concerned about this proposal. You are not alone. Act now to protect your family, your property and your community.


Versailles, Ky.



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