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July 20, 2013
Salem News

Butler Township

Jeanne Rumburg to Marsha Hardgrove, home on King Road; $150,000.

Center Township

Ruth Barton, trustee, to Mike and Misty Holshue, home on Pleasantview Drive; $50,000.

John Dowd Trust to J. Martin and Elizabeth Sayer, home on Miller Road; $280,000.


Josa LLC to Corey and Crista Burt, home on Stanton Drive; $115,000.

Elizabeth Davies to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Fairfield Avenue; $56,000.

Stephanie and James Sutherin Jr. to Shawn Magill, home on North Middle Street; $115,000.

James Trepac to Timothy Schram, home on Timberline Drive; $183,000.

James and Laura Spatholt to William Acevedo, home on North Main Street; $104,000.

James and Margaret Heaton to Fairfield Avenue Leasing, home on Fairfield Avenue; $70,000.

East Liverpool

Shandi Hoffman to Amber Bowers, home on North Surry Road; $49,900.

Leonard and Linda Dorsey to Bank of America (foreclosure), home on Erie Street; $12,000.

Judith Baker to Jason and April Walker, home on Harvey Avenue; $3,000.

Joshua Hammon to Glenn Lawyer, home on Elizabeth Street; $1,000.

Fannie Mae (Waleed Saad, et al) to Connie Kidder, home on North Shadyside Drive; $29,900.

Ilene Echols to Thomas D. Picklesimer, home on Lisbon Street; $25,000.

County Sheriff (Randall Williams) to Joseph McDowell, home on Gardendale Street; $14,000.

East Palestine

Charles and Bonnie Pastore to Luke and Teresa Hively, home on Kenmar Street; $147,000.

Linda Maxwell estate to Donald and Brenda Smithbauer, home on Alice Street; $40,000.

Helen Bosley to David Gotthardt, home on Leake Street; $15,000.

Robert and Lauriel Carroll, trustees, to Paul and Ellen Hartman, home on Leake Street; $41,100.

Elkrun Township

Robert Boston to Billie Kren (foreclosure), home on state Route 517; $31,921.

Fairfield Township

Natalie Schmitt to Jonathan and Margaret Oliver, 11 acres on Kirk Road; $126,500.

Franklin Township

Fannie Mae (Frances Briceland, et al) to 14672 Summitville Road Summitville (Jeffrey Ketchum), home and 2.3 acres on Summitville Road; $60,000.

Knox Township

Darl Servey, et al, to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Knox School Road; $16,000.


Huntington National Bank (John Bingham) to Karen Hall, home on Pine Street; $33,000.


Sandy & Beaver Valley Farmers Insurance to James Sanor Insurance Agency, commercial property on North Market Street; $178,000.

Bank of America (Frank Gallo Jr., et al) to Donald Butcher, home on South Green Street; $25,000.

U.S. Postal Service to Ohio Department of Transportation, easement on Dickey Drive; $3,000.

Liverpool Township

Debra Standley to Andrew Dawson, home on Anderson Boulevard; $36,700.

Madison Township

Jane Berhar to Paul Berhar, et al, home and 2 acres on Birch Road; $7,766.

Middleton Township

James Beam Jr. to Melissa Sanor, lots on Dyke Road; $2,000.

Rosanne Eaton to Fannie Mae (foreclosure) home on Ottawa Trail; $80,000.

New Waterford

Cynthia Carlson to Corey Coblentz, home on Boardman Street; $74,200.

Perry Township

Elsie Gamble, trustee, to Mark Headland, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $128,000.

Eugene Steves, et al, to Jeffrey Dattilio, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $48,500.

Estate of Ruth Quinn to John and Barbara Christopher, home on Goshen Road; $155,000.


Budd Brothers to Harry and Cathy Hosmeister, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $24,550.

MH Acquisition Corp. to Maynards Industries, Miller-Holzworth property on West Pershing Street; $200,000.

Stanley Jones to Brian and Heather Kennedy, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $172,000.

Kyle and Carli Kuntze to J. Lance Rivers, home on Morris Avenue; $74,500.

Lilluntim LLC to JB Synergy Group, commercial property on East Third Street; $12,000.

Herbert Shultz, trustee, to L & E Real Estate, office building on Southeast Boulevard; $175,000.

John Zamora and Kevin Schafer to Kevin Schafer, home on Franklin Avenue; $129,100.

James and Dianne Elrod to Brent Hall, home on Highland Avenue; $155,000.

Salem Township

Bonna and Dennis Harrold to Bounty Minerals, mineral rights to 29 acres on state Route 45; $110,000.


Lavern Gossman Jr. to Valerie Baughman, home on Jefferson Street; $12,000.

St. Clair Township

Matt and Brandy Anderson to Nancy Dodato, home on Longs Church Road; $129,000.

Janie Rosenberger to Kenneth and Mary Schneidmiller, home on Eagle Drive; $148,000.

David and Moni Perkins to Carolyn Buck, home on North Park Circle; $93,800.

Bruce and Wanda Rowley to Jay and Joy Householder, 5.2 acres on Duke Road; $125,000.

James and Millicent Calkins to Sean Loney, home on Lyman Drive; $140,000.

Jeffrey Pugh to James Pugh, partial interest in manufactured home and 4.4 acres on Sidehill Road; $24,250.

Betty Bayer to R & J Green Realty, home on Rankin Street; $30,000.

Unity Township

Andrew Longshore to Ronald Neff, home on Wheathill Road; $5,000.

John and Rachel Jones to Kathy Ludt, home on Rauch Road; $155,000.


J. Darlene Porter to J. Darlene Porter and Tammy Palma, partial interest in home on Third Street; $36,800.

John Henderson to Jeffrey and Lynn Henderson, home on Seventh Street; $21,450.

Daniel Stanley Jr., et al, to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Broadway Avenue; $8,000.

West Township

JP Morgan Chase Bank (Garrick and Brandy Costa) to Donna Vanderson, home on Myers Road; $70,000.

Lenore Morris to Matt and Hollie Bandy, home on Lowmiller Road; $118,800.



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