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May 19, 2013
Salem News

Trying to keep the Twin open

To the editor:

We have a dilemma! Over 15 years ago we bought the Salem Twin Cinema and have financially subsidized it. If normal cost where the issue, we would continue to do so, but on December 31, 2013, we will not be able to show movies, because the film industry will no longer produce films that we can run with our projectors. All new movies will have to be shown on digital projectors.

The cost of a new digital projector is about $60,000. We need two of them for the Twin.

The Twin is the last movie cinema left in Columbiana County. At one time there were seven.

We have kept the Twin open because we believe Salem needs a safe place for kids and older adults to gather and enjoy a night out and to have provided employment for many high school students, all of which we are pleased to say went on to higher education.

We have less than six months to go and are looking for suggestions as how we can raise the money to buy the new projectors. The owners of the Salem Plaza have kicked in by working with us on a long-term lease.

If you know of any grants, funds, or other sources to help keep the Twin open, we would love to hear from you.

Geoff and Kim Goll,


Thanks for help with 'last ride'

To the editor:

We would like to sincerely thank the Salem Police Department for helping us make our dear friend's, Carl "Snake" Oyer, last ride a great one. You guys went above and beyond for us and we greatly appreciate it.

We would also like to thank Rob Hannay from Heritage Inn for making his wake amazing. We couldn't have done it without you. Also the outpouring of love and food donations was overwhelming.

We appreciate everything each and everyone of you did. Our friend will be missed forever, but we will keep his memories alive, and thanks to all of you - you made the last day with him wonderful. Thank you all.



Column lacking in knowledge

To the editor:

Wake-up call!

Mr. Leonard Pitts' opinion "the latest product of the great American panic machine, the mechanism by which the extreme right works itself into spasms of apoplectic terror over threats that don't exist." is seriously lacking in knowledge of current events.

A list of the ongoing scandals that demean the American government by exposing it as a threat to individual liberties and our freedom are as follows: the cover-up and failures over Benghazi; the IRS targeting Conservative; the DOJ wiretapping the AP (Associated Press); the EPA conducting human experiments; Kathleen Sebelius soliciting donations being a conflict of interest; and Fast and Furious (government gun running).

Mr. Pitts' opinion simply parrot the talking points of the President from two separate speeches given lately.

One speech was telling college graduates to ignore the voices they've listened to warning them about government, (he was talking about the parents).

His other speech calling these scandals nothing but political theater being used to gin up fear. Each of these scandals are real and a threat, wake up Mr. Pitts.


East Liverpool



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