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April 21, 2013
Salem News

Bond issue passage needed for South Side

To the editor:

Would you send your child to a school that was falling apart? The 2013 bond issue will be on the general election ballot on May 7. The money from the bond issue will be used to repair the South Side Middle School which is the school for grades five through eight.

The school is in a desperate need of repair. To begin, one of the biggest problems is the leaky roof. The ceiling tiles have also become a safety hazard because several of them have been falling from the ceiling. When it rains, water leaks through the tiles, and on a recent occasion, leaked through the light fixtures by the main office.

Secondly, the school has no air conditioning and poor heating. At the beginning of the school year it is hot and humid in the classrooms and most students go home sweaty. Studies show that air temperature has an impact on brain memory as well as the fact that hot weather makes you lack energy and feel tired. To illustrate the poor heating, the heaters sometimes catch fire or flood the room. In the winter time in one of the sixth-grade classrooms students have to wear heavy winter coats because it is the same temperature in the class as it is outside.

Next, the physically disabled need better accommodations. Such as a ramp that is wider and has better lighting that isn't dimmed. Most of the classrooms usually don't have easy access for students in wheelchairs or with other physical disabilities. They need lunch tables at which disabled students can actually sit.

In addition, the track and SSMS football field are in quite a need of a makeover. The track needs repainted and fixed up in some areas. The shot put and discus area is very small and it gets swampy when it rains. The track equipment is also old and falling apart. These conditions make it difficult for runners at the meets. The football field needs new goal posts. The bleacher space is very limited, leaving the fans to bring chairs to meets and games. We also need an outdoor restroom because there are only three portable bathrooms.

We understand that passing the bond issue will raise taxes. For every $50,000 of assessed value on your house, the taxes are raised by $18.83. That's not that much, right? For example, if your house is $180,000 you would pay around $56.49 every year in property taxes.

Consider voting for this bond issue on the general election ballot. It would definitely help the students, teachers and the community.




Kind words for members of the SCH 'crew'

To the editor:

I had just driven past the new Titanic, better known as the USS Salem Hospital on East Main Street in Salem, Ohio, this morning and unlike the original Titanic, this one will not sink. What a beautiful and magnificent structure! Having recently been hospitalized and assigned to a room where I could actually watch those daredevils at work I was amazed at the courage it must take to build such a building.

I actually saw one of the workers hanging upside down and hammering something which seemed from where I was watching to be hammering two units of something together. Not being a very brave person I could not watch very long and so pulled the curtains until he was done with that part. I was not anxious to see someone take a nose dive from a third story structure!

However what I really want to talk about (and I feel that I would be ungrateful if I didn't acknowledge it) is the compassionate care which I received while a patient there. What a beautiful gem such as this we are fortunate to have in Salem. There were times I actually felt like I must be the only patient on my floor; such was the attention heaped on me. Anytime I rang for help someone was there to check things out and I don't believe anyone ever left my room without further asking whether or not they could do anything else for me before they left the room.

In one instance I asked RN Connie if she was going to sign the high beam and if she was to please sign my name as well. That was all that was said. But guess what. When the day of the signing came and I had all but forgotten, I suddenly looked up and I saw a brigade of about four or five nurses coming with a wheelchair ... one carrying an armful of blankets which I was quickly bundled in and wheeled outside to the signing area and now I proudly glance that way as I drive by.

But that isn't all I could say. There was Mary Kay who brought me, every night, a small cup of my favorite ice cream. No, I did not have to ask for it. She was just a caring person who went beyond the call of duty.

Mr. Editor, I could fill several pages and I would if I could remember each and every RN, LPN, GPC, house cleaner, cook and dishwasher, the different social workers, event coordinators. But just a sampling of these beautiful, incredible people are: Joy, Sandy, Marlene, Melanie, Virginia, Chesney, Dottie, Carol, Karol and Emily. That isn't all. Oh God forgive me! My short term memory fails me now! There were many others whose names I am trying to recall but as soon as I sign this letter I will remember; but you are remembered!

And in the rehab department there was Judy and Julia, Donna, Ashley and Lady Erin and Michelle. Well ... I'm not 20 years old any more, you know! So again short term memory, please come back. During my 28-days stay, 10,000 thanks to every one of you for putting the pieces of my puzzle back together. I am getting stronger every day. And you'd be surprised and pleased to see your basket case coming back together.

One more thing which applies to our wonderful medical care and the humanities of all our doctors, etc. Needing a haircut after my hospital, with still very weak legs I made my way to Jay's Barber Shop. He helped me up the steps and inside. As I was finishing and having to make my way back down the steps, a kindly, well dressed, casually and very neat looking gent started giving some general instructions to which my barber stated, "This guy should know, he's a surgeon." "Are you really?," I asked. "Yes, name is Paumier." Here is a surgeon who is also a warm, caring human being willing to help a handicapped person.

Salem ... Columbiana County ... may we thank God for the old ship USS Salem Hospital and her incredible crew. I can hardly wait to see the finished product next year in 2014.



Disputes policy regarding purchasing tobacco items

To the editor:

On Friday, April 12, my boyfriend and I entered the Walmart store #2910 located at 2875 E. State St., Salem, Ohio, 44460 to purchase a few quick items, including a can of chewing tobacco. After I paid cash for the items I needed he asked the cashier for a can of snuff. She asked to see his ID, which he provided and then stated that because I was with him, she had to see my ID as well. We explained that the snuff was not for me but for my partner but to no avail.

On this day, our trip to Walmart was made as a last minute run for baking necessities: I was in the middle of a mixing a double batch of chocolate chip cookies when I discovered that I was out of brown sugar. I grabbed what I knew would be enough cash and jumped on our motorcycle without grabbing my ID. Considering that I wouldn't be using my debit card, I didn't think I would need ID. As it turns out, I was wrong.

We were informed by the cashier that the store's policy is not to sell tobacco products to a member of a group if all members of said group are underage/without ID. My boyfriend asked to speak with the manager who informed us that the cashier was right. I asked to see a written copy of this policy and was provided a print-out from an employee training page that is not available to the public.

My boyfriend then asked if he were to attempt to purchase the tobacco while accompanied by our 2-year old, the manager stated that common sense would tell the cashier that he wasn't going to give that tobacco to the child. He then asked what if he was with a 14-year-old; the manager stated they would then need to see ID of the 14-year-old. What 14-year-old has or needs an ID? (School IDs don't have a student's date of birth on them.)

My question to the good people at the corporate level is this: How can you hold me accountable to policies you don't make known to me? Pursuant to state law there are notifications posted at every register where tobacco can be purchased that it is illegal to buy tobacco for a minor, but your store policy of not selling to a member of a group is not.

Furthermore, according to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), section 2927.02 Illegal distribution of or permitting children to use cigarettes or other tobacco products states in division (B) "No manufacturer, producer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer of cigarettes, other tobacco products, or papers used to roll cigarettes, no agent, employee, or representative of a manufacturer, producer, distributor, wholesaler, to retailer of cigarettes, other tobacco products, or papers used to roll cigarettes, and no other person shall do any of the following:

Give, sell, or otherwise distribute cigarettes, other tobacco products, or papers used to roll cigarettes to any child."

In this Division (A)(1)(3) the word distribute is defined as "means to furnish, give, or provide cigarettes, other tobacco products, or papers used to roll cigarettes to the ultimate customer of the cigarettes, other tobacco products, or papers used to roll cigarettes."

Consider also that ORC Section 2927.022 Affirmative defense to cigarette or tobacco product charge Division (A)(3) states that, "A seller or an agent or employee of a seller may not be found guilty of a charge of a violation of section 2927.02 of the Revised Code in which the age of the purchaser it other recipient of cigarettes of other tobacco products is an element of the alleged violation, if the seller, agent, or employee raises and proves as an affirmative defense that all of the following occurred:

(1) A card holder attempting to purchase or receive cigarettes or other tobacco products presented a driver's or commercial driver's license or an identification card.

(3) The cigarettes or other tobacco products were sold, given away, or otherwise distributed to the card holder in reasonable reliance upon the identification presented and the completed transaction scan."

Division (A)(2) was omitted intentionally as it applies to a means of verification that was not used during the attempted purchase.

In a court of law I would argue that owing to the fact that my partner provided ID as required and stated he was the ultimate recipient of the tobacco, the necessity of seeing my ID was rendered null and void. The cashier in question, upon inspecting the ID could have made the sale in good faith that she would have been free of prosecution as she was not violating any laws.

Furthermore I would argue that refusing to sell tobacco products to someone who presents ID and is old enough is a violation of their civil liberties. I daresay that in the world we live in, I could find a jury who would agree with me.

Ultimately, a store's policies and employees must utilize common sense and not attempt to take the law into their own hands. However, at the very least, they should post their "No Group Sale" policy conspicuously for members of the public to see.



Thanks for making benefit dinner a success

To the editor:

A big thank you to the community for the huge success of the "Meals on Wheels" spaghetti dinner this past Saturday. With your continued support we can deliver meals to the elderly.

Thanks so much to the volunteer drivers. We cannot do this without you.





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