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March 31, 2013
Salem News

Confusion regarding TAC document

To the editor: In the March 28 Salem News, Mr. Cahill of TAC said TAC had not planned to close Broadway in any way, shape or form.

TACs 70 page document does state:

A geographical central point in the development area should be emphasized as a focal social, cultural, and meeting point. Broadway and State intersection was one suggested idea, as it could be expanded to accommodate green space for modest investment of parking space, "a handful of parking spaces" could be given up and roadway. A water element (fountain, sculpture) was agreed upon as a good idea to incorporate into this focal point.

I do not see how one can put a fountain at the Broadway and State intersection for a modest investment of parking space, "a handful of parking spaces" could be given up and roadway without closing Broadway at State.

If in fact this part of the plan is now off the table could we please have that struck from the TAC 70 page plan?


Lion and Lamb owner,


Commissioners ignoring situation

To the editor: Most people have probably heard the old joke that someone "couldn't get elected dog catcher." Well, in Columbiana County, the dog warden isn't elected, and it's a bad joke for several reasons.

Any official who refuses to investigate legitimate cases about dogs doing damage to property or livestock or even refuses to return phone calls, can't be worth the money that we as taxpayers are paying them. For those of you who own livestock in this county, you may not know that the commissioners have a program that will pay $500 for animals that are injured by dogs. But only if the dog warden investigates. If she refuses to investigate, you are not eligible for the fund, or worse, any help with the problem.

The county commissioners are aware of the situation, and have obviously chosen to ignore it. A logical person would conclude that the commissioners are far more concerned about the money that is being pumped into and out of this county than they are about the people who live here. And, oh yes, the people who elected the commissioners to office.



Don't blame the 'changing times'

To the editor: Recently I tuned in to a popular talk show and listened to a rather heated discussion about the social problems facing this country. One person was pleading the liberal side of the problem by trying to convince his opponent the decaying movement of our society was due to only changing times.

As the various issues were brought up the man on the left continuously laid the blame on what he called changing times. I heartily agreed with the other one who argued that it was people who changed not time. To blame peoples' behavior on changing times is a pure cop out. Time is used as a point of reference and to record the behavior of humans and other events.

How can we blame changing times for our indifference towards the sanctity of life which allows a million abortions to take place each year?

How do we blame changing times for the thousands of babies being born out of wedlock each year?

How can we blame changing times for the loss of discipline that has over taken our people?

We are the only species on this earth with a free will. This gift that God has bestowed on us gives us a choice of working to rekindle the flame that made this country great or we can sit back and remain in our sad state of complacent indifference.

However in the 93 years I have been around I have never lost faith in the American people and I have to believe we will find our way back and once again be the strongest and proudest nation on this earth.





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