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January 12, 2013
Salem News

Butler Township

Robert Grunder to David Halverstadt II, home on Georgetown Road; $126,500.

Center Township

County Sheriff (Gary and Janet Sendling) to Bank of America, house trailer and 2.8 acres on Wayne Bridge Road; $36,000.


Ronald Russell to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on East Park Avenue; $32,000.

East Liverpool

Donal Burcham to Andrew Black, home on Meakin Street; $28,500.

Donal Burcham to Charles Summers, home on Meakin Street; $1,750.

Robert Zoellers to Anna Muschweck, home on West Ninth Street; $48,000.

Valerie Ludwig to James Watkins Jr., et al, home on Bradshaw Avenue; $17,700.

Waleed and Melissa Saab to Fannie Mae, home on North Shady Lane; $28,000.

Rose Grace to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Erie Street; $20,000.

County Sheriff (Scott and Bonnie Shaw) to Celtic Bank Corp., commercial property (former Designer's Beauty Academy School) on Market Street; $60,000.

First National Community Bank (Dale Wynn, et al) to Boardwalk Realty Investment, home on Park Boulevard; $75,000.

John Nentwick, et al, to John Nentwick, apartment building on Market Street; $30,000.

Brian and Marian Edgell to Malia Wright, home on Rubicon Street; $74,400.

East Palestine

William Hugar, et al to Bank of New York (foreclosure), home on East Taggart Street; $12,000.

Elkrun Township

Rod Sowards, et al, to Tawyna Myrick, one-fifth interest in home and 28 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $12,700.

Fairfield Township

Pearl Bryarley, et al, to David and Teresa Gould, property on state Route 558; $3,500.

Fannie Mae (Joshua and Jessica Culler) to Seth and Cassie Garwood, home on Middleton Road; $118,000.

Hanover Township

Marilyn Humphrey to Joshua Kosko, 7.4 acres on state Route 172; $29,150.

Marilyn Humphrey to Jason and Karli Shultz, 61 acres on state Route 172: $354,514.

Knox Township

County Sheriff (Robert Collins) to Melvin and Robin Adbrecht, home on Bandy Road; $156,000.

Liverpool Township

Richard Campbell to Daniel Siembida, et al, home on Parkwood Drive; $133,000.

Richard Campbell, et al, to Daniel Siembida, et al; property on Parkwood Drive; $1,000.

Thomas Edgell, et al, to Andrew Black, home on Andrews Street; $17,000.

Madison Township

John Nentwick to James Nentwick, et al, partial interest in property on Y & O Road; $16,540.

Middleton Township

Bayview Loan Servicing to Kendall Chadwick, home on Yuma Drive; $65,000.

Floyd Andrews to Bank of New York (foreclosure), home on Huron Trail; $80,000.

Perry Township

Robert and Jean Falk, trustees, to Thomas and Marian Cigolle, trustees, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $147,000.

Habitat For Humanity to Mike and Julie Miller, property on Georgia Avenue; $590.


Troy Powell to Citimortgage Inc. (foreclosure), home on East State Street; $60,000.

County Sheriff (Fred and Dina Ring) to U.S. Bank, home on Beechwood Road; $98,000.

Scott and Leigh Halstead to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Arch Street; $22,000.

Joseph and Teresa Risbeck to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Rose Avenue; $40,000.

Laura Raynor and Samuel Raynor Jr. to Bank of America (foreclosure), home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $90,000.

Lawrence and Mary Bush to Seth Chamberlain, home on Jennings Avenue; $110,000.

Salem Township

Gary Welsh to Jeff and Wendy Steiskel, home and 27 acres on state Route 558; $60,000.

Rex Manis, et al, to Wells Fargo Bank (foreclosure), home and 2.4 acres on state Route 558; $75,000.


Edward Thompson, et al, to EIGG Land Ltd., 7.5 acres on East Main Street and 2.6 acres on McGaffic Alley; $34,900.

St. Clair Township

James and Karen Taylor to Tim and Georgiana Long, home on Winston Drive; $210,000.

Barbara Shawke to Eric and Angela Rayl, house trailer and 11 acres on Stuart Road; $34,500.

Unity Township

Daniel and Sarah Hall to Belle Vista Inc., 1.3 acres on Linda Way; $11,000.

Wayne Township

Burton Resources to Globatron Industries, mineral rights to 80 acres on Hull Road; $4,000.


Jerald and Gloria Williams to James Barton, home on Broadway; $18,000.

Hazel Sell to David and Kari Miller, house trailer and lot on Seventh Street; $4,250.

West Township

Aaron and Tannette Preas to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home and 6.6 acres on Mountz Road; $102,928.

Yellow Creek Township

Richard Bratt, et al, to Shaun and Lacey Dotson, home on Brandon Drive; $100,000.



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