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December 15, 2012
Salem News

Butler Township

Weingart Family Trust to Scott McLaughlin, home on Ridge Road; $95,000.

Bruce and Ruth Marhefka to Duane Marhefka, home on Whinnery Road; $60,200.

Marjorie Harrold, et al, to Charles and Helen Jeanneret, home on Carey Road; $151,044.

Marjorie Harrold, et al, to David and Gena Debee, 2.1 acres on Carey Road; $48,265.

Marjorie Harrold, et al, to Brent and Mackenzie Nelson, 8.5 acres on Carey Road; $70,112.

Geraldine Thomas Trust to David and Julia Herron, home and 4.8 acres on Coffee School Road; $198,000.

Geraldine Thomas Trust to Larry and Brenda Johnson, 1.3 acres on Coffee School Road; $18,700.

Robert Arnold to Timothy Citino, 7.7 acres on Shelton Road; $46,000.

Center Township

Tom Leipper to Tammy Lyons, home on Hunters Camp Road; $120,000.

Mamie Sell to Triple Crown Energy, mineral rights to 29 acres on Sell Road; $84,000.

Brenda Palmer, et al, to Michael and Savanna Barton, home on Elmwood Drive; $110,000.


Linda Vandyk to Charles Morton, home on West Friend Street; $78,700.

Bruce and Christine Wolfe to Sharon Mason, home on Ray Street; $138,500.

Columbiana Motor Co. to Oaks Welding Inc., commercial property on Prospect Street; $131,250.

East Liverpool

Jolynn Varrati to Larry Reed, home on McKinnon Avenue; $22,500.

The East Liverpool YMCA to 202 Maplewood LLC, former Maplewood School on Maplewood Avenue; $150,000.

Norma Finley to Mary Whims and David Pipes Jr., home on Boring Lane; $50,000.

James Grimm to Ronald Buzzard, home on Cleveland Avenue; $12,000.

Joseph Kerr to Ronald and Joann White, home on Huston Avenuel; $15,000

Fannie Mae (Clay French) to David and Sharon Whims, home on Allison Street; $15,500.

Franklin Township

Artist and Rose Hurst to Eric and Gretchen Wentz, home on Emerick Road; $133,500.


William and Georgia Bailey to Arthur Miser III and Georgia Bailey, home on Plymouth Street; $139,000.

Hanover Township

Brent Nelson to Zane Rea, et al, home on Gavers Road; $90,389.

Knox Township

Donald Bandy to Donovan Curfman, home and 10 acres on Bowman Road; $165,000.

Edna Schoeni to John and Pamela Schoeni, home on Knox School Road; $145,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Bruce and Daryl Holt, home and 3.4 acres on Bayard Road; $65,900.


County Sheriff (Stacie Arnfield) to Fannie Mae, home on Woods Boulevard; $64,000.


County Sheriff (Beth Wylie) to Jason and Saundra Tucker, home on Jerome Street; $17,000.

Madison Township

Mike and Edith Poynter to Ken and Diane Board, home on state Route 45; $77,000.

Estate of Robert Wellington to Jason and Brenda Akers, home on James Road; $119,000.

Laura Aguredakes to Shawn and Tracey Woods, home and 2.7 acres on state Route 45; $24,000.

Middleton Township

Fannie Mae (Linda Brownlee) to Robert and Rebecca Beccari, home on Tomahawk Drive; $145,000.

Perry Township

Leesa Barnes to Richard and Stacey Caldwell, home on Countryside Drive; $176,000.

Michael and Renee Weikart to Jennings and Trudy Douglas, home and 2.9 acres on Benton Road; $37,450.

Veterans Affairs (Jarrod Ketchum) to Young Rentals LLC, home on Florida Avenue; $33,500.


Fannie Mae (David Abbate) to Patty Greene, home on Walnut Street; $42,000.


Ruth Ziegler to Mark and Sherri Slocum, home on West School Street; $9,900.

Fannie Mae (Joseph and Penelope Judge) to Eric Waggoner, home on West 12th Street; $69,000.

Daniel and Rachel Witman to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on East Sixth Street; $50,000.

Bruce and Charlotte Capel to Edward and Melissa Tonkinson, lot on North Lundy Avenue; $27,500.

Ruth Ziegler to Dylan Paumier, home on Rose Avenue; $2,200.

Ruth Ziegler to Edward and Cindy Schneider, home on North Roosevelt Avenue; $37,400.

Thomas and Trudy Miller to Courtney Coy, home on Liberty Street; $48,000.

Thomas and Trudy Miller to Courtney Coy, 2 lots on Liberty Street; $20,000.


Vivian Fryman, et al, to Larry Hogue, home and 12.6 acres on Maple Hill Road; gift.

Unity Township

Robert and Kathleen Sheppa to Jeffrey House, home on Maple Grove Lane; $141,000.

Estate of Wayne Fristik to John and Caroline Little, lots on Failor Road; $2,000.

Debra Skokut to Jason and Jennifer Mackall, home and 2.9 acres on Carter Road; $144,800.

Aaron Blower to Edward and Courtney Hodder, home on Poland Road; $122,000.

Bettie Madden to George McGinness, home on North Market Street; $67,500.

Wayne Township

James Strait to HSBC Bank (foreclosure), home on Roses Run Road; $22,000.


Evelyn Thornton to Shawn and Bettina Williams, home on Commerce Street; $35,800.

Timothy and Georgiana Long to Jenna and Dennis Stoddard II, home on Commerce Street; $83,000.

Patricia Sprouse to James Mallory Ltd., home on Riverside Avenue; $28,000.

West Township

Matt and Sarah Miller to Ephraim and Jennifer Kensinger, home on Ridge Road; $115,000.

Fannie Mae (Richard and Rita Horton) to Matt and Sarah Miller, home and 14 acres on Rochester Road; $135,000.

Fannie Mae (Diane Orr) to Scott Schwab, home on Stephens Drive; $69,000.



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