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December 16, 2012
Salem News

Chamber thankful for fund raiser support

To the editor:

On behalf of the board of directors and the membership of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, I would like to acknowledge the fabulous support that our organization received during the recent "12 Days of Christmas" fund raiser.

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and we sincerely appreciate the sponsors who donated the prizes. There was a palpable "buzz" throughout the city as ticket winners were pulled and announced each day. Proceeds from the raffle will assist the Chamber with marketing initiatives and beautification projects in our community.

A special thanks is given to Beth Volosin and the Salem News for its awesome support. Our community is very fortunate to have a hometown newspaper that gives such wonderful coverage and we thank it for assisting us with this project. We thank those who played Santa's helpers with the selling of tickets: Salem Computer Center, Consumers National Bank, Plummer and Jackson Attorneys, the Salem News, Salem Community Center, and the members of the Salem Beautification Committee at Salem Giant Eagle.

Chamber First Vice President Gina Dermotta was in charge of this endeavor and we thank the Chamber executive officers who assisted her, Chamber President Matthew Bender, Second Vice President Jim Wenderoth, Past President Carl Romeo and Treasurer Nancy McCoy. The Chamber's volunteer workforce are some of the finest business people in Salem!

Salem is truly a wonderful city and we should be proud of our numerous assets. Our business community is second to none when asked for assistance and for donations. The generous spirit of giving is displayed in a number of ways each and every day in Salem. Our organization wishes to remind everyone to please shop and spend locally as frequently as possible. Each and every year, these businesses give so much to so many, and it is our civic duty to support them.

The Salem Chamber would like to gratefully acknowledge the kind generosity of the following: Albco Foundry, Bailey Financial Planning, BOC Water Hydraulics, Canteen Service of Steel Valley, Consumers National Bank, Dave Nestic/NezTech, D.T. Moore and Company, Elizabeth Renae's Bridal Shop, Ellyson Plumbing and Heating, Family Recovery Center, Farm & Dairy/Lyle Printing & Publishing, Farmers National Bank, FreshMark, Geoff & Kim Goll, Giant Eagle, Gina McQuillan/State Farm, Gordon Bros. Water, Hack, Steer & Co., Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, Ltd., Holloway Insurance, Hunter Associates, Huntington Bank, Huntington Insurance, Vicki & Jewell Hall, Kent State University-Salem, Knit Wit Knits, Matthew R. Yerkey, DDS, Mike & Myra Giangardella, Mills Insurance Agency, Morris Financial Group, Ohio Pump Co., Plummer & Jackson Attorneys, Quaker City Castings, Rob & Deb McCulloch, Salem Area Visiting Nurse Assoc., Salem Community Center, Salem Community Hospital, Salem Community Theater, Salem Computer Center, Salem Eyecare Center, Salem Fun Factory, Salem News, Salem Radiologists, Salem Saxon Club, Salem Tire Service, Schroedel, Scullin, & Bestic, CPA's, Smith Landscaping, Stadium GM, Stark Memorial, Sterling House, Tolson Comfort Systems and Walmart.

Congratulations to all of our winners and kudos to everyone who purchased tickets. The raffle itself was exciting and fun, but the dollars spent were also an investment made into our community. Again, many thanks to everyone for an absolutely fantastic project that will hopefully become a holiday tradition.

Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours,

Audrey C. Null,

Executive Director ,

Salem Area

Chamber of Commerce

Grandmother should not be watching children

To the editor:

A month ago I was reading about Elisabeth Escalonte being put in jail for child abuse, involving super-gluing her 3- year-old daughter's hands to the wall. What bothers me is the fact that her mother is in charge of taking care of Elisabeth's five children while she is in jail.

The mother, Ophelia, knew her daughter had anger management problems in the past and did not seem to desire to assist her. Ophelia saw the little girl's hands were really reddened and she seemed to care as a grandma ought to. I could not believe that she allowed the 3-year-old into just saying that she was just "hungry" and "all right."

Ophelia obviously had problems taking care of her own child when Elisabeth was growing up. Should she be granted the same opportunity with her grandchildren? According to Elisabeth her kids were already started down the same road that she has begun, especially with trouble in the school system. Can the grandma even try to repair the damage already done because she kept silent for to long? She had not gone to the authorities when her child was a teenager, and she did not take her granddaughter to the hospital when the need was obvious.



Defining what a truly good friend really is

To the editor:

A friend is caring, polite and considerate. First of all, a caring friend would care when you are in trouble, hurt or sad. Also a good friend should be polite so you don't offend people and they don't look at you and say "how rude."

Finally, a good friend that's considerate of you is willing to help you through tough times. Most importantly a good friend should be caring, polite and considerate.



Intoxicated people do not belong on roadways

To the editor:

I strongly believe that intoxicated persons are not tolerable on America's roadways. One reason is that close to 40 percent of all fatalities on just America's roadways are caused by intoxicated driving.

We could set up two-man traffic patrols to monitor all the vehicular activity in a few block radius to stop intoxicated person from getting on the road. This action would reasonably reduce the number of intoxicated persons and fatalities on roadways. Most importantly is that there are not very many actions being taken about drunk driving so until there is a major crack down on intoxicated driving there's still going to be drunk drivers on the road still endangering you and your families' well being.



Suggestions to prevent radiation sickness

To the editor:

I think radiation sickness is a horrible thing. First of all, there are too many things that can cause it. People let radiated gasses and wastes that are extremely harmful just leak every day.

Now I want to focus on radiation sickness prevention. If people would focus on radiation containment and disposal instead of regulations, we wouldn't have to worry as much. Two things that can help with radiation disposal are titanium alloy tanks and closed off, completely sealed dump sites.



Without rules our world would be a mess

To the editor:

I think having a set of rules for people to follow is great. First of all if we didn't have rules the world would be a big mess. Also, the world would go extinct because of murders. One last reason is there wouldn't be anything to buy due to people stealing.

I would recommend to make new rules and follow the old rules.



Feels Park District stifling market, property rights

To the editor:

The Columbiana County Park District continues the agenda (21) to stifle free market enterprise and end private property rights. Stated in an article titled "Park wants abandoned railway as part of trail" dated Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012, the last two paragraphs exposes the ulterior motive for these unelected governmental officials. The park district will deny access or right of way to any business they categorize as dirty rotten polluters. The more abandoned railway acquired the more impenetrable barriers they can erect.

Now if your private property is adjacent to these new acquisitions and it has a nice view about it there will be a move to acquire it too. That's because the public cannot be denied access to that land, it must be shared with all and who too better manage land than the park district. Better yet should your property be deemed "blighted" it could be taken from you since you don't know how to manage your private property. Either way the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the constitution are under assault and these acquisitions of railways are no small matter.


East Liverpool

What real motive is driving Obama's agenda?

To the editor:

Now that this election is over we have no choice but to place our faith in Congress and the president, hoping they will reach across the aisles, put aside the politics and get on with the business of saving this country. However, based on the performance of the last four years can we expect any real progress?

If we could keep the president out of Air Force One for a few days and keep him in Washington there might be chance of getting something done. However I have to believe our president does not appear to have any real desire to work with the Congress and solve the serious problems of our sick economy. He plans to continue his spending frenzy even to the extent of bypassing the congress and spending and borrowing as much as he chooses.

Our president seems to think winning this election gave him a mandate to do pretty much as he pleases. I find it hard to believe all members of his party will continue to except this dictatorial attitude. One has to wonders what motive is driving this president. What is his real agenda and to what end?



Michigan doing right by adopting right-to-work

To the editor:

Being a lifelong Ohioan I never thought I'd say these words but, "GO BLUE"! Ohio has had its way with Michigan on the gridiron the past few years. Michigan is about to reciprocate by kicking Ohio's butt on the field of business.

Quite frankly it is embarrassing to admit that Michigan of all places has done what Ohio has thus far failed to do, adopt right-to-work legislation. Right-to-work states give employees the right to decide for themselves whether or not to join a union. Forced union states like Ohio, in which union monopolies exist, require workers to join labor unions or at the very least pay union dues as a condition of their continued employment.

To start, this is a Constitutional issue dealing with the inalienable "Right of Association." No one in a free society should be forced to keep company with an individual or group that is not of their choosing. Forced union states, such as Ohio, require all employees to pay tribute to the union whether they want to or not. Labor law forces these employees to financially support and thus unwillingly promote ideologies and beliefs that they themselves may abhor.

If the law forced everyone to join the Ku Klux Klan or pay dues to the Klan to keep their jobs, people would be outraged. To some being associated with a union is no less egregious than being associated with the Klan. No law should force any American to join or support at any level any organization that is not of their free choice. All the new Michigan law accomplishes is to make it illegal to force union membership on any citizen of Michigan. It does not make unions illegal. If a worker chooses to join a union, they may still do so.

What President would support forcing Americans to join an organization against their will? December 11, 2012 in Redford, Michigan, President Obama said right-to-work legislation in Michigan is more about politics than economics. Obama then said we shouldn't be "taking away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions." Finally Obama said that the right-to-work bills are more about "giving you the right to work for less money." Never once did he mention that forced unionization tramples the First Amendment rights of every person who is forced by law to be affiliated with a union. This stance is undeniable proof that Obama believes the Constitution is little more than a speed bump impeding progress toward fundamentally transforming America into a post-constitutional nation.

Obama did make one statement that rings true: this fight is about politics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, using conservative estimates, in 2010 unions collected a whopping 8.82 billion dollars. A Reuter's survey found that 93 percent of union contributions go to Democrats. So it is obvious that once again Obama is throwing the Constitution and the American people under the bus in favor of his political supporters.

It is a tossup as to which is growing faster, the national debt or the number of times Obama has misrepresented the facts to promote his political agenda. This issue is also about the economy. According to a study by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, individuals in right-to-work states generally earn higher wages than those in forced-unionized states. In 2008, individuals working in right-to-work states earned nearly 2,500 dollars more per year than their forced-unionized worker counterparts. Unions want you to believe the exact opposite but study after study shows right-to-work state workers earn more than forced-union state workers. The numbers don't lie, no matter how many times the pro-union drones twist the truth.

Also, in states with right-to-work laws, employment growth significantly outpaces both that of forced-union states and the national average. According to a 2011 research report from the Chamber of Commerce Foundation, from the years 1977 through 2008, nationwide total employment grew 100 percent in right-to-work states and only 57 percent in non-right-to-work states. The migration of businesses from the rust-belt to the south has been caused in large measure by businesses seeking to escape forced-union labor environments.

Obama portrayed this as a move to "take away the right to bargain for better wages and working conditions." As I previously stated, workers still have the ability to organize and join a union. No right has been taken from any worker, just the opposite is true. The right of association has been restored to those who want nothing to do with unions or union initiatives.

If Ohio is to compete for more and better jobs with its right-to-work neighbors to the west and north, it is past time to join the higher wage earning, lower unemployment labor environment of right-to-work like Indiana and Michigan. A Quinnipiac University poll released in February of this year found a 54 percent to 40 percent margin of Ohio registered voters support adopting a law that would ban workers from being required to join a union or pay dues. With such a wide margin of support and undeniable evidence of economic advantages, why is Ohio sitting on its hands instead on making these needed legislative changes?

I believe in the ability of workers to organize as long as I am not forced by law to take part and my tax dollars do not go toward subsidizing their initiatives. America was founded on the principle of individual liberty. Any law that obstructs constitutionally guaranteed freedoms is contrary to the philosophy that has made this country great. Also, any politician that supports unconstitutional mandates, particularly when the politicians take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, should be run out of town and the sooner the better.

Jack Loesch,

North Georgetown



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