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November 18, 2012
Salem News

Offers opinion on op

To the editor:

The latest in misleading and insulting opinions comes from Leonard Pitts, columnist for the Miami (Fla.) Herald. Pitts's headline of "GOP's biggest problem is itself" in the opinion section dated Wednesday, Nov. 14, rings true but not to his specifications. Pitts tries to forward the myth of "White Privilege" that was concocted to avoid the glaring failure, "The War on Poverty."

Anyone who practices hard work and sacrifice will resent forced contributions under the guise, it's only fair. The real problems lies in the indoctrination of the youth in America. If your children believe they can only succeed with government help and approval then that isn't very impressive.


East Liverpool

A letter to Republicans

To the editor:

Dear Republicans,

Are you interested in having a future for your party? If so, listen carefully. It's our time to talk-and by our, I mean the people that you didn't listen to when you claimed we had to nominate Mitt Romney because of his "electability." Truth is, you got more people to come out and vote for Skeletor, AKA John McCain.

You had a candidate that rallied support from all of the groups you didn't get it from in this election. I'm sure I don't have to mention his name, but for those of you who are slow, he is Ron Paul. Many of you may not agree with a lot of what Ron Paul had to say - on social issues and foreign policy especially. But would you have voted for Obama if Paul was the nominee? No. And you would have got more young votes, more minority votes, more independent votes and even more Democrat votes.

I'm not going to get into why Ron Paul was the better candidate because it's pointless now, but what I'm saying here is true and you wouldn't listen. So now, it's time to listen.

The future of any party is the youth. Sadly, since Romney lost, Republican pundits have basically done nothing but call the 2016 nomination for Rubio because of the Hispanic vote. Which, first of all, is pathetic-weren't some of you the same people playing the "nominating a black man is just a poor attempt to bring out more black people to vote" card in 2008? What about the rest of the base? What about the Libertarian wing? What about the young voters? What about all of those people who the GOP stomped on (literally), berated, belittled, slandered and cheated during the primary process?

Don't you think that some of the base that came out for McCain and not for Romney might have been turned away by some of that? If you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, it isn't your fault-the mainstream media helped it all along with a media blackout of Ron Paul. Google things like "Louisiana Ron Paul delegates," or "Ron Paul delegates RNC," or "GOP changes rules, Ron Paul."

You'll find some things you may have never heard before. The GOP shot itself in the foot when they alienated people who were simply trying to take the necessary steps and follow the rules to get their candidate nominated. Not because their candidate lost, but because of the way they were treated by people in their own party-it's literally unprecedented.

The bottom line is, the man you should be looking to in 2016 is Rand Paul. If you want to fix the problems this country faces, it's Rand Paul. Your views probably differ from his-but you are the ones who made a big stink of the word "electability." Your warmongering and old style social agenda is not faring well right now and won't in the future. You just lost the most winnable election possibly in the history of our country because of the failure to see the folly of your own ways.

What you need to concentrate on is not the fact that you disagree with things that Libertarians say, but the fact that you need them to win an election. Start asking yourselves questions that you haven't asked. Rather than screaming, "we can't just end the war on drugs!," why not ask yourself, "what makes these people think that way?" Because people used to think that Ron Paul was crazy when he talked about sound money and the economy too-but he's literally been the best economic predictor in the world over the last 30 years. Stop assuming that the disconnect on social issues is because Libertarians all want to snort cocaine and have abortions and realize that it's about freedom. It's about getting the government out of our lives-and I know a lot of you want that. The problem is you get suckered into buying the party line and the candidates they give you-when in reality, you align much less with them than you do with the Libertarian.

I will be writing much more in the coming years, in hopes that some of you start to wake up to the realities that the bought and paid for mainstream media don't show you. The best way to start is to actually do some due diligence and stop letting the media mold your opinion-turn off Fox News (or whatever other mainstream outlet you cling to every single night). All I know for certain is, you better listenbecause the Dems sure aren't going to have a problem winning an election as more people are added to the public dole.



Unanswered questions

To the editor:

An article ran on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, about two suspects who were wrongly convicted in a 1977 murder in Iowa. They were forced to spend 25 years in prison, and when they got out, they began the process of proving their innocence. Their issue reached the Supreme Court of whether suspects have the constitutional right not to be framed by prosecutors. However, before the justices ruled, Pottawattamie County paid them $12 million to settle claims while not admitting any wrongdoing.

The article leaves many questions unanswered. Are any of the individuals involved in the conspiracy (if they are still living) being held accountable for what they did? Shouldn't the county be making sure that these two men have training or employment given to them instead of just throwing money at them? What is the price of a life? Twelve million dollars? This is adding insult to injury! What about the families they never got to spend another day with after that sentence? What about all the opportunities they missed as a result of spending the better part of their lives behind bars? The county should have done all they could to help these two men get their lives back, and then started talking about money.

How can the county not admit to wrongdoing? It seems the very least they could do would be to properly apologize and admit the wrong. It should be publicized that these two men were innocent just as much as it was publicized that they were guilty!



Thanks from Pantry

To the editor:

We would like to say thank you to all the businesses and individuals that donated items this year to the Salem Community Pantry Inc./Arby's car cruise that was held on Saturday nights May 5, 2012, through Oct, 27, 2012.

Some businesses donated only one item, some businesses donated items every week, total 93 businesses in northeast Ohio donated items to help us this year. Without their support we could not do what we do.

We would like to thank all the car cruisers, that spent time with us this summer. We had cars cruisers from Cleveland and Pittsburgh and everywhere in between. We could not do this without their support.

One hundred percent of money collected at these events is donated to the Salem Community Pantry Inc. This year we raised $8,395 which bought 83,950 pounds of food through the Second Harvest Food Bank of Mahoning Valley. We had 1,011 non-perishable items donated. Our goal this year 2012 was 70,000 pounds of food. Our total for the year was 84,961 pounds of food donated to the Salem Community Pantry Inc. This money was all donated $1 or $2 per car cruiser visit, or through Chinese auctions.

Again thank you to all the businesses, car cruisers and individuals that helped us accomplish this. A little help goes a long way.





Salem Community

Pantry Inc.



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