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November 5, 2012
Salem News

Cutting Medicare is not right

To the editor:

Congressman Bill Johnson has been touring our area with Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Pa.), the architect of the Ryan Budget. Congressman Johnson has voted in favor of this bill twice. This vote will take drastic steps to cut the Medicare guarantee that many of our seniors in the Ohio River Valley depend upon. How is this putting the thoughts and concerns of your district first? The Ryan Budget would force 9,800 seniors back into the Medicare Part D "donut hole" on the first day. This cut will cost local seniors $96 million in additional prescription drug costs in a 10 year period. The seniors of our area don't have this kind of money. How will we pay for these increased costs?

Seniors who have paid into Medicare with a lifetime of hard work deserve to know we will receive the benefits we have earned. But at every opportunity, Johnson and House Republicans have chosen to protect tax breaks for billionaires rather than Medicare for seniors. We need to reduce spending and get the deficit under control, but we have to do it the right way. Cutting Medicare and protecting millionaires is not right.



It' simple:?Obama has failed on promise

To the editor:

We have a simple choice in this election. President Obama promised to fix our economy and he has failed.

About 20 million people have had to accept food stamps while the president has been in office. This is unacceptable. These are fellow citizens, having the same aspirations for their families, desire for opportunity, and potential as any of us and this president has not done what is necessary to create the jobs they need to be self-sufficient. It is not compassionate to increase dependency programs while ignoring the necessary work to create jobs that will truly help our impoverished citizens get ahead. These families are the same ones that are threatened every election to vote a certain way or the "bad guy" is going to take away their government assistance. That is government-sponsored extortion and none of us should accept it.

In fact, what the president has done is worse. Instead of focusing on recovery, he charged into passing Obamacare, regardless of whether we could afford it. He continues to spend money we don't have, pushing our national debt over $16 trillion.

My wife and I have two small boys, 3 and 5 years- old. We teach them the same values of hard work and self-reliance our parents instilled in both of us. As I considered recently the direction our country is heading under the leadership of President Obama a feeling struck me that was utterly foreign to me. It was doubt that teaching my boys the value of hard work is going to pay off for them as well as it has for me. We are quickly moving toward increased government dependency and decreased opportunity.

The president believes the government can provide everyone with health care, college tuition, birth control, and more. Somebody is going to have to pay for it. Is that what my wife and I are training our boys for? No mother or father in the United States of America should be made to feel like they are painting a target on their child's back by teaching the value of ambition and hard work. My children deserve the chance to pursue a future of their own choosing rather than being relegated to being hard-working supporters of government programs they didn't ask for and debts they didn't incur. We need a new direction, and Governor Romney is offering the kind of leadership we've been lacking a focus on the economy and job creation. His opponents are playing the age-old tactic of accusing him of just being "for the rich guy."

I'm not a rich guy, but I recognize when a man has a proven track record of understanding what businesses need to be successful. I know that businesses must thrive for the economy to grow. I know that thriving companies hire workers. And, I know that a job provides the best opportunity to secure my children's futures. Romney has exactly the expertise we need to get us there.


East Liverpool

TV ads are display of hypocrisy

To the editor:

Let's put aside partisan politics for a moment! Nick Barborak and Craig Newbold are running for state representative. Craig Newbold ran a disparaging ad on TV claiming Barborak failed to pay his taxes. This claim was technically true in that Barborak was late paying a small amount of two different taxes. However, it recently came out at the recent debate that Newbold was guilty of the same offense for a much larger amount!

There is no way that Craig Newbold was not aware of his hypocrisy when he approved those TV ads! That brings us to the question of character! How can we, the citizens, vote for a candidate so devoid of integrity that he would stoop that low? Voters have become so jaded, disillusioned, and have lowered our expectations so much that we are no longer surprised or offended by such dirty tactics. It speaks volumes about our political process and how little we hold our public officials accountable. This should cause outrage and consternation on a grand scale, yet we accept it as part of our political process. What a shame!



Romney is right choice for capitalism

To the editor:

The upcoming presidential election likely will be decided based upon our view of the future of our economic system.

Socialism is an economic system of social organization by which the means of production and distribution are controlled, managed or owned by the government. If we believe that this is the correct course of action for our country, we should vote for President Obama.

Capitalism is an economic system based upon the ownership of land, factories and other means of production by private individuals who compete with one another, using the hired labor of other persons, to produce goods and services for a free market for whatever profit may be obtainable. If we believe that this is the correct course of action for our country, we should vote for Governor Romney.



Johnson riding along on the bus

To the editor:

I guess we know what Bill Johnson's integrity costs. It's a ride on the Romney Ryan bus! For the past two weeks Bill Johnson has been appearing with Congressman Paul Ryan and speaking form the Romney Ryan for President bus. Was it worth selling out your constituents? Was it worth the cost of millions of dollars in senior's healthcare?

Johnson will tell you that the new plan is not a "death penalty" for Medicare, but the facts speak for themselves the plan calls for an end to Medicare and for the establishment of an $8,000 annual subsidy that would be expected to cover all medical bills. How can Bill think this is responsible leadership knowing the elderly population we have in this district?

Do you want to know the cost of a rubber stamp, ask John Boehner and Congressman Ryan. They just bought one.



Calls forum a political carnival

To the editor:

On Oct. 24 I attended the Journal's forum at the Lisbon High School. It was one of the most demonstrably worst political carnivals I have ever seen. Historically this forum has been overwhelmingly stacked Democrat. In reflection, I may now very well know why most Republicans do not attend the show.

The slate of Democrat and Independent participants was one of the most lame I can remember. What a spectacle it was. The character of participants was the bizarre, the clueless, the phony, the delusional, the stuffed and the mob.

Then there was the Democrat cheerleading section, what a hoot! I heard whoops and hollers when someone was being attacked for tax payment failures. How fake and hypocritical has a portion of our society become? Democrats are quick to defend ranking Democrat congressman and leaders who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, some which use the excuse of having used software based tax programs.

Republican politicians had better take note as well. The Republican Party foundation is full of poverty level Conservative American Patriots that proudly call themselves Republicans and Independents. They struggle every day from pay check to pay check, trying to pay for a gallon of gas at a time that has doubled since 2008.

Many of these same Republican and Independents or their sons and daughters have or do serve in the military. Do not underestimate their contribution to the party base and strength of character and numbers. They consistently and honorably demonstrate a spirit about them that is in great contrast to that projected by most Democrats. A party that cannot stand by its record apparently can only resort to destruction and bullish behavior. How infantile this is! This year's Journal forum displayed it in full color 3D!

From local to national the Democrat Party is fragmented and they consistently demonstrate an attempt to distance themselves from one another politically for all of the obvious reasons. You would think that since they all have the same core ideological Liberal Progressive intrusive government world view they would unite their efforts.

So then, to the organizers of this forum on behalf of the Morning Journal; although the intentions of public service may very well be at the forefront, the delivery has fallen short to say the least!

I would commend you, do not underestimate the strength of character and numbers, which is the most probable majority makeup of the Republican Party base, of those who are poverty level Conservative Republicans and Independents. They will either choose to read your paper or attend your forums as they either find themselves rightfully reflected, misconstrued or destroyed in your formats, projections and publications.

America is in peril and at the brink of self-annihilation. The Communist Party years ago set a course to destroy America from within. Have they succeeded? Time will tell. My son is going into the Marines, he and our sons and daughters serve to defend "We the people." American Patriots, defend America!


East Palestine



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