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New Waterford man gets 5 years in prison for child sex counts

October 27, 2012

LISBON - A New Waterford man was sentenced in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to five years in prison for three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl.

Kyle L. Minamyer, 25, Linda Way, New Waterford, reportedly utilized a relationship built with the girl's family through a common church. He even asked the girl to babysit his own child. But Minamyer sometime in November or December of 2011 began a sexual relationship with the teen until the girl's father found them together on Dec. 23.

The girl's mother spoke before Judge C. Ashley Pike in the courtroom prior to sentencing, talking about how she had known Minamyer had a troubled past, but the family had decided to give him a chance to become a better person. The mother said even when others told her not to trust him, she became angry with them for judging him. Then she said she overlooked material things taken from their house.

"But you fixed your eyes on our most beautiful possession," she read from a statement. "She was barely 14 years old. No match for someone like you... You took that girl and you broke her."

The teen had a statement read by the victim's advocate on her behalf, stating she now has major trust issues, few friends and can no longer stay alone in the same room with any man. She said she feels badly for Minamyer's son.

The mother said the family has now put their efforts to help those with a troubled past in their home on hold until their own children are grown and gone. She added she hopes he finds God's purpose for his life.

Minamyer apologized to the family and blamed his early criminal acts in his life on his addiction to heroin. He also talked a long time about his young son, noting the boy looks up to him.

"Heart to heart, me to you, I'm sorry," Minamyer turned and said to the girl and her family.

Assistant County Prosecutor Tammie Riley Jones had listed Minamyer's earlier crimes, noting when he was on probation before, he would often commit an additional crime.

"He's a classic example of a person not amendable to community control," Jones said. She added he was "deceptive and manipulative, playing on the vulnerabilities of a young girl."

Minamyer's attorney James Vivo tried to convince Pike his client had been in the process of moving his life in the right direction prior to committing a "misstep."

However, Pike sentenced Minamyer to the full sentence of five years on each count, while allowing the charges to be served concurrently. Pike said he was uncertain if Minamyer was sorry or not.

"You need to go and you need to do your time," Pike said. "Take advantage of any programs available to you. There may be good in you, but it's just not apparent to me."



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