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October 21, 2012
Salem News

Must move back toward vision of our founders

To the editor:

We are one month away from the decision of whether we will continue live under arbitrary despotic government control or move back toward the vision of the Founding Fathers to have the freedom to exercise self-determination.

While this may not be a battle fought with muskets and cannon it is a battle all the same. At the end of the 18th century, 80 percent of the colonists supported the cause of liberty.

Now we can't even depend on 50 percent. It is hard to believe that the human spirit and desire for freedom can be extinguished by the promise of stealing from one American and giving to another. But what other explanation can we deduce from current events?

Karl Marx, the father of communism, famously wrote, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Every time Obama opens his mouth he repeats that mantra. Do we want a president whose mentor is Karl Marx or one who mirrors the beliefs of John Locke, Adam Smith, and James Madison?

Obama's Marxist ideology alone should disqualify him from ever getting close to the levers and switches of government power not to mention his incompetence.

We cannot continue to be sheeple and allow government officials to utilize whatever means necessary to trample our inalienable rights. Have we gotten so lazy and complacent that we no longer care about our future prospects? Have we been so blinded by our standard of living not to see our freedoms slipping through our fingers?

Fredrick Hayek in his seminal book "The Road to Serfdom" warned, "There is no justification for the widespread belief that so long as power is conferred by democratic procedure, it cannot be arbitrary. To be free from dictatorial qualities the power must also be limited." What he was saying is voting in and of itself does not ensure liberty. The Germans voted Hitler into power; the Venezuelans voted Chavez into power; this sad story has been repeated throughout history. While voting may be a necessary condition to ensure freedom, it certainly isn't a sufficient condition. Do we want future history books to say, "like the Germans with Hitler and the Venezuelans with Chavez the Americans voted Barack Obama into power ending the 236-year experiment on the separation of powers, limited government, and self-rule?"

The choice is ours on November 6th!

Jack Loesch, Homeworth

Americans must make the right choice this time

To the editor:

The critical day is approaching

I watched the first presidential debate. I have to say considering my political preference, I was pleased with the outcome.

However when I versed the subject of the debate to some of my acquaintances and friends, I was disappointed to find most showed little or no interest in the debate or the outcome. No doubt had the outcome been different loyal party members might of shown more interest.

It should be obvious to most by now that this election will requires us to make a choice between two different political and psychological ways of life. Do we want to continue down the same direction as the last four years? The road that is leading us closer to the quagmire of a bloated government, uncontrolled spending and the demise of our individual freedom?

Have we forgotten those two words spoken so often by Obama during his first campaign? "Fundamental transformation." We know now those words were used to cloud his intentions, which were to create drastic changes that would threaten our individual freedom and the capitalistic system which has always been the foundation of our growth and prosperity.

We are going to have to choose between an ever-growing over spending government who's ultimate goal is to create a total welfare state, living with an economy that is terrible sick, when the present treatment of borrowing and printing money is only prolonging its agony?

Both candidates presented their views and ideas on how to heal our dying economy. We the voters will have to make the critical choice when we enter the polling booth. The choice will be between four more years of hope and the same, or install the party that offers new and plausible solutions that will allow dignity and confidence to again reign in the hearts of our people.

I say this to those who supported Obama four years ago. "Fool me once and shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me.



Doesn't agree with our endorsement

To the editor:

This is in response to your op on who to vote for in this election. I think you have lost your mind. Don't you remember what this economy was like from 2000 to 2008 when the president took office? I realize that he had big ideas and did not realize the mess he walked into, but anyone going into that office has no idea of what it is like until they are on the job. You can't train for it , you learn as you go and all you could hear from Washington was why is the country still not right. I realize that the president had grand ideas but every president feels the same way.

Bill Clinton got a mess and with the help of congress and senate he got out of it but this congress is only interested in getting in the White House and to hell with the country. They said from the very start that they would make sure this was a one-term president. I lost a lot those Republican years and their trickle down has never worked. Things are changing, cars are selling, goods are being bought and as far as employment there are too many people that do not want employment that will never go to work because the middle class will support them.

Mitt Romney is not the right fit for the job, I would have preferred Gingrich but that did not happen. We need people learning trades now not computers. Draftsmen, millwrights, welders, electricians are all needed today and their isn't enough of them to go around. Give it a chance. You can't fix eight years of mess in four years without help. Just my opinion you understand.



Urges voters to pay attention to our country

To the editor:

I had two run-ins with family members recently that I find hard to understand. One was a question of if they were going to vote: One reply was, "I don't know" and the other was still undecided.

My question is what on earth is it going to take to wake us up out of our apathy and get us paying attention to what's happening to our country?

Gas prices? That's something that affects all of us. Do you remember that prior to President Obama taking office we were paying $1.87? Though he cites forces out of his control for the high prices, President Obama's own Energy Secretary Steven Chu has said we need to get gas prices to European levels which at the time were $8 a gallon.

Energy prices? President Obama's own words were "you could build a coal fired plant but it will bankrupt you." Thanks to that attitude toward coal and many new regulations a lot of coal fired plants have to close. Think that's not going to affect your electric bill?

The debt? Do you remember in 2008 when President Obama accused President Bush of being "irresponsible and unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion to the debt during his two terms? How about President Obama saying he would cut the debt in half during his presidency? How is it then that he can add $5 trillion in four years to the debt and not get called out on it?

Social issues? Do you agree with our president and vice president on same-sex marriage? How about abortion? Do you realize that with another term President Obama could appoint as many as three new Supreme Court justices? We would most certainly see a shift from conservative views to very liberal.

The economy? If we were to believe the Obama administration that we're in a recovery how is it that from 1948 to 2008 we had 39 months total where the unemployment rate was above 8 percent yet under President Obama we've had 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent. Forces out of his control again? Really? Are we that gullible?

We'd better get informed (research the candidates' platforms) because if we re-elect this man we deserve what we're going to get, but shame on us for making our kids and grandkids pay for our indifference and ignorance.



Not better off today than four years ago

To the editor:

President Obama your question: Am I better off today than I was four years ago?


1) Four years ago I worked 40 (plus) hours a week. I was laid-off in the spring of 2009.

2) My wife and I looked forward to our date night every weekend. Because of the economy we don't have the extra money now for date night.

3) Because of the amount of people out of work it is very hard to find a job.

4) When I do get an interview, I am told that I have either, too much education, experience and knowledge, or I don't have enough education, experience or knowledge.

5) I can no longer collect unemployment compensation.

6) I spend a lot of time worrying about where things are heading. The price of food, gas, electric, taxes, household goods, everything is going up, except our income. How will we survive? What has happened to our country?

7) We need politicians who serve the people, not politicians who think we serve them.

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other members of our government have:

8) Large incomes, all business expenses paid, life time pensions, life time health insurance, Secret Service protection for life (president), jets at their disposal, and on and on all paid for by us. Don't you think they would be delighted to serve us instead of always taking from us? When will we get these deadbeats out of office? I am not working, but I am still paying taxes for them to live like royalty. When I do get a job I hope I get as many paid days off and vacations as they do. Let's see, do we work for them or do they work for us?

9) Nancy Pelosi has used her job to make millions on insider trading in the stock market. When Martha Stewart did the same thing she went to jail. I haven't seen Nancy behind bars yet. She also said she wished gas cost $9 a gallon. Then less people would drive and the air would be cleaner. She demanded a larger jet so she could fly her friends and family around the world whether she was with them or not. We also picked up their bar bills which were very expensive. Oh, don't forget the great remark "We have to pass the bill before we know what's in it." Let's see, do we work for her or does she work for us?

10) The president and his wife have date night. They flew to New York, on Air force One, to see a play on Broadway. He has parties at the White House on weekends for his family and friends. I wish I could fly (on Air Force One) to Spain with 40 of my friends, reserve the entire hotel and beach on the taxpayers' money. Send my daughters to Mexico for spring break with the Secret Service babysitting them. Fly to Chicago to play basketball with my friends for the day and it goes on and on. Let's see, do we work for him or does he work for us?

11) Then Harry Reid of Nevada is just as bad. He has never set a budget yet. Law says he has to, but not Harry he is above the law like Nancy. What has he done? I can't think of one thing that was productive for the country. Let's see, do we work for him or does he work for us?

12) Also I believe the government has the unemployment rate at 8 percent, but they're not taking into account the people who have exhausted their unemployment compensation. If the government would count these people would you say the unemployment rate is more like 10 to 12 percent or higher? We know that business will be down to skeleton crews someday, than when everyone runs out of unemployment the government can claim we are at 0 percent unemployment. Our government really does not care about the people who cannot find jobs to support their families or under employed.

13) What about the small General Motors and Chrysler dealerships that the government put out of business, how many people lost their jobs? What about the small construction companies that went out of business? Are these people, who are out of work, better off? How many other businesses are gone?

14) In all my years I have never seen the country look this bad. Our credit rating has dropped, the world no longer trusts us, and there is no improvement in sight. Try something new, help us instead of yourselves.



How could people still be supporting Obama?

To the editor:

The longer Obama's presidency continues, especially now that we're in the newest election cycle, the more I find myself wondering how 2008 Obama voters still support him. I'll excuse the hardline Dems - they have blind party allegiance, just like many Republicans. But I can't excuse the people who stood up behind Obama because they desperately wanted to get away from the policies of the Bush administration. That was an admirable cause, though I knew then that your candidate was full of it.

We did need to move away from eight failed years of Bush policies. There were some things that happened, supposedly out of the administrations control that certainly helped our fall. But even you Republicans reading this can't deny that the Bush years really hurt us. Big deficits, big government, less freedom, big wars paid on a credit card. We came out in a bad spot.

In 2008, Obama said nothing, but he didn't have to. People wanted a change -so that's what he said, change. I can't fault those people for eating that message up, though I thought they were being duped at the time. We needed some change. Washington was shameful. What I can't figure out is, it's now 2012 and we've seen four years of Obama. What has changed? All of you people who still support him have become the exact people that you were campaigning against in 2008.

You hated the Patriot Act, Obama gave you NDAA indefinite detention and extended the Patriot Act. You hated Guantanamo, Obama promised to close it, it's still open. You hated the wars, Obama promised to end them, he not only hasn't - he's put us into other theaters. You hated out of control government spending, Obama has given you more of it. You hated lobbyists, ear-marks, government handouts, corporate welfare and crony capitalism, Obama has continued it all--and worse, appointing unelected czars to oversee things. You hated Bush's bailout. We're now many trillions from that number.

Essentially everything that Obama voters hated about Bush has not only been continued under Obama, it's all had steroids pumped into it. So I find myself wondering, how can you people still support this man? Or are you just eating out of the palm of blind ignorance?



Mobile Meals of Salem thanks Fernengel's Tavern

To the editor:

The board of trustees and its officers, as well as the recipients of the meals provided by Mobile Meals of Salem, Ohio Inc., would like to express their appreciation to Brent and Sue Baddeley, owners of Fernengel's Tavern located at 496 S. Broadway, Salem, OH, for their donation to help maintain Mobile Meals for the shut-ins of Salem, OH.

Fernengel's Tavern hosted a poker run in remembrance of friends who have passed on and Mobile Meals of Salem would like to extend its appreciation to the organizers and all of those that participated in the poker run.

This is the second year that Fernengel's Tavern has hosted a bike benefit in remembrance of friends that have passed and this outpouring of support from Fernengel's Tavern and friends, is just an example of the continuing support the citizens of Salem gives Mobile Meals and on behalf of the recipients, I express our appreciation.



Mobile Meals

of Salem, OH Inc.

Thankful for response from Salem Fire Dept.

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to thank the Salem Fire Department for having a group of fine men (The First Responders) who showed up at out house in a time of need. The only thing missing was an ambulance for them!

I knew I was in good hands until the ambulance arrived, but I do think these fine men could work much better with the equipment they need.

I was in a very scary situation the night of Aug. 30. I wanted to thank them very much for being there at the time I needed attention until the ambulance company arrived. These men are very good at what they do, so I do hope down the road soon they are blessed with an ambulance.

Thank you again, First Responders, Salem Police and KLG.

May God bless you all - 24/7!





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