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August 5, 2012
Salem News

Mitt should disclose all of his tax records

To the editor:

Mitt Romney is not his father's son. George Romney, former governor of Michigan and a one-time Republican presidential hopeful, turned over 12 years worth of tax returns for public scrutiny when he ran for high public office. But, not so with Mitt.

Mitt grudgingly offered his latest two years worth of tax records and has made it plain he plans to make no other returns public. Even Ann Romney said that "you people" have been shown enough and backed her husband's refusal to show more financial information because presumably "you people" will use the information contained in those tax returns against him. Yet, we are supposed to believe her when she says that everything is on the "up and up."

Now, if it was only the Obama folks who were calling on Romney to show more of his tax returns one could certainly argue it's politics as usual. But, consider the chorus of Conservative Republicans who have urged Mitt to produce more tax records. The list includes conservative columnist George Will, congressman Ron Paul and Senator John McCain.

If as he and his wife claim they have nothing to hide then let's see what he earned, where he earned it and the taxes he paid on those earnings.



Rep. Johnson needs common sense policies

To the editor:

It's time Bill Johnson put patriotism before politics and provides the district the common sense policies that will put our unemployed back to work, improve our children's access to quality education, and provide better services from our federal government.

Right now Washington is broken and a major part of that broken system is the elected officials who are willing to say one thing in an effort to win a campaign, yet arrive in Washington and act in a much different manner. In my opinion, this is an abuse of voter trust. Recently Congressman Bill Johnson was caught doing just this. Congressman Johnson was caught using office funds to lease a vehicle and is actively campaigning with his office budget.

Congressman Johnson campaigned on lowering the national deficit and cutting bloated government waste, but once he arrived in Washington he voted to raise the debt ceiling and now operates the most wasteful Congressional office budget of the Ohio congressional delegation.

For too long Congressman Johnson has operated without answering why he maintains a private vehicle to be chauffeured around the congressional district. Bill would like for you to believe he is working on our behalf, but when you vote in favor of the millionaires on Wall Street and against your constituents who live on Main Street, you clearly have lost your way.

Congressman Johnson continues to support trade policies that would send our manufacturing jobs overseas and has voted in favor of trade policies with Korea, Panama, and Columbia. These votes do nothing to support the constituents of East and Southeast Ohio.

It's time for us to put partisanship aside, and focus on what really matters bringing common sense solutions to the economic issues that currently hold us back.


East Liverpool

Seminar will offer access to obtaining grant monies

To the editor:

Every year non-profit organizations receive millions of dollars from both the government and the private sector to carry out vital areas of hands on service to their community. Unlike loans, grant money never needs to be repaid and can be used to help turn your dreams into reality.

To tap into these available resources, it is necessary to know and understand the dynamics of how the system works, how to prepare a grant that fulfills the necessary requirements, and how to find the sources of this income. Most people are amazed at how easy grant writing is when you come to understand the process and terminology. Many of those who are eligible to receive funds from private and government organizations are totally unaware that these funds even exist. Faith-based and religious groups are also eligible for these grants from government and private foundations.

On Thursday evening, Sept. 27 and Saturday Sept. 29, there will be a practical, easy to understand, one day seminar designed to give the attendee all the tools necessary to find and receive funding to help fulfill their dreams. Both seminars are identical in content and offered at two different times to accommodate peoples work schedules. The Thursday seminar is from 6 to 9:30 p.m. The Saturday seminar is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at First Free Methodist Church, 16260 St. Clair Ave in East Liverpool, Ohio. Some of the areas you can find grant money to fund include Buildings, Youth Programs, Schools, Computer Skills, Sports Programs, Counseling, Rehabilitation, Job Training, Education, Day Care, Health Care, Food and Clothing Distribution, and many others.

The cost of this transformational seminar is $45 per person. Group rates of $35 per person are available to groups of 3 or more from the same organization. This includes registration, workbook, and on-going support services. The first 20 people registering will receive a free copy of "Submitting Successful Grant Submissions." Registration can be made on-line at, by phone at 330-870-5903 or 330-382-1086, or by mailing your payment and information to First Matrix Motivation, PO Box 795, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920.


East Liverpool

A thanks for the one behind Race for the Roc

To the editor:

The board of directors of the ROC of Salem would like to publicly thank Michael McCulloch for the fantastic job he did in putting together the Race for the ROC which was held on June 9, 2012.

In the June 16, 2012 edition of the Salem News, Mike did a wonderful job thanking all of the people of the Salem community who came together to make the Race for the ROC a resounding success and we join him in our heartfelt appreciation for this truly tremendous support. However, the primary person left out in the list is the young man who made it all possible.

So many times we see needs in our community but often do nothing to address those needs Perhaps all of us could learn from the example Mike has given us. Michael is a young man just recently graduated from college this spring. He had witnessed various obstacle races around the country and believed that Salem could have such a race and at the same time benefit a worthy charity which he found in the ROC of Salem. Michael soon found out that putting together such an event as the Race for the ROC was a very complicated obstacle course that would test his intellectual and organizational skills much in the same way that the actual race tested the skills of its participants.

Michael successfully formed a team consisting of city officials, concerned citizens, ROC board members and most importantly the race sponsor, Brightway Center to tackle the many tasks. Mike's passion for the race and the huge support given to the event by this community is truly humbling and gratifying to all of us on the ROC Board. Because of Michael and the community's support, we will be able to expand our mission in service to the children of Salem.

We at the ROC believe that mission is critical to our city. The ROC is an effort to provide a safe place for teens to gather and also for them to be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in many cases for the first time in their life. We believe that there is nothing more important.

Thank you Michael and thank you Salem!

The ROC of Salem

Board of Directors

Jeff Barton

Tim Bowser

Larry Cecil

Wayne Clark

Meta Cramer

Doug George

Bill Huffman

Sondra O'Donnell

Steve Steer

Scott Washam

Denise Weingart



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