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July 29, 2012
Salem News

Meals on Wheels appeals to community for support

To the editor:

Once again we are turning to the community to help raise funds for the Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels program. July is our annual fund drive and we are hoping with the generosity we received last year from all of you that once again we will be able to stay afloat this coming year.

We are a Northern Columbiana County United Way Agency, who after their support, are self supporting. We receive no government funding. Our clients recently lost over $10,000 in funding through a program that helped reduced the cost of their meals for individuals who needed the assistance. We continue to deliver two meals daily which includes a hot meal and a sack lunch to the elderly and temporarily and, or permanently disabled people who are unable to provide adequate meals for themselves. No one is turned away regardless of their financial situation.

If 80 businesses or individuals will commit to a $5, $10 or even a $20 per month pledge (July 2012 to June 2013) we can stay afloat. Please help us keep this necessary, time proven service in place for our elderly citizens in the Columbiana, Washingtonville, Leetonia and New Waterford areas.

If you can help with a monthly pledge or a one time donation, please send it to Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels, 865 E. Park Ave., Columbiana, Ohio 44408. If you have any questions, please call us at 330-482-0366. The Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels Board and our clients thank you in advance for your support.



If you love America, then you should educate yourself

To the editor:

Everyone who loves America and is proud to be an American should educate themselves about what is happening to our country. Two books they should get are "The War on Success" by Tommy Newberry and "Culture of Corruption" by Michele Malkin.

Our country evolved on the principles of "One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

We have put God on the back burner, lost our work ethic, threw away our morals, family and pride in ourselves and our nation. Rome went the same way. When we lose our liberty and freedom, we the people will be to blame for letting it happen.



More debt, more government; time to take the country back

To the editor:

Allow me to begin this by saying that the vast majority of people who will read this will not agree with it. Some may because they recognize common sense. Some may because they feel the same way, but they won't come to grips with the reality because, "that's just how it is." I'm talking about the generations ahead of me, because I'm not sure how much of my generation spends time reading the news or the paper (which I think is a good thing).

For 30, 40, 50+ years many of you have been indoctrinated by a two-party system helped along by a borderline criminal mass media. We argue for or against one party or the other, until we're blue in the face, thinking that we may change someone else's mind. How often does that happen? RARELY, at best. Don't any of you ever ask yourselves why? While you're sitting there thinking, "this person has no common sense", haven't you figured out that they've been brainwashed and polarized?

Problem: 2+2=?. It's a simple problem, right? As simple as many problems that you come across, right? Then why is it that our "two" parties come up with completely different solutions, make you believe them and polarize the entire country? Abortion, healthcare, military spending, job markets, etc. stop! It's like a magic show, they've got you looking at one hand so you're ignoring the other. And the other hand is busy coming up with solutions that cause nothing but more debt and make all of us more reliant on government.

How often are monetary policy and national debt argued about in your circle? You think Roe v. Wade is important, what about a national debt with no solution in sight that is some number that you can't even fathom? Why don't they want that issue brought up? The answer is as simple as 2+2, but the media won't let you see it.

It's because it's the same party. We live under a one party system. While they get all of us sheep arguing about nonsense, they're really just pulling the strings on big government and imperialism. Sure, one side loves certain pieces of the pie and the other side likes different pieces. But either way, they're both contributing to big government.

There are differences in the policies of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but the end result will be the same. More debt, more government. You think Obama is drastically different than Bush? Bush pushed the military and caused massive debt, his administration destroyed your civil liberties with the Patriot Act in the name of safety, they bailed companies out, they hurt our education system with No Child Left Behind. More debt, more government.

Obama has kept the war machine going, bailed companies out, given us Obamacare, doubled food stamp recipients. More debt, more government. And they both rely on the private Fed to print the money that is your pocket, essentially allowing them to kick the can down the road and not face the real problem-our debt-because they have no clue how to solve it without slashing government. Does it look like either side wants to do that?

The sad thing is, this paradigm at the federal level has shifted to state and local levels. Reading through the recent letters to the editor has proven that. How difficult is it to fix problems in a town of 12,000? Many companies are more complicated to run than a city of this size.

Do you hear our current mayor complaining? He's working within his means to improve our town. It's simple. It doesn't need to be complicated.But here we are, arguing over semantics while our strength as a nation continues to crumble.

Do you want to keep watching that movie? Or can we finally pull our collective heads up and realize that we're being manipulated right into a situation where we work for the government and not the other way around. It's time to make that stand before it is too late. Mitt Romney isn't the answer. Barack Obama isn't the answer. Their establishment that got us into the mess will not pull us out of it.

It's time to open your eyes and realize that no matter what we've done in the last 20+ years, we've gotten the same outcome. Stop kicking the can down the road and supporting your abuser. This entire country is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and it is not getting us anywhere. It's time to work together, and it's either that or we will all fall down. It's time to stop disagreeing with someone, not because of what comes out of their mouth, but because they're part of a different "party." It's time to think for yourself and not let the media mold your brain any way they want to. My future has been put at stake through no fault of my own, along with everyone else in my generation who have yet to have much influence. I will never pretend to have all of the answers, but it's certainly clear that what we've been doing doesn't work. It's time to take the country back.



Blessed to have a wonderful hospital right here in Salem

To the editor:

I feel compelled to tell all of your readers about my trip to Salem Community Hospital this past week where I was scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy.

From the woman who greeted me at the receiving desk to the one who wheeled me out to the car when I was all finished and awake - every single person had a smile, treated me with respect and were very polite. After each one established who I was they then introduced themselves and told me what part they would be playing during my short stay with them. Each man or woman seemed glad to be working there and they got along great with each other.

Of course, the main "cog in this wheel" is Dr. Kolozsi himself who helped to ease the tension with one of his jokes. Besides being talented, he really is funny.

There are many, many nice people who work at SCH, but I believe this department is exceptional. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful hospital right here within driving distance of most of us - and they are making it even better!



Reader appreciates concerts and the person behind them

To the editor:

The Salem community missed a wonderful experience July 17 when the Jack Halkides Quintet from Canton played at the Salem Community Center.

There were only about 30 persons in the audience with a few of those coming all the way from Canton. Their music is "soft" jazz and features vocalist Peggy Coyle, who did an awesome job of singing "My Romance," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "Ain't Misbehaving," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and many more. Besides Peggy's amazing voice, the instruments consist of the piano, base fiddle, saxophone, trombone and drums. Salem's own Jack Yarnell was on drums. This is part of the summer concert series normally held at the band shell.

For many years, Mr. Yarnell has almost singlehandedly raised the money to put on these concerts, which are free to the public. I would like to encourage you to take advantage of these wonderful concerts and to thank Jack for his devotion in bringing them to us.



Reader submits an open letter to Charlie Wilson

To the editor:

As a member of the Sixth Congressional District, (of which you were my U.S. congressman) I wonder why you should waste your time trying to be re-elected in this district. You, sir, have done more to hurt this district while you were a congressman than any representative has in the modern era.

First, you voted for Obamacare, a stone around your neck that any opponent would be foolish not to throw in your face every chance that he had the opportunity to do so, and something that the voters of the 6th District remembered when you lost your job in 2010.

Additionally, you supported the current administration almost 100 percent of the time, even when it was to the detriment of the people of the 6th District. Your party has managed to close down the coal industry, a major employer in the 6th District besides being important to all the states in the tri-state area and beyond. Since your party gained control of the congress in 2006, the prospect of a coal gasification plant in Wellsville has been buried.

Congressman Johnson rightly voted against the president's proposed jobs bill that would have wasted another $75 billion by awarding the NEA (National Education Association in case you didn't know) and other public employee unions funds that they would only use to help Obama try to be re-elected.

The policies of Rep. Johnson, an Air Force lieutenant colonel with 26 years of distinguished service who was moved about to serve wherever he was most needed and was never able to live his whole life in the 6th District, and those of Governor Kasich have stimulated (without having to spend $75 billion) Ohio's jobs creation and have lowered our unemployment rate below the national average. These jobs are in the private sector, too, which doesn't add to the debt of the state. Ohio's budget now shows a surplus since Kasich was elected.

You state that Rep. Johnson voted to send jobs to other countries (which I think is untrue) that are actually each friendly to the U.S., but don't mention your party's blocking of the oil pipeline that would have allowed Canada to sell the US oil in favor of buying it from Saudi Arabia, the country that sent most of the 9/11 terrorists to America.

Charlie, you are absolutely wrong when you say that Rep. Johnson has done nothing. Since 2010 the House of Representatives has sent many pieces of legislation to the Senate, including a budget, a bill to get rid of Obamacare (which you voted for), and bills to save Social Security and Medicare, which Bill Johnson sponsored.

None of these bills have even come to a vote in the Democrat controlled Senate. (talk about doing nothing one needs to look at the senate) All of these bills would have helped our country, and not one would have lined the pockets of any rich Republicans, like the ethanol in our gasoline (passed as a law by Democrat congress) has helped to enrich Al Gore and his ilk.

And if you wish to throw stones and accuse Bill of lining anyone's pockets, why not mention the fact that Obama has killed U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico while sending money to another unfriendly country (Brazil) to help with their off-shore oil production. Please keep it a secret that that company in Brazil that Obama helped is mostly owned by the communist capitalist, American hating, non-U.S. citizen who meddles the most in American politics, none other than thee George Soras, Obama's biggest contributor.

Charlie, the only time you ever voted against your party line was when those Dems in government had all the votes they needed to pass legislation and your vote didn't mean a hill of beans and Nancy Pelosi let you vote against those bills. Otherwise how can you support your vote for Obamacare, which she required you to vote for?

If you try to debate Bill Johnson by standing on your record or that of the Democrat party I would look for Bill Johnson to rip you.



Feels Americans must be victims of amnesia

To the editor:

Americans seem to be victims of amnesia! I would like to take this opportunity to refresh their memories ...

As Bush began his takeover of the White House in January 2001, the big debate in Washington was over what to do with a projected budget surplus of $2.2 trillion that President Clinton has left behind. That's over 2.2 trillion dollars. Not billions. The surplus was trillions. Remember?

Unfortunately when "Mr Mission Accomplished left office he had the U.S. economy in the worse economic state since the Great Depression.

After taking over the worse economy in modern times what has Obama accomplished?

Within days after taking office, he signed an executive order ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse.

On his first full day, he froze White House salaries. He implemented an auto industry rescue plan, and saved as many as one million jobs. Ask your friends in Lordstown! He brought Bin Laden to justice. He brought our 401k's back from the mud to respectability. He eliminated Don't Ask Don't Tell in the military.

He eliminated the Bush-era restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. He relates to the working class unlike the elite Mitt. He fights to bring jobs back to America not export them like Bush and Romney for slave labor. I'll Vote Obama 2012.





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