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Too busy to exercise during the summer?

July 22, 2012
By HEATHER YOUNG - MS Sports Management, CPT, Salem Community Center , Salem News

SALEM - Whether it's the family vacation or backyard barbecues, warmer weather brings about activities that lead to more eating and less exercise.

Even though spring and summer allude to more activity, the result is a decrease in regular structured exercise. Our time demand during the warmer seasons goes through the roof. We have to get to ballgames, family outings, vacations, work, the golf course, and the pool all before the snow starts to fall. With all of these things to do, who has time to exercise? The answer is you do!

When you are away from home, whether business or pleasure, it is important to stick to some exercise routine. While you can't pack your weights or your personal trainer in your suitcase, try these quick and easy tips to stay in shape.

Your own body weight can be your best dumbbell! Body weight alone can provide enough resistance to improve strength and endurance as well as burn fat. Body weight exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips off the bed or a chair, superman extensions for the back, lunges, squats, leg raises and calf raises.

If you do have a small space in your suitcase two things that you must pack are an exercise mat and a piece of rubber tubing. The mat presents a perfect barrier between you and the hotel room floor for those push-ups and sit-ups, as well as stretching.

The rubber tubing provides resistance to perform many seated and standing exercises for arms and legs. The tubing is great for exercises such as overhead press, arm raises, bicep curl, and rows. In general, doing these exercises for 20-30 repetitions at a time while you are on the go is plenty to make a difference.

Don't forget those tennis shoes and walk or run it off. If you are on business go for a walk during your breaks or after the meetings. Exercise can be broken into many short sessions daily. If you are at the beach, take walks or runs along the shoreline searching for shells, the sand provides extra resistance to boost fat burning.

Time for a swim anyone? You bet! Swimming or water workouts burn almost double the calories than many land based activities. The combined role of movement against resistance increases the calorie expenditure in water not to mention the multi muscle involvement of the upper and lower body in order to perform the swimming stroke. Not a swimmer, not a problem. Walking in water also burns more calories than walking on land and is more forgiving on the joints!

If the family picnics are the problem don't eat and then lay, eat and then play! Have scheduled volleyball or softball games, Frisbee or swimming relays; even a horseshoe or corn hole tournament is better then sitting.

Calories count! Tis the season for ice cream, hot dogs, smores and all of the fabulous picnic food we love. It is fine to enjoy the summer favorites, just plan for it. If cookouts or ballpark visits consume your evenings, earlier in the day load up on your fruits and vegetables leaving more calories left for later.

Even with all of the great barbeque and summer salads out there, keeping fit is not impossible. It is all about calorie intake and energy expenditure. Summer goals may not be to lose weight but to maintain the weight. You may be surprised that a few simple adjustments may be all you need to keep fit all summer long. Here is to the warmer weather!

The Salem Community Center provides activities all year long in a climate controlled environment. When it is too hot or too cold outside, we are just right. Stop in for a visit, follow us on Facebook or check out the website at www.salemcommunitycenter for more information on what we have to offer. New for summer 2012 is the SCC summer boot camp class. If you are looking for a change or a challenge come take a class today, only $3 per visit!



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