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July 22, 2012
Salem News

Welcome news for the city

To the editor:

Welcome news for city of Salem -opening of Timberlanes of Salem.

Means more jobs for city of Salem and also that the city is growing.

Thanks to a local businessman Brooke Pidgeon for caring about our city.

The best of wishes to him and much success.



Thankful for kind neighbors

To the editor:

I would like to express my gratitude to my family, neighbors and friends for on that hot, sunny afternoon of the seventh, when a large microburst touched down in parts of Salem.

After the storm, all of whom pitched in to clear the yard of debris, and made sure my home was safe for me to stay in. It was such a beautiful sight to see so many people working together to help a neighbor, and I shall never forget their kindness. My sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to each and everyone who pitched in.



Postal Service remains vital

To the editor:

It's true that the postal service is facing financial difficulties as more communications shift to the Internet.

However, the U.S. Postal Service remains a vital communications tool for Americans, especially to senior citizens, who still rely on USPS for our essential communications. As the director of an organization that represents over 230,000 retirees in Ohio, this is a matter of grave concern to my organization's members and myself.

Instead of passing reforms that would make USPS stronger and preserve these services for every American, Congress may soon advance legislation that imprudently threatens to cut service in an attempt to "fix" the problem.

This bill would drop Saturday service completely and would eliminate home mail delivery for most who currently receive it! All of us rely on home mail delivery, especially retirees.

These service cuts would have a disproportionate impact on senior citizens, by slowing delivery of the mail we depend on to stay connected. Seniors rely on Saturday service for timely delivery of prescription drugs, Social Security checks and letters from our families. Also, this bill would make it harder for people with lower mobility to access their mailbox. Eliminating home delivery is an extreme, drastic "solution."

Congress won't solve the problems facing USPS by reducing service to customers. All this bill would do is make it more difficult for my members to use a vital, and Constitutionally established, public service!


State director,

Ohio Alliance for

Retired Americans

Three votes in one

To the editor:

The way I see it I'll be voting three times this November. I will be voting for the Republican candidate for senator and that is a vote against Obama. I will be voting for the Republican candidate for congressman and that is a vote against Obama. Then finally I will be voting for the Republican candidate for president and that is a vote against Obama.

Gee, how about that! Voting three times in one election for a single president. This is giving a cleaner interpretation of "Vote early, Vote often." Heh, heh, heh!


East Liverpool

Driving with dad, daughter

To the editor:

I have two daughters whom I love dearly. I speak now of my youngest with whom I just had the pleasure of sharing Father's Day. My lovely daughter and I are separated by two generations of social and political ideology I will not attempt to define our differences, because they are vast and innumerable, however I am happy to say despite those differences and sometimes fiery exchanges the love between father and daughter remains steadfast. The fact that we have an additional physical separation of 400 miles, I believe helps maintain a level playing field.

The five-hour drive between her place and mine is for the most part pleasant and I truly enjoy the time spent with her. Then there's that casual remark that somehow slips from my mouth and the tranquillity that had existed is interrupted and the communication we had been enjoying becomes to say the least strained. This usually leads to a silent treatment which can amount to approximately 50 miles. I have never had the 100 mile treatment and hope it never happens, because that would be the extreme punishment.

My daughter is an excellent driver, although the first time she took me on the interstate highway it was a full one half hour before I decided she wasn't trying to do us both in.

We have both made the trip from Rochester to Columbiana many times but this time we messed up twice. The first time we over shot the Route 11 south turn off. This we easily corrected. The second time we ended up somewhere in Youngstown This was not good because we had no idea how to get to Route 11 south. After milling around for 20 minutes my girl produced a little box and began talking into it. Some lady began talking back. Being somewhat deaf I couldn't hear what the lady was saying and when she steered us onto Route 80 north. I objected and my girl took the first turn off and we ended back where we started. When the lady gave us the same directions again I kept quiet and she was right because we ended again happily south bound on Route 11.

I must say through all this turmoil my lovely daughter kept her cool and did not let the situation get to her.

And me, I forgot to thank the nice lady who brought us home.





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