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July 15, 2012
Salem News

Responds to letter to editor

To the editor: I must respond to Dr. Traina's letter, of July 1 in which he mistakenly perceived my displeasure with Congressman Bill Johnson's attack on our senior citizens as a rebuke of veterans. Dr. Traina, I value your military service. I am thankful for Congressman Johnson's military service as well. I appreciate all of our veterans who have risked their lives and sacrificed so that we might enjoy our freedom. Many of my close relatives have served honorably. I am proud of our troops and veterans. I pointed out that the congressman receives public health insurance, not to suggest that he is not worthy, but only to highlight his hypocrisy. He has repeatedly voted to kill Medicare for millions of deserving Americans. I agree with you that our veterans deserve health coverage. Where we differ is that you believe only veterans and no one else deserve to have health coverage. Why the distinction? Would you not at least concede that firefighters and police officers also serve their communities bravely? How about teachers? Farmers? Rehabilitation counselors? Do they not work to make our great system succeed? You accused me of being partisan and hateful, all because I disagree with Congressman Johnson's agenda. But I can't recall your outrage when Governor Kasich called police officers "idiots" and firefighters and teachers "thugs." Who's the partisan? Dr. Traina, I doubt that you really believe that I attacked veterans. You have a reputation of being smarter than that. Therefore, I will simply dismiss your rant for what it really was ... a veiled attempt to defend Congressman Bill Johnson on an indefensible position.


Secretary, Columbiana County Democrats

This vet has different opinion

To the editor: I was disappointed to read Dr. Michael Traina's recent letter to the editor. Dr. Traina decries a "demeaning" letter "full of hatred," only to continue on and question a private citizen's contribution to our society. I find this extraordinarily distasteful.

I would not begin to diminish the contributions and sacrifice of our military personnel. However, as a US Air Force veteran with an honorable discharge of my own, I feel it should be said that ours is not the only valid form of public service. It is right that those who serve are respected and provided for. It is not right that military service should be used as a position from which to denigrate anyone else.


Pittsburgh, Pa.,

Former Salem resident

More on the same subject...

To the editor: I have been there. You have not. This open letter to the public is to express my feelings of displeasure and hurt as a U.S. Army veteran, that Democrat Patty Colian has caused to all veterans. She believes veterans do not deserve VA benefits. She should visit a VA hospital! Veterans have paid the price. You have not. Veterans have been there. You have not. Hundreds of thousands have sacrificed. Hundreds of thousands disabled for life. I'll be damned if I will let you hurt these great men and women. For your own political gain and the non-heroes of your click. If the Democrat party was smart, which they are not, they would disown you. God bless our heroes. Which you are not Patty Colian.



Thanks from Committee

To the editor: The Salem Beautification Committee would like to thank the following Salem residents, organizations and businesses for supporting our Adopt a Planter program for 2012. The Salem Hunting Club surprised our committee with an unexpected gift donation of $500. Their generosity allowed us to purchase extra flowers and fertilizer for the urns and to purchase perennials for the islands this fall. Special thanks to our repeat supporters which include Robin Heestand, Bernice Melitschka, Mickey Cope Weaver, BB Rooners owner Margie Engle, Mark Anderson, postmaster of Salem Post Office; and Beth Volosin, publisher of the Salem News. Also, for the generous (yearly) donation from Butech Bliss which sponsored seven urns this year. First-time donors were Cathie Melitschka, Salem Fitness Center owner, Karen Diver-Rutzky, and Salem Car Wash owner, Joe Rapini. In addition to the contributors, we would like to acknowledge three special people who have faithfully helped SBC with watering. They have been an incredible support to our committee, Jackie Troll at McCulloch Park, Marlene Knezetic at the Salem Post Office and Phyllis McKinley at City Hall. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the Service Department's foreman, Jim Phillis, and crew members (Duke and Shawn) for moving all the urns to central locations for better viewing and easier watering. The Carl James Lehwald, M.D., extended family members donated money for eight flower planters for family members who had once lived in Salem. They enjoyed looking at them while here in June for a family reunion. One does not realize how much time and money is invested just to get the pots ready for planting. This first step is critical for the growth and beauty of the flowers. We would like to acknowledge the Kiwanis Club who gave us a donation to cover our expenses for Round-up, top soil and fertilizer, and Salem's Home Depot who gave us a generous gift card. Of course, the appearance of the downtown could not be accomplished without our dedicated and committed SBC members. They worked many hours purchasing and planting flowers for the 24 urns in the spring, watering them throughout the summer, and spending hours cleaning the downtown for the Super Cruise, doing all of this in the name of just plain old fashion community pride - something many people have forgotten. Finally, we would like to give special thanks to new member Jennifer Brown who has embraced the beautification committee with wonderful new ideas, many of which we have implemented. We enjoy her enthusiasm and appreciate her involvement.



Co-chairmen, Salem Beautification Committee

Building is too expensive

To the editor: In Monday's paper it was revealed that the Cooperative Extension office was moving into the new county services building in order to "ensure the county's general debt fund had sufficient revenue." I wonder who was responsible for approving the construction of a building that is too expensive for the county to operate. It makes me wonder if we will ever find out, specifically, who at the Buckeye Water District made the decision to break the contract with East Liverpool. This has cost the county taxpayers, not the county (which doesn't have any money) $1.5 million. I am sure this money could have been used to pay down the debt service for the new county building. Will we ever know the names of the people that have spent the county's (our) money so foolishly. And, most importantly, will they ever be held responsible for their costly and inept decisions. Doubtful.





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