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July 8, 2012
Salem News

More support for Congressman Johnson

To the editor:

I say thank you Dr. Traina (letter to editor, July 1) for your service and all veterans who served. You said a lot.

I am a proud Democrat who has sat back and watched Ms. P. Colian degrade the party.

My family has three brothers who served in the military which I am proud. They protected our country, which Congressman Bill Johnson did also.

One served during the Korean War. Two served our country during the Vietnam War.

I always display my flag to honor my brothers and all veterans. I'm proud to be an American.

Patty, stand up and be proud of all who served as volunteers.

Congressman Bill Johnson serving all of Columbiana County.

Bill Johnson regardless of his political affiliation earned his benefits.

Patty you need to adjust your attitude and put your energy to a more productive manner.



Rips election board chairman for letter

To the editor: After reading the letter to the editor on Sunday, July 1, from Dr. Michael Traina, I have to respond to his letter.

Thank you, Mr. Traina for your honest letter to let the public know about a disgusting Democrat that the party cherishes in Patty Colian. It's about time.

I must correct you on her being a biased person toward Republicans. She is also this way toward Democrats, if they do not agree with her (holy word) or she does not like you for some reason.

Since she has joined the Democrat party in Salem, and the Columbiana County Democrats, she has chased away at least 20 hard-working campaigners and big dollar donors to the party.

These good Democrats that I know personally say they will never be back as long as she has anything to do with the party. On fund-raising events, Colian only invites her "chosen few," when all Democrats are supposed to be contacted by email, phone call or letter.

Columbiana County Democrat Party Chairman Dennis Johnson, whom we have talked to about Colian's "unpleasant personality," finds this behavior very acceptable. What a shame for the Democrat party, and shame on the Democrat party.

Mr. Traina, I am ashamed to tell you I am a lifelong registered Democrat, but proud to agree with you on Congressman's Bill Johnson's military service.

The flag on my front door is to thank all veterans whether he/she is a Republican or Democrat veteran, or congressman or the veteran that works at Joe's Gas and Go.

Patty Colian didn't mention Congressman Bill Johnson also has an office in downtown Salem to serve this part of his district.

Mr. Traina, I took your advice and I contacted Adam Booth at the board of elections. Mr. Booth was very nice to talk to and very helpful. The information Mr. Booth provided on Patty Colian is her stipend is $9,000 annually, plus her pension.

The board of elections meets once a month, plus three special meetings a year, 15 meetings a year. This comes out to Patty Colian gets paid $600 a meeting. Colian gets $600 a meeting that the taxpayers cannot afford. Talk about a taxpayer rip off. This does not include the primary or general elections.

A person who works and works hard for 40 hours week at $7.50 an hour only earns $300 gross. Patty Colian, you have the gall to chew up a veteran and spit him out, and you get $600 a meeting and contributed nothing.

I believe your attack on Congressman Johnson is so his opponent will get elected and you can get an appointed job with him that pays $65,000 a year of taxpayer money, plus benefits and pension.

Again, Colian, you didn't earn anything because of your lack of professionalism or your unpleasant personality, but you are costing us in dollars and will cause problems with the Democrat candidates that are associated with you.

In closing, Patty Colian, the next time you have hatred toward a veteran, a Republican or Democrat, you should look in the mirror and see $9,000 of taxpayer money in your pocket and thank God for all veterans and thank God you got appointed to such a gravy job.



Questions integrity of Congressman Johnson

To the editor:

I guess we know what Bill Johnson's integrity costs. It's a fundraiser with the Washington elite at the expense of the seniors of his district. Recently, Bill Johnson hosted Newt Gingrich at an event in Columbiana County and now we know what is expected in return, a vote for a Republican budget plan that would end Medicare, as we know it. Was it worth selling out your constituents? Was it worth the cost of millions of dollars in senior's healthcare?

Johnson will tell you that the new plan is not a "death penalty" for Medicare, but the facts speak for themselves the plan calls for an end to Medicare and for the establishment of an $8,000 annual subsidy that would be expected to cover all medical bills.

How can Bill think this is responsible leadership knowing the elderly population we have in this district?

Do you want to know the cost of a rubber stamp, ask John Boehner and Newt Gingrich. He just bought one.

Richard Presutti,


Act another promise kept by the president

To the editor:

The Affordable Care Act, known derisively as Obamacare, has now been sanctioned by the United States Supreme Court. It is the Law of the Land. It is another promise kept by President Obama.

This law, which represents the fulfillment of a dream first conceived more than 100 years ago by Republican president Teddy Roosevelt, will provide health insurance to millions more Americans. By requiring everyone to purchase health insurance, the law will make the cost of health coverage more affordable.

The fact that a Republican dominated Congress now plans a vote to repeal this legislation smacks of politics. That's all it is. They offer no alternative. Instead they would rather see Americans deprived of essential health care than recognize that a good idea can be offered by a Democrat.

Under the Affordable Care Act, young people can remain on their parents' health insurance until the age of 26. Americans with pre-existing conditions can not be denied health insurance coverage and many of America's senior citizens have already received $250 to help them pay for the cost of prescription drugs in order to help close the "donut hole."

Besides enactment of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama put an end to taxpayer bailouts with the Wall Street Reform Act. He signed into law the Lily Ledbetter Act guaranteeing to women equal pay for equal work. He lifted the ban on federal funding for stem cell research.

Internationally, he restored America's position among the nations of the world. He brought to a successful end the war in Iraq by keeping his promise to end hostilities there and return our troops. And he concluded and managed to get the Senate to ratify the START treaty which has been described by many as the most important arms control agreement in almost two decades.

And finally, who among us can forget that due to the efforts of President Obama, General Motors is alive and well today and Osama bin Laden isn't.

President Obama deserves four more years; he has earned re-election.



Current regime wants to destroy coal industry

To the editor:

As the current regime in Washington, D.C. continues its mission to destroy the coal industry will Senator Sherrod (no budget) Brown deny his duplicity. Really, should coal as a private enterprise cease to exist who or what will come to the aid of the American citizen? Coal-fired energy plants still supply the majority of the power America needs.

So why try to destroy this industry or is it just a way to nationalize all of the coal reserves. Instead of private company's mining coal they will be owned and operated by the government.

Senator Brown like all liberal politicians thinks themselves the smartest in the room. It was the Democratic Congress and Whitehouse (Obama) that has tried to force Healthcare (7 percent of the economy) down our throats so why not nationalize all coal reserves. It was Hitler, Stalin, and Chavez that nationalized their industries and that worked out so well.


East Liverpool

Super Cruise received some super support

To the editor:

Behind every great event are the behind-the-scenes individuals who help to make the event great. The purpose of this letter is to publicly thank those individuals.

For the past six months, many volunteers spent countless hours working within their committees to produce the results that made the Super Cruise super.

Working diligently to meet a timeline, Ron Waite and Dan Ferrier served as committee heads to secure the sponsors and advertisers whose generosity made our brochure possible.

Mick Orosz was responsible for the concessions. The car committees were coordinated by Jim Bonfert with special mention to Patty Colian for registration. Tom and Pat Hall, Sam and Judy Sicilia were responsible for the parking and the success of the Show and Shine, while Bob Domencetti and his crew worked to produce the Cruise Parade. Roe Haskin and his Crime Watch volunteers spent many hours assisting with parking and safety.

The prompt, professional services of Promos Unlimited, Price2Sell, and Chappell and Zimmerman was much appreciated.

Preparing and maintaining our city's appearance took the extra efforts of many departments including the street, traffic and safety, and the city electrician.

The Salem Police Department, Salem Fire Department, Columbiana County Sheriff's Department, State Highway Patrol, Salem Police Auxiliary, and Salem-Perry Township Crime Watch, all worked hard at making the event a safe one.

A special thank you to our Administrative Assistant Debbie Bricker, Auditor Betty Brothers, and Phyllis McKinley, who covered many bases to ensure the overall success of the cruise weekend, including their participation in our clean-up crew along with Mayor Berlin and his wife Chris, Council President Mickey Weaver, and my wife Cindy.

A special commendation goes to Salem Tire for orchestrating the appearance of the Goodyear Blimp and Expert Tire for bringing in the dragster. Bravo to the bands and DJ's who provided entertainment throughout the weekend.

The news coverage of the entire event was exceptional thanks to the work of Larry Shields, who was involved since January.

Finally, I want to thank the residents of Salem and the surrounding area and the businesses, as well as all of the "car cruisers" for their participation and cooperation to make this Super Cruise one of the most successful cruises yet.


Service and safety director,


Upcoming election will have profound impact

To the editor:

Many looked at the election of 2008 as an historical benchmark. Demonstrably, 2012 will be an historical hinge-pin determining the future of our country and the world.

The last three and a half years have been engulfed with upheaval, destabilization and fundamental transformation on a national and global scale.

The advancement of dictatorial socialist regimes has been massive, while our country has been disabled, made obsolete and deficient. In the midst of this, is a covert operation that I would call: "How to Take Over a Country 101"

There seems to be a model being revealed as it is implemented in the global arena. It seizes the moment that is reflective of the coined phrase: "Don't let a good crisis go to waste." Whatever the resident initiators of any given crisis were or are, in any place, those in waiting seize the opportunity to overtake and fundamentally transform countries, regions and in many respects the world.

Egypt is the latest example of what seems to be an implementable game plan. Namely, seize a crisis, amplify the crisis, control the crisis and position yourself as savior. Further seal the deal by rallying the energies, aspirations and utopian dreams of the youth and place them at the forefront as a new generation of democratic enthusiasts.

The strategy of usury of the youth and those economically distressed, while all along the radical agenda of insurrection is disguised and hidden, created the stage for the world to applaud the wonderful spontaneous cries for democracy, freedom and a new world.

Once the strategy of "bait and switch" is secured and the outcome is to the radical's liking, having been clouded by hype, hysteria and the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty as a result of the promoted violence, the socialistic dictatorial now is at the forefront and in position.

As the clouds begin to clear, the unveiling of what was laying in wait and is now positioned, has left some of these same youthful enthusiasts finding themselves in bewilderment recognizing that the outcome is not democracy. Instead, it is an advancement of hard line radical rule that leads not to freedom, but inevitably, if not immediate, a suppressive government by dictatorial regimes.

In other words: "They have been duped!" But, now it is too late, the power position has been secured and the way cleared for those who seek to reign over, rather than represent, the masses, let alone the individual.

Those who were used as props at the forefront soon become those the regime must control. Questioning why? Don't you recognize that these youth are impressionable dreamers and will follow any visionary? Don't you know that the economically distressed are in a position to follow dependently anyone who will say they will rescue them?

What have we come to? Where are we going? Who will we be? Do you even know who you are anymore? Or are you waiting for someone else to define you and just waiting to be duped?


East Palestine

Killing an industry that Ohioans rely on

To the editor:

The Utility MACT rule will kill the coal industry which provides 86 percent of Ohio's energy. We have Sherrod Brown to thank for that. Forcing coal fired power plants to comply with these restrictions will cause prices for consumers to spike. This spike will cause much harm to the working class who spend a greater percentage of their salaries on energy.

Coal companies will be forced to lay off many lower level employees due to increased compliance costs. Who is Senator Brown hurting with his vote? The very people who he claims to protect. Ohio needs to create jobs and produce cheaper energy in this harsh economy. Brown has consistently voted to hinder both.





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