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July 1, 2012
Salem News

The Humane Society of CC is in need of your help

To the editor:

Untreated preventable medical issues have The Humane Society of Columbiana County (HSCC) asking for help.

Adoptions are down and many of the cats and dogs arriving at the shelter have medical issues that could have been prevented. Heartworm is a fatal and painful disease, caused by a mosquito bite, which can be prevented with simple monthly preventative care. Many times people are simply uneducated about heartworm and other diseases, which is sad. Last winter, three dogs came into the shelter through a humane case involving neglect. Two underwent treatment for heartworm and one for mammary gland tumors that resulted from not spaying the female pet. While they all have found wonderful homes, their vet bills were over $2,600 and their adoptions were delayed pending the outcome of their treatment.

The Humane Society of Columbiana County investigates concerns of cruelty and neglect throughout the county. Although the volunteer agents attempt to educate pet owners whenever possible when conditions reach a certain level of abuse or neglect HSCC takes possession of the pet. Prosecution of the pet owner often times results, but the restitution and fines rarely cover the cost associated with that pets care and medical costs.

HSCC maintains an active fundraising schedule and participates in over 50 outreach and fundraising events per year. Facebook has been a very valuable tool for HSCC. We get creative with our efforts, like a recent online auction which raised over $800 for medical bills.

HSCC adopted a "no-kill and no-suffering" policy in 2009. Prior to this, animals would have been euthanized instead of providing medical treatment and also for lack of space. HSCC President Jenny Pike says that the policy has been embraced by most supporters. "By far, the positive impact for all involved has been tremendous. The only negative aspect is the cost of doing business. Saving lives costs money."

Pike explains that HSCC works with several vets who do what they can to help. "Look, we all understand the vets are running a business. They have payroll, bills and mortgages just like we do, but we certainly appreciate any help we can get. But we need more financial help. We need the community to help us support the valuable service we provide."

The Humane Society of Columbiana County is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and maintains a shelter and office at 1825 S. Lincoln Ave. in Salem. It operates solely on private donations, is not funded with taxpayer dollars and is not affiliated with any national organization. Phone 330-332-2600 or go to or for more information or to arrange a speaker for your organization or social group.


Humane Society of

Columbiana County,


Bicycling fundraiser says thanks for the support

To the editor:

On Aug. 11, I will be participating in a one-day 100-mile bike event called the Pelotonia in Columbus. The Pelotonia is an event that is in its fourth year and raises a tremendous amount of money for cancer research. All the money raised goes directly to the James Cancer Research Center and Hospital in Columbus.

Since 2009, the Pelotonia has raised over $25 million. Cyclists are required to pledge a minimum amount to secure their spot in the ride. The minimum pledge designated for the 100-mile ride is $1,800. I would like to thank the generous individuals who have helped me raise $2,265 to fight this dreaded disease!

The Salem News did an article about my ride and the benefit performance of "Singin in the Rain" which was put on by the Salem High School's Theater Department. The very talented students who performed in the play, along with Director John Miller, Musical Director Attila Samu and Choreographer Carrie Mazzucco need to be commended. Within two days of the article, an anonymous donor gave a very large sum of money. Also, showing their generous support for my cause were the following people: Carol Carmona, Dan and Lynn Hill, Howard and Ann Coy, Martha and Raymond Kirkpatrick, Shane Franks, Bill Mowery, Bill Watkins and the Road Doggz Motorcycle Club, Brenda and Dave Mowery, John and Chris Gecina, Matt Mowery, Peggy Wegner, Susan Rowan, Randy Malmsberry, Claudia Fontana, Linda Giblin, Don and Mary Beeson, Karen Simmons, and Kathy Baker. I would, also, like to thank Tom and Lynn Scullion for encouraging me to participate in this ride with them.

I am confident that the monies donated to the riders in the Pelotonia will make a difference. Thank you again.

Tom Wagner,


Veteran appalled by letter critical of Congressman

To the editor:

I just read the most disgusting, appalling and demeaning letter to the editor that I have ever seen in any newspaper (Salem News, Sunday, June 24). It was written by Patty Colian, well known for sanctifying Democrats and hating any Republican as a totally biased person.

She severely criticized Congressman Bill Johnson for moving to Marietta from Poland when he was elected. The move was made so he could better serve his district. Of course she never said a word when former Congressman Ted Strickland told everyone he lived in Lisbon, yet he and his wife lived in Columbus. Yes, he rented an apartment in Lisbon and once in awhile stayed there. There is no objectivity with her.

However, the most vile and disgraceful attack on Rep. Johnson is her criticism of him for receiving health care because of his military service. Yes he does get his health care through the Veterans Administration. She went to decry that it is at the expense of taxpayers. Everyone in Congress gets a health care policy because of their position. They haven't earned it ! Colonel Johnson served his country for 26-plus years and does not take the Congressional policy. The point is, Colonel Johnson earned his health care with his years of service to our country.

We taxpayers pay Ms. Colian's salary and benefits for her position at the board of election in Lisbon. Call the board director, Adam Booth, and find out how much it is costing you. She certainly has never mad a contribution to our country but can criticize Rep. Johnson for 26-plus years of faithful military service. And all (or most) of the people in Congress have never made a contribution like Rep. Johnson has. They get the freebies at our expense. It's appalling that Ms. Colian would single out Rep. Johnson who earned his benefits in the U.S. Air Force. Members of Congress always talk about entitlements and use our tax dollars to give away to many who have never contributed anything to our country. But Congress will keep giving our tax dollars away so they can be re-elected to their high-paying, with great benefits, positions.

We military veterans are the only ones who are entitled. We are the ones who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms. Yes, Ms. Colian, you have the freedom of speech that we gave you. It shouldn't be used to attack 26-year veteran Bill?Johnson. And yes I use the VA system because like many others?I sacrificed and we are the only ones who earned an entitlement.

You have the freedom of speech but to use it for your own biased reasons is not why we served our country. I won't allow you or anyone else to attack a fellow veteran. Anything anyone has is from all of us who have served their country and Colonel Johnson is one of us and doesn't deserve your biased and venomous attacks on his military service. An attack upon a veteran with 26 years of service because he gets VA benefits is disgraceful, disgusting, appalling and unforgivable.

What have you contributed to our freedom Ms. Colian??Every letter to the ever you have ever written is full of hatred toward someone. It is totally disgraceful to criticize a military veteran for receiving veterans benefits. We are the only ones who are entitled. Colonel Johnson is an American hero, unlike most of the candidates you support. I am a proud U.S. Army veteran with two honorable discharges and two commendations.





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