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June 24, 2012
Salem News

Pilot thankful for support

To the editor:?

The events that occurred on March 27 have shown me just how strong a support system I have among family and friends. I would like to take this opportunity to finally thank you all for the support you have shown me and my family.

Special thanks to Perry Township Chief of Police Mike Emigh and the entire Perry Township and Salem Police departments for watching over my home and the homes of my parents, in-laws and brother in-law. The media attention was overwhelming and quite disruptive.

Thank you to Minister Leonard Moore of First Christian Church. The opportunity I had to discuss my thoughts and emotions regarding March 27 have been very therapeutic.

To all my fellow members of First Christian Church, thank you for your words of encouragement and show of love and support to my entire family.

Thank you to Karen Coffee for providing my family with plenty of food at a time when neither Kathy nor I felt like cooking.

I would also like to thank Mayor John Berlin for including my family and I in the Salem Memorial Day parade and to Derek Coffee and the Winona Area Historical Society for inviting me to take part in the Memorial Day festivities in Winona.

To all those who sent cards and offered their assistance with babysitting, trips to the grocery store and a place to hide out, thank you for your thoughtfulness at a time when even the simplest tasks were difficult to perform. I am truly thankful and blessed to have you all as friends.

I heard on several different occasions of how glad people were to hear some "good news for a change." I believe there are a lot of good things in our community. It just may not get the attention that it deserves. I understand many people are proud of my accomplishment. All I can say is that being born and raised in Salem, I am a product of my environment. No matter where my travels may take me, I always try to conduct myself in a manner that is respectful to both my family and community.

Jason Dowd, First Officer, JetBlue Airways Flight 191

Not pleased with Kasich

To the editor: I was a delegate at Buckeye Girls State this year, and may I say that I was completely disappointed with Gov. Kasich. He must have thought that his presence at Buckeye Girls State would cover up for the fact that he wanted to neglect 900 young professionals, many of which will be able to vote very soon. I wonder if he is aware that women have the right to vote now. Actually, we have been able to for quite some time. Almost every single young professional that I spoke to was offended at one point or another during his brief visit.

He seemed inconvenienced to be at Buckeye Girls State in general. The first give away was the fact that he showed up looking like he was ready to play a round of golf while it was suggested that we dress professionally. Personally, I found that to be incredibly disrespectful. If "Kasich Ignores Buckeye Girls State" from The Columbus Dispatch would have never been published, he wouldn't have spoke to us in the first place, and some of us felt that he would have preferred it that way.

Kasich spoke down to us, like we were second class citizens. From what I am seeing in the papers today, he is made out to be a saint for saying that "if you want a change in the world, you get a woman to do it." Clearly, he thinks that all women are the "chattel," and human trafficking victims that he warned us about. Really Kasich? You, "get a woman to do it." Why wouldn't he have said something along the lines of, "if you want a change in the world, you seek out an intelligent, driven human being to help you?" That was the most sexist comment that I have ever heard. Someone very incompetent, or a diehard Strickland fan must have okayed this speech.


An erstwhile congressman

To the editor:?

Recently, like most of your readers, I received a mailer from Bill Johnson, also known as "The Erstwhile Congressman from Ohio's Sixth Congressional District.

To put bluntly, it was the most disingenuous piece of propaganda I have ever read. Follow this if you will.

He proposes "saving" Medicare by cutting off potential recipients below the age 55. How you ask? Simple, turn Medicare into a Voucher System giving recipients an $8,000 voucher to be used for medical care. Apparently you could buy an insurance policy or pay your medical bills, both of which are laughable beyond belief. This is the same Bill Johnson who decries "government health care" but at the same time receives generous healthcare benefits paid for by the taxpayers as a result of his military service. Of course, his mailer didn't specify his "cure" but he has voted not once but twice to voucher Medicare. In reality, none of this should come as a surprise, since history shows us that a grand total of 14 Republicans voted for Social Security and Medicare combined.

Remembered what the Republicans did to the in U.S. Postal Service in 2006? By changing the retirement payments, thereby costing the USPS some $5 billion a year, money they do not have. You are now beginning to see the unfortunate consequences to our mail delivery.

Simply put, they believe in "drying up the vine and the fruit will fall off." Don't let them do this to our precious Medicare and Social Security programs.

Patty Colian, Salem

Thanks from the ACS

To the editor:

Dear friends of the ACS Relay for Life:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support of the 2012 Salem Relay for Life held at Waterworth Memorial Park on June 15 and 16.

The Relay is an event that touches so many individuals, as cancer touches all of us in many ways - affecting us individually, a family member, friend, or loved one. The Relay provides support, a deep friendship, and camaraderie unknown in other events. The Relay celebrates life, survivorship, and remembrance of those who have lost their battle to this dreadful disease.

We set a goal every year based on prior years' experience, and this year we set it at $75,000, which was an increase from the $70,000 raised in 2011. With your help, we surpassed this goal and raised $81,082!

I would take some time and thank everyone who came out this year in support of the Relay. I would like to thank our committee, volunteers, and team captains for their hard work and dedication. Without you, this event could not be as successful as it was.

Special thanks go out to Steve Faber and the entire Parks Department for the allowing us to have the Relay at this beautiful park, and to Mayor Berlin, Tom Coffee, Mike Newman, and Paula Betteridge for helping us kick off the Relay.

I would also like to thank our sponsors: Jade Sponsors- Comcast, Crossroads, Hot FM 101, Vindicator, WKBN-TV Caring for our Community, Town Crier; our Gold Sponsors- The Review, Morning Journal, The Salem News (thank you for helping us advertise this event too); our Bronze Sponsors- Heritage WTI; our Rising Stars- C. Hackett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Cancer Care Center, CMI Industry America Inc., East Liverpool City Hospital, Ergon, Salem Community Hospital; and all of our track sign sponsors.

You have made a difference, thank you!

Stephanie Shelton, Salem Relay for Life Event Chair

Response from family

To the editor:

From the family of SFC Joseph Eltringham:

We would like the public to know the kind of man SFC Eltringham truly is. Joseph is not only a soldier, He is the most loving, caring and compassionate man anyone could hope to know. He is a loving husband, devoted father and grandfather. He has devoted his life to his family, military service and has never known a stranger.

In the past 45 years he has never had a criminal charge. In the 23 years of military service he has a flawless record. He is the father who coached his daughter's softball teams, took them camping and fishing and to church on Sunday mornings. He took his granddaughters, ages 2 and 3, fishing with their princess tackle boxes, where he learned he had to use rubber worms. The girls wouldn't let him put live night crawlers on the hook because they didn't want the worms to drown.

As a younger brother he would follow his sister around as they spent their childhood in the country, roaming the woods, building tree houses and riding horses. He has been very compassionate from an early age, wanting to rescue every injured animal he found (except for snakes).

He loved spending time with his father, hunting, fishing, working on an old car or just talking. His father passed away several years ago and Joseph still thinks and talks about how much he misses him. He is the kind of son who helped his mother as much as he could when he wasn't deployed overseas.

He is a devoted husband, whom, when he was home form the military, at one time worked three jobs so his wife could stay home with their three daughters.

He has great respect for the military and military veterans. Whenever he was out in public and saw a veteran, he would approach him, shake his hand and tell him thank you.

We will never know what triggered his PTSD that night last August. What we do know, is Joseph and his family has the greatest respect for Mr. Bob Kastelic.

Bob tutored Joseph in math when he returned to college. Joseph was so impressed with Bob's teachings that he recommended his niece to Bob for math tutoring. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and his family.

From what we have learned and what we know now about PTSD, with the proper treatment he will learn to recognized what his triggers are and learn how to deal with them the right way. PTSD is real. As civilians we will never understand or know what our soldiers endure while serving our country overseas.

The Eltringham family has come to realize there are thousands of our veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. We urge everyone who has loved ones and friends in the military to become as knowledgeable as you can on the signs and symptoms of PTSD and TBI. Get to know organizations that help families learn and cope with PTSD. Ghostrider Foundation, Wounded Warriors and the Veterans Administration, just to name a few, are great places to start.

As we pray nightly for Joseph, all veterans and active duty military, We are asking for your support by praying with us. We hope and pray no another family ever has to endure what we have over the last nine months.

Help us bring Joseph all the way home.

With love

The Eltringham Family

Unhappy with op cartoons

To the editor:

I am certain it is within the constitutional rights of the Salem News when it prints caricatures of President Obama and Mitt Romney as grotesque buffoons. I even find the caricatures to be somewhat amusing.

However, I remember seeing in the Salem News caricatures of Mr. Obama in the early years of his presidency. Those caricatures did not depict him as a grotesque buffoon with monstrous ears and rail-thin physique.

While many would say that both Obama and Romney deserve derogatory depiction, I disapprove.

I am not saying who I will vote for in November but I believe that such disrespectful caricatures of both men harms our country in its present sad list of crises.




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