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June 3, 2012
Salem News

Roses to the Salem Middle School students and teachers who visited Centennial Park on May 5. A reader took time to inform us that the students were most respectful of the adults and especially the preschool children who were also at the park to play. Nice to hear that.

Roses to Dena Peison of Salem who actually deserves several bouquets of roses for holding her annual charity garage sales. This year's garage sale will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, June 15, at her home at 1097 Jones Drive. She plans to donate all the proceeds from the sale to the Salem Community Food Pantry. Peison said that last year's fund raiser was a huge success, raising almost $400. The money was sent to a small town in Franklin County that experienced two floods and a tornado. It was used to purchase the ground cover for a playground, which enabled children to have a play area for fun again. Peison is seeking donations from the community for the garage sale. For information please contact her at 330-337-0940. Who knows what treasures or trinkets you will find at the garage sale? Well we know one thing for sure. And that's the good feeling you will experience in your heart when you purchase an item from her sale knowing that the money you spend will be used to feed your hungry neighbors and friends in the Salem area who rely on the Salem Community Food Pantry. It's a win-win. Dena is one of those good Salem people. Another example: following the catastrophic Haiti earthquake she raised money and spent time in that devastated country spreading her kindness.

Thorns to Centennial Pool not opening because of an apparent shortage of qualified lifeguards. Maybe somebody should have seen this coming and acted sooner instead of it becoming a problem right when the pool normally is ready to open for city kids. Seems like a ball was dropped on this one. Into an empty pool. Still, it's hard to believe that given all the job shortages for young people out there that a few aren't interested in getting training and becoming lifeguards. Would be an attractive alternative for some kids who don't want to work fast-food. The $8 per hour lifeguards make is still better than the going rate most young people earn in other jobs. If training is an issue resolve it by finding someone who will help pay for it or a certified outlet that will do it cheaper than the $200 we were told about. Isn't there a nice, big pool to train kids right up the street at the Community Center? This absolutely should not be an issue. The kids deserve a place to swim. It's called using taxpayer money.

Roses for the heavy rains that came through Friday. It was needed by the likes of landscapers, outdoor floral businesses, golf courses and especially farmers.

Roses for all of our area athletes reaching the state track finals. Track and field is one of those sports like wrestling and golf that, while a team member and competing for the good of the whole unit, an individual can obtain success through self-reliance. You don't have to depend as much on others. Reaching the state finals is a reward for individual achievement.

Roses to all the high school graduates. Those going off to college and those pursuing other avenues. Oscar Wilde - borrowed later and tweaked by George Bernard Shaw - once declared that youth is wasted on the young. Boy did he ever get that right. Godspeed in figuring it all out sooner than most of us did. Or figuring out at least part of the wonderment of life. It is ongoing Good luck and good futures to all high school and college grads.



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