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June 3, 2012
Salem News

Dem Party chairman responds to 'attack'

To the editor:

I find the recent negative comments attacking retired Judge David Tobin, an admired and well-regarded public servant, to be disturbing and unwarranted.

Judge Tobin did not stoop to anything... he stood up and pointed out a concern he had with comments made by our state representative, Craig Newbold. Seriously, is this where we are headed in this campaign? Are we going to attack every citizen who expresses an opinion or will we step back and allow the candidates to present their credentials, debate the issues, and let the voters decide?

Upon review of Judge Tobin's letter, it appears he was concerned that State Representative Newbold would try to explain why he voted to remove our consumer protection rights from fraudulent salesmen by using an example of a victim involved in a product liability case. Simply put, the examples used by Representative Newbold were not relevant to the bill he voted for, and the judge was concerned that our representative didn't know the difference!

Representative Newbold also used an example about a woman who sued a TV station because the weather report was inaccurate. I was shocked to find that what he didn't tell us was that the complaint was filed in Israel! Perhaps some will overlook Representative Newbold's failure to use relevant examples to explain his vote but he should be certain he knows his facts and confines his criticism to the western hemisphere.

The work of the legislature is serious business and we need our state representative to take the time to fully research and understand the issue he is voting upon. We need our state representative to make a well informed decision based upon the best interest of the people he represents. Most importantly, we need our state representative to be able to fully explain his decisions and to expect criticism when he can't.



Columbiana County Democrat Party

Thanks from Memorial &?Patriotic Association

To the editor:

On behalf of the Salem Memorial & Patriotic Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their very generous support that was given to the committee for the wonderful tribute to our veterans on Memorial Day. The local community has always been very patriotic to remember gratefully, the men and women of our nation who, through great personal sacrifice , gave their time , even their lives, to assure our freedom and dignity and preserve us as a nation.

Samuel A. McKinney,


Salem Memorial Day Committee

President doesn't understand simple economics

To the editor:

It would seem we have a man in the White House who refuses to exercise any knowledge of simple economics. In his numerous speeches he has never mentioned what every American with a checking account knows, that no person or country can spend more money than is coming in and not eventually find him self in deep trouble. The president to my knowledge has never mentioned to the public our $16 trillion national debt and the consequences facing this country if we allow this horrendous amount to continue to grow. The president's many speeches are loaded with all the great things he has accomplished in the last three years and that even greater things will happen if we allow him to stay in the White House four more years.

Where is that transparency we heard so much about during those numerous campaign speeches he made in 2008? In all fairness we cannot hold Obama responsible for the entire debt, because he did inherit most of it from past administration. However the short time it took him to tack on another $3 trillion for his so called stimulus program has to be some kind of a record.

The President appears to be oblivious to what is happening around him and I believe has a strong distaste for capitalism . He has recently emphasized his feelings toward socialism with a call to the recently elected president of France "Francois Hollander" a renowned socialist in which he congratulated him on his victory.

For those who are not aware of the full meaning and extent of the Socialist state, I quote from the dictionary "A political and economic theory of social organization advocating state ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and exchange. How could anyone believe we could be better off with a system like this in place? When are we going to wake up and began learning from history? History has always been the most reliable guide when planning and shaping the future. We cannot ever afford to ignore it. Socialism has only produced bloated governments, a series of dismal failures and disappointments and has always affected the working class.

Capitalism for all its weakness and greed, allows us to function as individuals and exercise ours God given rights, and not depend on the government for all the things we should be deciding and doing for our selves.



Appreciates upkeep at Grandview Cemetery

To the editor:

What a nice looking and clean, well-kept Grandview Cemetery.

A thank-you well deserved to Tom Wright and co-workers for a job well done.

Also, flags all over look very nice. A great way to say thanks to all the men and women who served their country proud!



Golf benefit should be held locally

To the editor:

We have two golf courses in the area, Eagle Pass in New Garden and Twin Springs at Guilford Lake. The golf teams from United Local have their league play at Eagle Pass and also compete at Twin Springs Golf Course. Why would United Local's coach have a golf benefit at Edgewater Golf Course in Stark County?

We need money in our community. He could have half the teams start on Eagle Pass and the other teams start on Twin Springs Golf Course. After they play nine holes, they reverse courses and play another nine holes. When the play is over they could have something to eat and drink at Pinky's,?Mark's Landing or Guilford Lake Grille in New Garden or Guilford Lake. That would help people in our community.





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