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May 6, 2012
Salem News

Reacts to letter to editor

To the editor:

I find it curious that David Tobin would stoop to using his title as a former officer of the county courts in a letter to the editor harshly critical of our current state representative. Is this supposed to lend some special credence to Tobin's newfound political advocacy?

Of course, it is no surprise that David Tobin would be backing a liberal trial attorney like Nick Barborak for state representative. And certainly who would expect these two to favor tort reform? They are to the trial bar what Jesse James was to bank robbery.

In their world view, if somebody slips on a banana peel you sue the banana company. If somebody spills coffee on themselves - you sue the guy that made the coffee. Above all else, you go after the source with the deepest pockets, primarily to ensure a big fat contingency fee for that "public minded" attorney you know the one that is just looking out for "the little guy." Hogwash.

Let's not forget that it's the "little guy's" insurance premiums on his car, his home, and his healthcare that must necessarily go up year after year in order to cover the ever rising cost of settlements and awards granted by liberal judges like David Tobin. This legal charade is already costing the nation hundreds of billions of dollars a year but that's not enough?

Three cheers to State Representative Crag Newbold for championing the relatively modest tort reforms that are contained in House Bill 275, a bill which would permit the timely settlement of lawsuits involving consumer sales practices while simultaneously providing appropriate caps on legal fees.

In this instance, it is Craig Newbold who is responsibly representing the citizens of this district, including "the little guy" who is all too often a mere pawn of the unscrupulous, greedy trial attorney. The very fact that the trial bar is at odds with this legislation tells us that Rep. Newbold is absolutely on the right track.

While liberals like David Tobin and Nick Barborak would love for this year's election to be all about class warfare, I predict it will be more about individual merit. On this count, Rep Newbold will fare very well.

David W. Johnson,

County GOP Chairman,


Writer explains his views

To the editor:

A few days ago a friend who has been reading some of my letters to the editor asked me why I write about doom and gloom all the time. I took a moment before coming up with an answer. I tried to impress upon him that because most of my topics were critical of the many segments of government and those who govern, I never wished to give the impression I did not care deeply for my country and will never lose touch with the good and decent people who make up the majority of this country.

We possess the means and ability to do what no other country in the world can do. Through the power of the vote we can fix, change or mortify our government.

We have the privilege of living in the most generous country in the world. Our private sector donates millions of dollars each year to the hundreds of worthy causes here and throughout the world. When disaster strikes any where in the world our government has always been quick to respond with generous life-saving aid.

We can be proud of our all volunteer military service. These people are putting their lives on the line 24 hours a day for this country. We can be thankful due to the great strives made in the medical profession since WWII. Soldiers receiving severe wounds today have a much better chance of a complete recovery.

We have the privilege of free speech and the freedom to practice the faith of our choice. However we must be on our guard, because these two precious freedoms are under continuous attacks.

We as a country and its people have many things we can take pride in. We should never bow our heads and apologize to anyone or any country.

We should channel our good strong points and attack our opposition until we render them helpless. Helpless, so they may not continue destroying our system of government.

I quote from Israel Zangwill English dramatist (1864-1926). "Take from me the hope that I can change the future, and you will send me mad."

Please do not look upon me as a cynic, because I am extremely proud of our past, but concerned with the present. As for the future, I place my faith and hope in our young people, that they will allow our present form of government to survive. We only have to look to Russia, Greece and other European countries to see what happens when governments over extends themselves when they by pass capitalism, embrace the fallacy and unfilled promises of socialisms.

LEON J. White,




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