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Village OKs police computer purchase


May 1, 2012

WASHINGTONVILLE - Council acted quickly to get the police department's main computer replaced on Monday.

Assistant Police Chief Mark Husk said it shut down on Friday and it is linked into the state's system where all the reports are set.

"We can't enter reports," Husk said, "we need to get this fixed, we really need to get this taken care of."

He obtained quotes from Steel Valley Computer and the East Palestine Computer Connection and asked Salem Computer for one "but they failed to do so," he said.

Steel Valley submitted a $2,796 quote for two computers while the Computer Connection said it would cost $1,212.

"We're talking half" with the Computer Connection, Husk said and explained they discussed not replacing the monitors but decided against that because with computers being six to seven years old, those would go next.

"The biggest cost is the software involved," he said.

"We put everything in there," Husk said, "the state downloads everything. The printer is fine but we do need to have this computer up to date."

Council passed a motion to make the purchase from the Computer Connection with a 5-0 vote, with Council President Collen Ritterspach absent.

In other business, Mayor Will Jones said he will contact a couple more companies regarding the water leak in the Washingtonville Plaza.

The village had hired Underground Utility Services to survey the water system for leaks and it found a five-gallon-per-minute leak on the plaza and owner Fred Rasul asked the village to narrow length of the range down.

He told council he wasn't "going to dig 44 yards" and said "you find the leak for me and I'll fix it."

"We need to pinpoint the leak," Jones said Monday, adding he spoke to Underground Utilities which advised him it would take three to four hours to narrow it down.

The company has a $450 set-up cost and charges by the hour.

"I'd like them to come out and look at it," Jones said, "if there's a leak, he said he can pinpoint it."

If there is a leak, Rasul will pay for it, Jones said and if there isn't the village will pay and Councilman Jim Smith pointed out it would mean digging up an paved lot.

Treasurer Dale Davis asked, "Are there other places that will do that?"

Jones said he would check around and Councilwoman Romona Custer said, "If they (Underground Utilities) found it the first time" they should be hired but Solicitor Michele L. McBride Simonelli suggested the might be "better off" with a second opinion.

"He's (Underground Utilities) going to charge you anyway, you may as well look at someone else," she said.

Jones said he would make some calls and council passed a resolution for him to spend up to $1,000 on it.

In other business, resident Herman Frank asked if council had the authority deal with abandoned property. It was in reference to house at 465 High St. that Frank said had been abandoned.

"It's been a year since anyone's been there," Frank said, "there's garbage there and it stinks."

He said it had television sets, mold and broken windows and Davis said it was part of a bankruptcy and the ownership was in question.

Simonelli said, "Regardless of the legal status it needs to be taken care of" and Davis asked Frank if he had contacted the health department.

"No," he said, "I don't know what can be done. I'm just bringing it to your attention."

Also, Jones asked the police department to keep an eye on storm water grate on Boston Street that had to be re-set three times in past few weeks.

"I don't want to see anyone come down and bust a tire," Jones said.

Also, in other business, Smith said he contacted a Warren company about painting the bridge to the utilities department.

He said an engineer can inspect it, when the village decides to have the work done, so they can have specifications to base bids on.

Also, Councilwoman Theresa Allison asked, "Who mowed the park?"

She said it looked like it was chewed.

"Just go look at it, don't take my word for it ... it's a mess."

Also, information on Memorial Day activities was distributed. The annual Washingtonville-Leetonia Memorial Day Commemoration will be held May 28.

Tentative plans call for the parade to begin at 10 a.m.

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