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Washingtonville businessman: Pinpoint leak, ‘I will fix it’

April 17, 2012
Salem News


Staff Writer

WASHINGTONVILLE - Mayor Will Jones said he will follow up on a complaint by Washingtonville Plaza owner Fred Rasul regarding a water leak from Bill Willie's Cook Shack to the city line on Monday.

The village recently commissioned Underground Utility Services to survey the water system for leaks.

The company located a leak on the "customer side" that was leaking at five gallons per minute. The line was estimated at about 44 yards under the plaza's asphalt parking lot and Rasul said he didn't want to dig it all up. He asked the village to narrow down the range.

"I'm not going to dig 44 yards, you find the leak for me and I'll fix it," he said, noting he had consulted with two other people.

"You guys say I have a leak, you show me and I'll show my lawyer. They say I lost between 400,000 and 500,000 gallons of water, I should have a swimming pool," he said, adding that if the leak goes to state Route 14 the road should have caved in.

"The only thing I'm saying is please find the leak for me and I will fix it. If you find it tomorrow, I'll fix it," Rasul said.

"Give me a section. Find where the leak is and I'll fix that spot."

Councilwoman Laura Trummer said, "They should have been more specific and Jones said he agreed with Rasul.

"I promise you I will get back to you by Wednesday," he said.

Councilman Jim Smith said he wanted the village to be business friendly.

In other business, resident Barb Bell also advised council of a water pressure problem because of sand.

"We've got a Kinetico system and it's going to ruin it," she said, adding she received a note on her door advising they needed to check their meter and Jones said he would check into that.

Bell also aired a complaint about loose trash flying off a dumpster at Davidson and High streets.

Jones said she could call the police and Bell said she did and assistant Police Chief Mark Husk said they've had problems in the past.

"We spoke to them, at the Marathon (gas station) and it needs netting on there," Husk said.

"We'll have it addressed," Jones said regarding that and another issue Bell brought up.

In other business, Smith said the bridge to the treatment plant, installed some seven or eight years ago, was never painted and is scaling badly. He brought a rusty broken-off portion to the meeting and pointed out the EPA had requirements to protect the water under the bridge.

"If we don't do something it won't last another 10 years," he said, and Jones asked Smith to contact three people for estimates.

Council also approved the purchase of a one-year, $445 warranty for a new utilities department generator after Councilwoman Laura Trummer made the motion.

In other business, Husk also noted that the stop sign at Washingtonville Road and State Street had been knocked down and Road Supervisor Ed Garrett said he's had to replace it four or five times, noting that big trucks "clip it."

Garrett also said he could install a six-inch riser in front a residence on High Street.

Smith said they promised the resident they would fix it a month ago and agreed the riser would be a "big improvement."

Garrett said he could place some rebar beside the riser to keep it from moving around and top it off with cold patch.

Resident Gary Newton told council that it was good they were trying to clean the village up.

"I'll support you in any way I can," he said. "If you need help I'm available.

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