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March 11, 2012
Salem News

Family of LCpl Daniel McVicker

thankful for scholarship support

To the editor: The family of LCpl Daniel McVicker would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the support we've once again received from the Sebring American Legion Post 76 and our dear friends within the community by attending our annual breakfast. We are humbled each year at the continued assurance that Danny's memory will stay alive because of your overwhelming support and encouragement.

Since its inception in 2006 the funds generated from this event has allowed us to provide financial assistance to over 24 West Branch students, with another two being provided in May. Students interested in applying can obtain information through the WBHS guidance office.

The simple words "thank you" seem inadequate for the way the entire community reaches out each year to our family, but "thank you." There is no greater gift anyone can give us than helping us keep Danny's memory, sacrifice and service alive in our youth of tomorrow. We were honored and humbled once again this year. God bless you,

The Family of LCpl Daniel McVicker

Urges to kill the problem and not the suffering animals

To the editor: I write in the faint hope that part of my message will reach some of the reading public.

People are now loudly complaining, decrying, and protesting about the number of stray cats roaming the neighborhoods. Pet overpopulation and strays is not an animal problem. It is a people problem and if the people are not part of the solution then they are part of the problem.

One of the most effective ways to resolve the problem of pet overpopulation is by spaying and neutering. This would require the involvement and cooperation of the citizens, veterinarians, shelters, and anyone in animal care and custody. The definition of cooperation: collective action for the benefit of others!

Bless the veterinarians who support the affordable spay/neuter programs available to low income and fixed income elderly pet owners. The others just "don't get it."

Does spaying and neutering completely resolve the problem of too many companion animals and not enough homes? No, it does not but in this time of financial stress, it does effectively reduce it. Our community is now facing the inevitable results of its failure to competently address the burgeoning problem of pet overpopulation. In all probability, they will attempt to resolve it as they always have-by killing the animals en masse. Has it worked? Certainly not, but they still persist. (A prime example of Einstein's definition of insanity). The persistent, inhumane, unethical, and unacceptable killing of the animals is not a viable solution. Kill the problem-not the suffering animals!

SUNSHINE PERRY, East Liverpool

President doesn't seem to care that country is broke

To the editor: Is our president ever going to learn that vast new spending programs with an economy unable to come up with a balance budget and stifling from a $15 trillion national debt will only hasten the monetary collapse of this country?

The country is broke. We are barely paying the interest on our debts and meeting our domestic requirements. We have also suffered deep and dangerous cuts in the military. The president will have to print and borrow more money to finance this crazy scheme.

Obama is calling for an additional $3.8 million to be used for schools and roads. He claims a $4 trillion deficit saving over the next 10 years. Programs requiring 10 years to show results could be compared to shooting at the moon with a pellet gun. An exercise in futility with no results. We need to act now. Every day, every hour our economy is falling deeper into a total collapse. When are those people in Washington going to get their heads out of the sand and inform the people of the true condition of our economy? We, a government of the people, by the people and for the people have the right and the need to know.

We are not immune from what is taking place in Greece. There they have a Socialist Democratic system at work and have discovered to their sorrow a proper economical balance must exist between a government and its people. The Greece government while trying to spread the wealth have over extended their economy to a point of bankruptcy. This is what can happen when a government refuses to monitor spending and over extends it self by allowing excessive entitlements. The consequences, the workers of Greece, are in the street demonstrating and demanding money that doesn't exist. The people in Washington should take a lesson from some of the towns and small cities here in Ohio. They are taking steps to secure their future economy by making reasonable reductions in expenditures and they are doing it now.

I hope and pray I live long enough to see this great country find the right road to recovery and that our leaders will finally acquire the good sense to follow it.

LEON J. WHITE, Columbiana

Democratic Party leadership

is the party of death

To the editor: To the rescue! Riding in on a giant white Trojan horse comes Charlie Wilson. Remember that Smilin' Charlie was a herald of the (Nancy) Pelosi Posse charged with trumpeting the virtues of Obama-care.

Charlie Wilson cannot ask the question, "Miss me, yet?" since the recent attempt to deny the Catholic church its First Amendment rights and then the president ordering private companies (citizens) to foot the bill for free contraceptives. Maybe he (Charlie) misses chumming it up with Senator Sharrod (no budget) Brown.

Yeah, the Senate hasn't passed a budget for over three years, America is $15 trillion in debt, and our economy is dying because of that. Smilin' Charlie and (no budget) Brown are the quintessential representatives of the Democratic Party.

Both are ardent supporters of Obama who voted for the right to kill a child born after an abortion failed. The Democratic Party leadership is the party of death.

WILLIAM E. EARDLEY, East Liverpool

Why do so many racial prejudices still exist?

To the editor:

Why is it that we are living in the year 2012 and we are still faced with so many racial prejudices?

It's just really upsetting to me that people are so closed-minded when it comes to people of such diversity! I mean people have hearts, and feelings and all have blood flowing through our veins in the same way, no matter where our origins lie.

We need to look at people for their talents and gifts and for their contributions to the world. It doesn't matter what color they are. You honestly have to be very closed minded to base someone's worth on their color, where they are from, or what language they speak.

I'm not sure what the main underlying reason is for our continued issues with race. I'm not sure if it is uneducated people, poverty, or just sheer ignorance, but I encourage you to truly look beyond someone's origin, their color, their disabilities. It doesn't matter, they are still people and they deserve to be loved and accepted for who they are, overlooking all environmental features.

When I meet someone I don't say "Oh, he's black, I can't talk to him because my friends all hang with white friends." Step up and embrace diversity. Learn about their culture, ask how they were raised and where, or if they have different foods in their culture. Educate yourselves and truly learn about a culture that you are not familiar with.

Most people are ignorant to other cultures because they are curious and they don't know the answers to their questions and rather than ask they are just rude. I encourage you to just ask people about themselves. Maybe go to an event with someone of a different culture or ethnic background.

The bottom line is that this is 2012, and if we don't teach our children to start embracing diversity and learn to love and respect everyone for who they are, when will they learn? Will they ever? If not folks, this prejudicism will live forever. Let's put this ugliness to sleep forever and let's just all live on knowing that we are all God's children, no matter what color!

There is no excuse for racial ignorance. If you have questions, ask them. If you are undereducated, educate yourself. If your family has always been that way, why are they like that? Start thinking for yourself and not why you believe what you do in terms of race issues.

There is no reason anyone should be treated badly because of their race. None! Think about it and then ask what have you taught your children or grandchildren about race? Do your actions match what your words say?

Wouldn't our world be a beautiful place to live in if all were accepted no matter what. If we start teaching our children about values and the importance of acceptance, it is more than possible!

I encourage everyone to look at your values. Establish why you believe what you believe. We will gradually get closer to race equality in this country! All colors are beautiful.

I leave you with this: When my son was younger he had a friend that was African American. We were talking one day and we had said that his friend John was black. He looked at me and said "He's black, Mommy?" He never saw color, he saw him. We can all take a lesson from this.




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