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Pawn shop owner does the right thing

February 4, 2012
Salem News

The Columbus, Ohio, pawn shop where buyer Gary Chasin works probably could have made a tidy profit on the item a man found on the street and sold the store for $30.

It was a Purple Heart medal, awarded to members of the military who are wounded in action.

But Chasin didn't put it on the market at Uncle Sam's Pawn Shop. Instead, he's trying to find the family of its original owner, the late Leroy Bryant. Chasin thinks Bryant's family ought to get the medal back. Their loved one earned it by dying in combat overseas.

Here's hoping his search is successful.

Chasin did the right thing. Good for him.


No doubt some members of Congress who applauded one comment by President Barack Obama did so reluctantly. But the president was absolutely right.

At one point in his State of the Union speech, Obama asked lawmakers to "send me a bill that bans insider trading by members of Congress ..."

He referred to a longstanding ethics problem, that of members of Congress buying or selling stock because they have advance knowledge of how companies will be affected by legislation. In fact, there is the possibility some votes on bills are affected by lawmakers' desire to make killings in the market.

Obama is right: Such conflicts of interest should be eliminated - now.



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