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February 5, 2012
Salem News

Citizens encouraged to support Shaffer Library

To the editor: Dear Friends of the Salem Historical Society,

In late Spring 2012, the Salem Historical Society will open the doors to the Dale Shaffer Research Library. This wonderful addition to the historical society is a legacy left by Dale Shaffer to the citizens of Salem.

The building will contain a research library, a conference room, and a separate area dedicated to The Industry and Transportation of Salem. This dedicated area will focus on sharing information through various artifacts representing facets of Salem's history in these areas. I am honored to have been asked to assist in assembling and displaying some of the many artifacts that have been graciously donated to the society over the years. Some of these will cover Mullins, American Standard, Eljer, Bliss, Electric Furnace, National Sanitary, Salem China, the Silver Company, etc. The goal is to define the various industries that shaped Salem and the world. In fact, if one considers all that was created in Salem, it is quite likely that there was something from our town in every home and in every city in the United States prior to 1970.

Even though the historical society has many items which will be included in the display, I felt that perhaps there were other key representations of Salem that may exist within the community and would only serve to further enhance this exhibit. As an example, Mullins made Youngstown Kitchens metal cabinetry. At this time, the museum does not have any examples of this product-only photographs and models. Another example would be one of the large statues or fountains that Mullins made and which today may be found in various cities throughout the world. I hope that you will give some thought to this worthy project. Perhaps you will think of something that is significant to Salem's history and would like to include with this exhibit. If so, please contact David Stratton, director; or Janice Lesher, curator; or myself. It is such an exciting undertaking! Please remember that any donations to the Salem historical society-either material or financial-are tax deductible.

MICKEY COPE WEAVER, Coordinator, Transportation and Industry Exhibit, Dale Shaffer Research Library, Salem Historical Society

Thorn is prickly topic for this letter writer

To the editor: Roses and thorns provides the ultimate thorn. Attacking our coaches, the ones who give their time to the kids of this community, for using smokeless tobacco. I know quite a few of said coaches. Most would be glad to refrain from using whichever product they choose during a sporting event, practice, whatever. However, to call them out in the paper, make them look like poor role models, rather than saying anything to them in a face to face manner is a REAL thorn. You're attacking some of the best role models in the community in a public forum. In a town that is already full of things that no one would hope their child would grow into, kids who have better role models at practice than at home and what some have called a drug problem, it seems the last thing we should be doing is knocking these people down a notch. You're sending a terrible message to the kids that this is the way things should be done-air your grievances out in the newspaper for the whole town to see. Avoid personal confrontation regardless of the consequences to others.

Ignore opportunities for reasonable diplomacy and spread something through the rumor mill instead. Is this what we are teaching our children? Here we are, dropping a nuke on the head of coaches for using something that is legal to adults, something that your child (like it or not) will be able to choose to use someday, rather than approaching this in a reasonable way and handling it in house. I'd say this influence is much worse for our youth. And I'll be shocked if any coach refrains from using after Roses and Thorns was published-that is not the ideal way to make friends. I would hope that any parent that would like to shelter their children from seeing their coach using smokeless tobacco would also refrain from using any form of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs in the presence of their children. But I can say without a doubt in my mind that this is incredibly unlikely.


Don't let the buggy whip makers impede progress

To the editor: "Don't just do something, stand there!" A variation to an old cliche yet giving insight to the clammer against drilling, fracking and pipeline building. When the automobile first started to make an appearance what were some of the buggy whip makers reasoning to try and stop such technology? Expansion, innovation, and cheap energy improved life in America far beyond any nation past or present. America is the envy of the world but the buggy whip makers still try to stand in the way.

WILLIAM E. EARDLEY, East Liverpool

Implores amateur radio operators to monitor

To the editor: Dear amateur radio operators, it is easy to forget where amateur radio is and what we are here for. First let me give you a story. A man sat in his car out of gas during freezing weather, on Jan. 29, 2012. That is, he was a ham operator and he had called several times for assistance after an hour he called for help. No answer came. For those of you who know a little about sub-freezing weather, you can go into hypothermia in less than an hour inside a car outside 20 minutes. This man never got any help from the radio but his son knowing he was stranded, walked five miles to where he was at, with a small can of gas that held about a gallon and a half. They made it home safely, no thanks to amateur radio assistance. You wonder why I did help that man inside that car, well that man was me. You see at home I monitor the local repeater, and now I have lost my faith in ham radio. People you need to listen up, if we're not going to monitor local repeaters of call channels on a 24 hour basis then ham radio is not worth saving. Is this the message you want to send to those who are after our frequency? Amateur radio is for the recognition of emergency communication first. It is only a privilege to use it as a hobby second, not anything other than that. Start monitoring those frequencies, set up a schedule for volunteers on a 24 hour basis. If we are to live up to our name then we need to listen to those calls of emergency, with your local clubs. This could have been a bad car accident happening in the early morning, with severe bleeding, or worse. We must not fail those who need us in these times. Now I do want to thank the officer who gave my son a ride back with gas, and we did get home safely.

WALTER KERNAICH, (Walter AA8WK) East Liverpool

We love to complain but don't want to fix it

To the editor: Our government has run amuck. The blame is generally laid on the White House steps, whether Democrat or Republican. But I must confess to you: It is my fault. For 57 years I was blissfully ignorant of what was going on in our government. 9/11 was a shocker. The "war" in Afghanistan shook me up for awhile, made me feel bad for the young people killed and their families but it was was momentary. I had my life to live, my own problems and after all. This is America. We have rights and liberties that could never be taken away and none of those worldly things affected me directly. I thought. In 2008 my son introduced me to Ron Paul. Now don't stop reading and think "Oh just another Ron Paul nutcase." Is this a plug for Ron Paul? Only in that he pricked my interest and got me to thinking. Yes I will vote for him. But whomever is elected as our next president, it doesn't stop there. And herein lies my guilt for the mess we Americans are in. I never followed through. I never questioned anything. I never gave a thought as to who was representing me in Congress or the Senate. I did not even know who my representative was. And I didn't care. Then, today, at age 60, I had an epiphany. A true awakening to which many of you will roll you eyes and say "duh."

As an American, I have the responsibility to not just vote for a president then walk away. I have the responsibility find out who is representing my interests in Congress and the Senate. I have the responsibility to "get to know" who he or she is. I have the responsibility to "get to know" who is currently running for those positions. I have the responsibility to find out what the issues are and let my representative know how I feel about them. Do I honestly want this responsibility? No. Do I balk? Yes. Would I rather at age 60 be "fat, dumb and happy?" Again, honestly, yes. However, if I take that stance I deserve to lose every right the government takes away from me. I deserve the Patriot Act and the NDAA. I deserve every TSA body scan and groping that comes my way. I deserve every lie I unquestioningly accept from the Main Stream Media. Today I startlingly woke up. We The People need to wake up. Otherwise I ....we have no right to complain or protest.

Our apathy is America's problem. Not the economy, or job or wars. Not even the President. Apathy. We love to complain but don't want to fix it. It is within our power to fix it. Please, wake up.


Takes offense to 'riffraff' remark about homeless

To the editor: In response to "People squawk, shelter stays."

Michelle Seidner stated, "We don't want the riffraff down there," she said, calling it a lousy location. "Everyone down there has kids, and it's right next to the bike trail." Um, Michelle, do you know the word stereotype? Riffraff? Really? The meaning of riffraff by the way is common people (working class). Do you know any homeless people? Do you volunteer? Do you give to your local food pantry? Let me enlighten you of who a homeless person or person(s) may be.

Some causes would be: Unavailability of employment opportunities, poverty, lack of accessible healthcare, natural disasters, mental disorder, disability, social exclusion, lack of affordable housing, domestic violence, forced eviction, mortgage foreclosures, foreclosures on landlords often lead to eviction of their tenants. People need to educate themselves before speaking. To say the homeless are going to get my daughter is a little absurd. Do you know how many registered sex offenders are in Lisbon? Twenty-two, oh, and some even live on Washington Street already. While some homeless could be ex-criminals or homeless from substance abuse but not all that would be stereotyping, the CAA did say they screen the applicants. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.


Belated letter of thanks to those backing SB5

To the editor: I just wanted to thank the county and state voters for their voice concerning Issue 2/ SB5. Many letters were published with pros and cons to the issue. People educated themselves and voted accordingly. You have helped model to students that voting really does tell government what people want, no matter the topic.

This letter was a long time coming. I apologize for not submitting sooner. Again, thank you. We asked, you responded. God bless.

NANCY SALING, Southern Local Schools



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