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January 22, 2012
Salem News

Wake up!

To the editor: Wake up, Columbiana County!!!


Responds to letter to ed

To the editor: In reference to the letter sent titled "Deja Who" written by Terry Dougherty, I read the submitted letter and found myself wondering, how does someone get rear-ended and cited for excessive speed? Were they not going fast enough that the car behind them just hit them? Each police department as well as officers use their discretion when issuing citations and I believe that Mr. Dougherty did not include all of the circumstances leading up to the citation that he received.

I also went on to the public records Web site for Columbiana County and found no court cases or citations for Mr. Dougherty, in Salem or anywhere else in Columbiana County. So this supposed accident either occurred in a different county, different state, or not at all. Perhaps some clarification is needed there as well. It is my opinion that if an officer steps out of their cruiser on an accident and nearly meets the pavement themselves, it's safe to say road conditions can be taken into account when citations are or are not issued. As for Councilman Brown who did not receive a ticket, that Mr. Dougherty is due to the fact the road conditions did not warrant a citation and not the fact that he is a council person. That part of your letter I am able to clarify myself.


Backs suspended coaches...

To the editor: In July, my wife, daughter and I visited my hometown of Salem on a family vacation to watch Little League Baseball. What we witnessed was a level of knowledge, skill, and preparation that is rarely exhibited in this age group. It was a pleasure to see these children demonstrating sportsmanship, respect for the game, and most of all having fun.

It has become public knowledge that three coaches of this successful youth baseball team, Chad Rhodes, Doug Exline, and John Shaw, have been indefinitely suspended by the Salem Junior Baseball League Executive Board for reasons that have been unjustified. Any youth organization that exhibits the attributes that these coaches teach on a daily basis deserves the highest praise. For these coaches to be ousted by the Salem Junior Baseball League for reasons unknown is truly a travesty.

The actions of the Salem Junior Baseball League are disgraceful and gives my hometown of Salem a black eye, as the board shows its lack of competence, professionalism and community well being. The true meaning of Salem Pride that I grew up with has been severely diminished by the unwarranted suspension of these great volunteers. I can only ask that the members of the Salem Junior Baseball League make the correct decision and reinstate these coaches for the sake of our children. Otherwise, I ask all members of the board to please step down from their respective positions.

Go Quakers!

CASEY RHODES, Class of 1998, Naples, Fla.

And more support...

To the editor: This letter is in protest to the indefinite suspension imposed on Chad Rhodes by the Salem Junior Baseball League in December of 2011. It is my opinion that this ban has been imposed with little or no due process and for no other reason but to satisfy a small group of parent's personal vendetta against Mr. Rhodes. To my knowledge, there have been zero instances of events that would or could be listed as violations against the signed code of conduct that the Salem Junior Baseball League operates under. I at no time have witnessed any board member, through conversation or electronic media, give any warning to Mr. Rhodes about his conduct on or off the field. What I have witnessed is a small group of parents that will attend games that Mr. Rhodes is coaching for no other reason but to cheer against his team to satisfy some want or need to see him and his fellow coaches fail, and this is pathetic at best. I have no idea what kind of example this is setting for their children, but at the end of the day, these parents are only doing one thing, trying to not allow the opportunity for Mr. Rhodes to coach his youngest son as he continues through the ranks of Salem Junior Baseball.

It is my understanding that there will be a meeting on this subject in February of 2012, and my hope is that the board members try not to get caught up the opinions of this group, but to focus on the facts.

The facts being that Mr. Rhodes puts more time into his team and kids than most other coaches do, and this is the reason his team and kids are a success. They work hard together and build relationships that will develop these young kids into team players later in life, and that is what his job is as a coach. If there were any instances that I am not aware of that warrants this action, I hope the board is organized enough to present these instances to Mr. Rhodes to help him try and understand the reasoning behind this "knee jerk" reaction.

I also hope that the Salem Junior Baseball League is smart enough to not be used as an avenue for vindictive behavior from a very small minority of parents out there who are for lack of better terms, just plain jealous of his and his teams' successes.

I challenge the board members of Salem Junior Baseball to present a case in which any instance of inappropriate conduct was observed and documented during his tenure as a coach in this league or reinstate him immediately.

DEREK S. RHODES, Remington, Ind.



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