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Taxpayers picking up ‘Occupy’ tab

November 27, 2011
Salem News

It turns out there's another "99 percent" in America - people forced to pay for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.

"Occupy" participants insist they are standing up for the financial rights of 99 percent of Americans, allegedly victimized by the wealthiest 1 percent.

But as Occupiers have proven to be a plague on many of the cities where they have encamped, some of those they claim to defend wish they'd just go home. Add taxpayers in general to that list.

Associated Press reporters looked into the cost to 18 municipal governments of dealing with the Occupiers. The tab, including costs for police, sanitation and dealing with vandalism, is at least $13 million. Remember, that's just in 18 big cities. The total cost to taxpayers throughout the country probably is much higher.

In addition, many residents of "occupied" cities have suffered in various ways, including being denied access to public parks. Businesses have suffered from customers staying away as well as vandalism and theft.

In a way, then, the "Occupy" movement has become what it maintains it is fighting - a tiny, self-appointed elite that has become a leech feeding on the 99 percent.



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