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November 20, 2011
Salem News

Roses to those behind the annual Community Thanksgiving dinner held at the Memorial Building. Hundreds receive a full meal and heapings of fellowship. A tip of the wishbone to Jeff Schoch, senior pastor of Abundant Life Fellowship, and each and every person supporting this wonderful undertaking including the volunteer drivers. Dinner will be served from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Thursday and is open to all. For rides or to have a dinner delivered to your home call 330-337-3728.

Thorns to vandalism and thefts occurring at local cemeteries. The culprits are either idiots, punks or drug addicts looking to steal something to sell for oxy money. When such a person is caught, part of the penalty should be having to scrub every headstone in a cemetery. While on hands and knees.

Roses to MAC Trailer which firmly is hitched to - at least in some business sectors - a recovering economy. The company has expanded from 48 employees two years ago to 340 today. Which brings us to some...

Thorns to a number of jobless people out there not acting on opportunities to join a company like MAC Trailer. Plant manager Les Smith, as detailed in a page 1A story Friday, said he would hire 40-50 people "today" if he could. MAC Trailer is willing to train someone as a welder - fabricating is and will be a heavy demand position - and still can't get enough people to fill slots. What are we missing here??We have heard of other plants and companies unable to fill positions. We have had perpetual double-digit unemployment in our county and neighboring Mahoning County. We constantly hear that young people right out of high school can't find a job. Yet we hear that there are local, secure and good-paying jobs offered by someone willing to train new employees that aren't being filled! Can someone out there clue us in on this??So what gives? Is it because the work at MAC and other places we have heard about is too hard? At least, apparently, to some. Is it because some jobless people are lazy or too picky or too firmly embedded in an entitlement society and could care less about working? Even if they have a family counting on them? It must be. It's got to be.

Roses to Salem resident Jeremy Carr. As detailed in a Monday story, Jeremy was acknowledged in length by President Obama during a Veterans Day speech made at Arlington National Cemetery. How cool is that??Jeremy has Down syndrome and spent a day with veterans performing a highway cleanup. He wondered if the president would be proud of him for such a kind deed. Mr. Obama was thanks to a letter sent to the White House. It was sent by Jeremey's proud mom and informed our president of Jeremy's good work, prompting the recognition on Veterans Day.

Roses to the American Legion, Joe Williams Post 131 in Leetonia for a memorial stone project that will honor veterans killed in action. The stone was erected during the 1980s and is being updated in honor of a fallen soldier from Alliance killed last month. A search is on for deserving names of those from our area - not just Leetonia -to be engraved on the stone.

Roses to Carolyn Jones. She was honored Wednesday by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce as its Outstanding Citizen of the Year. It's a family thing. He dad, Lloyd Gordon, and brother, Bruce, were accorded similar recognition. Carolyn owns and operates Gordon Brothers Water with her husband, Ned, and son, Scott. Her dad founded Gordon Brothers, a longtime respected and family-run business. Carolyn is active in a variety of community benefits and activities. She always seems to have a smile on her face. She is one of those very, very good people that makes Salem a great place to live.



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