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November 20, 2011
Salem News

Upset with theft of head stone arrangments

To the editor: What kind of people steal from a grave site? That is about as low as a person can get. I recently returned from out of town to discover the saddle arrangements were taken from my daughter's and my husband's head stones at Washingtonville Cemetery on the Lisbon Road. These were very unique fall arrangements with an 8-inch artificial pumpkin, a large gourd and sunflowers. There were two others like them in the cemetery and all four of them were stolen. These were large beautiful pieces specially designed by a friend. I am sure they were taken to be resold. Do these people need money so bad they have to rob a grave? Shortly after Memorial Day the pot was taken from my mother-in-law's grave. It was nothing special but these saddles were. It is a shame you can't have something nice on a loved one's grave. If anyone has an arrangement as the ones I have described, please call the police. I have pictures of mine.


Appalled with state rep voting for dual primaries

To the editor: I'm appalled by State Representative Craig Newbold's willingness to waste $16-million dollars of Ohio taxpayer's funds and yet cut the funding for our local schools and children. Just recently Newbold voted in favor of having dual primaries which will cost Columbiana County residents $75,000 and $16 million dollars statewide (Nov. 5 Review article "Opposite Sides of the Issue"). This is an absolute waste of taxpayer's money especially when you consider Newbold also voted in favor of cutting funding for Ohio education which dramatically affects our local children. Newbold's vote to cut education funding resulted in our 11 local school districts losing nearly $400,000 each (Morning Journal Aug. 21). Because of these cuts Rogers Elementary may have to close its doors permanently. To add insult to injury Newbold recently attended a Beaver Local Board of Education meeting and presented Rogers Elementary with a certificate of excellence in education after he cut their funding. Where's the representation Newbold is suppose to provide to local constituents? The recent Issue 2 debate to repeal SB-5, which Newbold also supported, had nothing to do with cutting the deficit and creating jobs, but among other things it underscored the Kasich plan to allow the privatizing of Ohio taxpayer assets including highways, prisons, the lottery, and education. As a Republican and Ohio resident I'm opposed to this power grab which will never benefit our local interests. Relative to education I would encourage readers to visit the Web site There you can see how much money was contributed to elected officials of both parties. The fact is, every Republican Senator on the Ohio Senate Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee; the Ohio Secretary of State; Ohio Attorney General and Governor Kasich have taken substantial amounts of cash from White Hat Management which is listed on the Web site under the name of Brennan, Ann Amer. Located in Akron, White Hat Management is the largest for-profit charter school in Ohio and has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican lawmakers. So is this a bad thing especially in light of upcoming House Bill 136 and its statewide voucher proposal? To answer that question Google "White Hat Management Corruption" and then draw your own conclusion. And let's not forget about Representative Newbold, who by the way owns and operates his own private schools in East Liverpool and Salem-Newbold Technical Institute. It's no small coincidence Newbold happens to also be vice chair of the Ohio Education Committee. Of course Newbold voted to slash funding to our local schools and children, not doing so would have been bad for business. Conflict of interest and at whose expense? Just follow the money.

LANCE SHULTZ, East Liverpool

Thanks for wonderful Veterans Day program

To the editor: Many thank yous to Mr. Steve Faber for organizing a beautiful Veterans Day program this past Friday (Veterans Day) evening. Mr. Faber, director of the Memorial Building, and Pastor Sassanella spoke wonderful words. The event was very well organized with a beautiful refreshment display.

I was honored, as I always am, to be chosen as the keynote speaker. Having been the speaker for many years at Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs, this event at the Memorial Building on Nov. 11 was one of the finest I have ever attended. Those in attendance all remarked that it was a fine program

Thank you Mr. Faber for your hard work and for choosing this veteran as the main speaker.


Supercommittee could be landing a one-two punch

To the editor: A so-called congressional supercommittee could soon hit taxpayers with a one-two punch. Fortunately, there is still time to stop this misguided proposal from hitting seniors and all Americans where it hurts - in their wallet.

The supercommittee is considering adopting a new formula for calculating the Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) that would not only cut benefits, but also increase taxes. While adopting the "chained CPI" may sound like nothing worth fighting, what the politicians meeting behind closed doors won't tell you is this proposal would cut Social Security benefits for seniors and future retirees by $112 billion and raise taxes on all Americans by $60 billion over the next 10 years. And to add to add insult to injury, the tax hike would hit the most vulnerable the hardest. For example, by 2021, taxpayers making between $10,000 and $20,000 would see a 14.5 percent increase in their federal taxes with a chained CPI, according to an analysis by the Joint Committee on Taxation. Congress needs to reduce the deficit, but in these tough economic times, a proposal that cuts Social Security benefits and increases taxes, especially on those who can least afford it, is a low blow.


Public employee unions snookered Ohio voters

To the editor: Election Tuesday was truly a sad day for Ohio as the voters got snookered by the public employee unions. The incessant ads paid for with millions of dollars of union dues, which in reality were your tax dollars laundered through the unions, repeatedly stated that safety forces and services "could" be reduced by a yes vote on Issue 2. What they failed to tell you is a no vote "will most assuredly" reduce those same services. Let me explain.

The state and local governments do not have the luxury of spending 42 cents more than every dollar they receive as does the federal government. They do not have printing presses that run perpetually printing billions of dollars of ever more worthless money. The state and local governments must balance their budgets.

What Issue 2/SB5 was attempting to do was to ask the public sector workers to pay a little more towards their benefits and give your elected officials some tools to bring their political subdivisions into solvency. The tools they are left with after Tuesday is to raise taxes or lay off workers. Tax levies are decided by the voter and are in many instances voted down. Thus only one alternative remains, to lay off employees. What you were told could happen if you voted for Issue 2 is exactly what is going to happen since you voted against it. Remember, state and local governments must balance their budgets.

Ohio has lost 600,000 private sector jobs in the past few years. That equates to less revenues into the state and local coffers. The federal stimulus funds that were used the past couple years to plug the budget deficit has dried up. Since the voters rejected efforts to apply minor concessions from all public workers, many public workers will pay the ultimate concession in losing their jobs.

An ancillary benefit of SB5 was to announce to the world that Ohio is serious about getting its financial house in order and moving towards fostering an environment that is conducive to business. Please look at the following two lists:


VW-Chattanooga, Tenn.

Kia-West Point, Georgia

Toyota-Blue Springs, Mississippi

Mercedes-Benz-Vance, Alabama

Hyundai-Montgomery, Alabama

BMW-Spartanburg, South Carolina

Honda-Lincoln, Alabama

Nissan-Smyrna, Tennessee

Nissan-Canton, Mississippi





GM-Dayton & Vandalia






Ford-Batavia, Ohio

Ford-Brook Park

Ford -Maumee

The first list is of the newest auto plants that are employing tens of thousands of workers. The second list shows closed auto plants that no longer employ anyone. Those new plants could have been built in Ohio where a trained and experienced work force is readily available. The reason Ohio was forsaken is because the unions have a death grip on Ohio. The fact that the unions were able to buy the election merely reinforced that reality.

After SB5 was originally signed into law, Ohio made great strides in climbing from the 42nd position in "business friendly" states. After Election Tuesday's vote Ohio will surely slide back down the list losing all the gains of the past few months. Not only did the Issue 2 vote doom many public workers to the unemployment line, it will chase off many businesses that may have been considering Ohio for possible expansion thinking the union influence had waned. Now they know that is not the case and will look elsewhere to build their plants bolstering other economies.

Until Ohioans realize that unions do not have the best interest of the state in mind, that unions render Ohio businesses uncompetitive in the world market, that 10 percent of the population has way too much political influence via the unions over the other 90 percent of the citizens; Ohio will continue to hemorrhage jobs to right-to-work states and other nations.

This past census Ohio lost two congressional seats. Ohio is on course to fall into the category of also-rans in power and influence nationwide. The voters had the opportunity to take the first step at righting the ship. Shame on Ohio for squandering that opportunity!

JACK LOESCH, Homeworth



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