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July 17, 2011
Salem News

View on Hill

To the editor: Simple comment on the "Hill" woman from Salineville. Six months seems fair, but in addition they really should impose public community service as well. She caused unnecessary panic and concern for the women of our neighboring community as well as Salineville. Salem, Washingtonville, Lisbon, and others were all affected by this false statement. Let her embarrassment and shame be a warning for all who have suffered by this act.


Upset by thievery

To the editor: I have always defended living in Salem since I moved here five years ago. I like so many things about it. I enjoy living on my quiet street, close to the parks, community center, great neighbors, and the nice small town feel. However a few days ago I became aware of an incident in our neighborhood that just left me with the "you got to be kidding me feeling!" This is putting it politely! I passed on a couple of local grass cutting jobs I would do for my neighbors to a hard working kid on my block named Cole. He was looking to make some extra money and took pride in a doing a good job, spending his earned money on updating his mower to provide a service that our neighbors wanted. Cole was recently working at a neighbors , placing his leaf blower and weed eater in the yard as he does each time. While cutting the grass a car pulls up and steals his leaf blower!

Now to them it may have been no big deal or maybe something they do all time. But to me they stole from a kid, not knowing what happens on the back end of that robbery. The money earned that day will only pay a portion to replace what was taken. It leaves me disgusted! It is things like this that I have defended Salem against. As a community we should be looking out for our neighbors, not robbing them. I know this maybe an isolated incident , but it just happened to take place on our street, to my neighbor, our little corner of Salem and I wanted to voice my thoughts!


Impressed with hospitality

To the editor, Recently, 14 RV Care-a-Vanners pulled into Salem to take part in the Habitat for Humanity build on Fifth Street. We were in town for two weeks and we were overwhelmed by the hospitality from the people of Salem. Every day morning snacks and lunch/dinners were provided by different restaurants. Our first night in town the dear folks from Habitat's ReStore provided a delicious pot luck supper. Then Arby's, Dunkin' Donuts, Annabells, Ricky's English Pub, Bob Evans, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, Terry Carman builders, Guilford Lake Grille, BB Rooners, First Presbyterian Church, Salem Golf and Country Club, Ezio's, Giant Eagle, and Pizza Hut kept us well fed the whole time. We had beautiful weather and reached our goals of having the entire exterior of the house completed and the walls up and sheet rocked inside. Our site supervisor, Don Carmen and Bill Leo, our procurement chairman, and their team were wonderful. The volunteers from Habitat were so helpful and we had a great time. A very special thanks to Tim and Robin Armbruster from the Chaparral Campground for giving us free camping during our two week stay. We hope to come back again next year. That would be our third year to build Habitat Homes in beautiful Salem, Ohio.

JERRY and LINDA CHASE, Team leaders, Ocala, Fla.

Thanks for parade aid

To the editor: I would like to congratulate all of the participants in the Fourth of July vehicle and pet parade. There was a lot of time and effort put in by all. With the donations of the Merchants Association that donated the funds for the trophies, Atty. Geoff Goll for theater passes, the Fun Factory for passes and Herron Foods, everyone received either a trophy or "goody bag" or both. Our judges, Bob Merry, Elizabeth Thatcher and Greg Oesch, did a great job. I would not have wanted their jobs as there were so many great vehicles and pets. Again, I thank all and hope to see also of you next year.


An invite to the museum

To the editor: The citizens of Salem come from a rich variety of backgrounds. Salem will recognize this background during the International Festival, scheduled for Aug. 12 and 13. Salem Historical Society will participate by having an exhibit at the museum of artifacts which have been loaned from individual families. To this end, the Historical Society invites you and your friends who have such artifacts, to bring them to the museum for this period.

Particular items might be quilts, clothing, dishes, pictures, framed items, maps, household goods, written articles, etc. The Historical Society has had Italian and Romanian families in the past contribute to special exhibits; these would be welcomed again. Items do not need to be elaborate. It would be interesting to have some information along with the items, which will be placed with the owner's name. So Irish, Polish, Scandinavian, Guatemalans, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, etc., we welcome you to share bits of your heritage. Call the museum at 330-337-8514 and leave a message that you will participate. There will be tables in the meeting room and signs will be placed. The museum has a security system which will keep loaned protected. If desired, items can be picked up from your home. We also welcome the public to come and see these artifacts and memorabilia during the International Festival. In addition to Aug. 12 and 13, we plan to extent the exhibit an additional day of Sunday, Aug. 14.

JANICE G. LESHER, Curator, Salem Historical Society

Where is the decency?

To the editor: A few nights ago I stumbled on a late night talk show, which I will not name. The host had a young lady as a guest whom I did not know. I never cared for this particular show and as I started to switch channels shall a I say lady? uttered a statement that nearly knocked me out of my chair. I'm 91 years old and have been around. I have worked in shipyards, served four years in the Marine Corp as an enlisted man, so I have been exposed to some very harsh language. The only defense I can offer is none of this language occurred around mixed company. I never thought even in this day and age with the disgusting dialog that goes on I would hear anything as vulgar as the filth that flowed out of that woman's mouth.

This in front of a studio audience and Lord knows how many more watching on their tube at home and to add to the discussing episode the audience laughed. I hoped one or more of the news media would've of picked on this and brought these people to task, but I saw and heard nothing.

I love movies and with time on my hands I spend lots of it in front of my TV. I'm afraid if a certain four letter word was removed from the script many of the actors from a verbal stand point, would be unable to function. One other thing that sickens and saddens me is the total disrespect these people show for mothers. Where is the FCC? I remember when, if the "d" word slipped out of your mouth, you could be subjected to a stiff fine.

Where is this lack of decency and control taking us? I m afraid the combination of slang and indecent utterances is slowly reducing our language to a point where it soon will be unrecognizable. Our forefathers whose language was impeccable must be turning over in their graves.

LEON WHITE, Columbiana



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