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June 12, 2011
Salem News

Sarcastic 'thanks' for help with fire

To the editor: I would like to thank those individuals who tried to help my husband and I Sunday night (May 29) in the parking lot at Taco Bell in Calcutta. That night we were attempting to leave the Taco Bell on our motorcycle and it had a severe malfunction causing it to catch on fire. I would also like to thank the supervision working Taco Bell that night for being ignorant or lazy for refusing to let us borrow a fire extinguisher right after the fire started. When you said "we don't have one," it is a fact that your business is required by law to have at least one. Shame on you for not knowing that you had an extinguisher as I talked to the district supervisor whom informed me that maybe they didn't know they had one. Really? I would also like to thank the volunteer fire department. You arrived just at the moment the bike caught fire but could not get the pump started nor get it primed with water after it did start. Again if they would have had a dry chemical fire extinguisher or someone competent we would have had minimal damages instead of a total loss.

With everything that happened that night I just realized that what would have happened if this would have been a young mother with children in a burning car and they were trapped inside? I shudder to think of the outcome. Lucky we just lost a bike and people did not die because of inept people. I am just thankful that we are OK and our bike is replaceable!

RHONDA WALKER, East Liverpool

Smiles made the effort so special

To the editor: Find a need. Develop a plan. Explain your ideas. Build support. Show your effort. Share your time, talents, and treasures. Community. When the special needs students of Columbiana County lost funding for their Outdoor Study Program this year at Camp Frederick, a need arose. The program of supervised activities is greatly enjoyed and needed by these students. The woods technology students of Salem High School took on the task of obtaining funding for this need. Not wanting to simply ask for donations, the students decided to show their efforts by building step stools in exchange for sponsorship support. There was a tremendous effort by these students to provide a quality product to the sponsors. I wish to thank these students for all their work. They made me proud!

I wish to thank the strong support by these community members: BOC Water Hydraulics, Berger Electric, Tom and Tierney Bratten, Hank Brock, BuTech-Bliss, Gary and Kim Cox, Gary and Lyndsy Cox, CTM, Davey's Jeeps, 4WD Hardware, Brian and Lisa Frederick, Gruzsecki Insurance Agency, Al and Patti Hays, Hickey Metal Fabrication, Sean Kirkland, Dennis Neiderhiser, Don Olson, Todd Olson, Ed and A.J. Peters, Nick and Lois Peters, Matt Peters (Salem Machine Trades), Gina Powell, Quaker Tax Service, Darlene Reed, Bill and Linda Schneider, Ed and Beckie Stone, Salem Welding and Supply, Stratton Chevrolet, Straub Insurance Agency, Dan and Jill Thompson, Doug and Lura Umbs, and Alison VanFossan. I wish to thank the school teacher/administrator that introduced me to those special needs students nine years ago. I would also like to thank the pastor that shared the idea of "serving" to me years ago.

Finally, I wish to thank my family for the many years of support they have given (and still give) to the various endeavors in which I participate. They never question; they just support. If you could only see the smiles on these kids' faces, their kindness, and their happiness, you would immediately understand the importance of our deeds. I wish to thank the students for the wonderful opportunity they have given to show we are all a community.

KEN PETERS, Industrial technology instructor, Salem High School

Example of Salem's nice people

To the editor: Yesterday I was amazed and pleased that the Visa card that had fallen out of my pocket at the gas station was returned to me. Thank you to the gentleman who turned it in, and thank you to the honest clerk for her safekeeping. Another example of nice people in Salem.

CHRIS KAMPFER, Summitville

Ohio?Jobs Budget is critical

To the editor: The new Ohio Jobs Budget, currently in the senate, is a critical piece of legislature to create an environment for Ohio that is open for business and jobs. While the budget strengthens flexibility for many state and local agencies, increasing their efficiency, it allows our school systems the opportunity to improve service delivery to its customers: Ohio families, children, and communities.

As a human resource professional recruiting new employees I have witnessed firsthand how the Ohio Schools have failed its customers. Our schools have churned out far too many students who not only struggle to read, write, and perform simple math equations but who are lacking in the soft skills; personal responsibility, accountability, time management, problem solving, and communication, the skills crucial to a person's development and success, skills that as the Employer we had to teach. Spending 49 percent more than the national average on administrative costs; Ohio Schools have forgotten the student and the class room, creating an ineffective top heavy organization and a safe haven for non-performing teachers. In a world class business the focus is on the product, delivery and customer service not on administration. Changing our schools is imperative, performance and delivery must become the focus, the performing teachers succeed and the non- performers are given the opportunity to improve or depart, it's their choice. Enabling Ohio to meet its commitment in the $400 million Race to the Top program by creating a "comprehensive evaluation system that will provide constructive and timely feedback to teachers and principals, serve as a guide to professional development and influence decisions regarding advanced licensure, continuing contracts and removal of ineffective teachers and principals." The Ohio Jobs Budget creates an environment for success within our schools, our businesses and our communities.




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