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Duh! Winning!

Everyone’s a winner when it comes to Ohio State and the NCAA

April 26, 2011
B.J. LISKO - Salem News Sports Editor ( , Salem News

Am I supposed to be surprised that Jim Tressel lied about having knowledge of his players committing NCAA infractions?

Am I supposed to care that his job may be in jeopardy and that Ohio State is likely going to suffer for a number of years once the NCAA comes down on the program with an iron fist?

Am I supposed to rip into Tressel for the sheer hypocrisy of writing a book about honesty and integrity called "The Winners Manual" then going against many of the lessons in that same book?

Am I supposed to be in shock that another Buckeye icon appears to be going down?

Am I supposed to point out that the NCAA is a cash cow and even if Tressel had reported these violations that the punishments probably wouldn't have been very severe given the money the Ohio State program generates?

Am I supposed to point out the blatant hypocrisy of the NCAA punishing Ohio State players but not for the next game they were to play, the Sugar Bowl, where the team went on to beat Arkansas?

Am I supposed to point out how screwed up college athletics are on the Division I level?

Am I supposed to argue that it was just kids selling memorabilia and not crack cocaine?

Am I supposed to say that way worse things than what is happening at Ohio State happen at colleges all across the country every year?

Am I supposed to berate Ohio State for recruiting players who seem to be habitual troublemakers?

Am I supposed to tell Tressel that he should in fact apologize, something he hasn't truly done yet?

Am I supposed to field and respond to vast amounts of e-mail from Buckeye fanatics who know I am not an Ohio State fan?

Am I supposed to write a column ripping a team that I don't dislike, but rather a team that has a number of fans who I'm not exactly thrilled with having to deal with?

Am I supposed to take the high road and say nothing at all?

Am I supposed to check with my editor before I put this little question piece into print?

Or should I just print it?

I think I'll just print it.

Because that's the road Tressel would've taken.

I want to be a winner.

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