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February 6, 2011
Salem News

From a different perspective

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, around 4:45 p.m., my best friend and I were wandering around near the bypass and 14 in Salem. It was bitterly cold and snowing very hard. We were freezing, hungry and scared. We hadn't anything to eat or drink for days, and we were both very dehydrated and dirty. We had ice hanging from our ears, and our paws had sores on them. Paws you ask? I'm sorry I should have told you before. I am a 7 year-old male beagle/ basset mix and my best friend is a 6-month-old female German shepherd.

On the Sunday before, I guess our owner(s) didn't want us anymore and decided to throw us out like yesterday's trash-to fend for ourselves. As I was wandering toward the road, a man driving by pulled his car off to the side and ran over and stopped me just before a truck was about to hit me. He gathered us together and called his wife to come and get us in her SUV. They took us to their place, gave us food and water, and warmed us up. It was great! They loved us up, and even introduced us to their dog, a beagle, and their son, who loved us up some more and gave us a couple of extra treats.

I really liked their dog. We sniffed each other, and he even gave me a lick on my cheek. After we filled our bellies the nice couple thought they had better try to find our owner. They thought that whoever lost us would probably be frantic trying to find us. At that time, they didn't know that we were abandoned orphans. They stopped at every house that had a light on asking if anyone had lost us. Finally, after three hours of knocking on doors, the couple knocked on the door of lady who volunteers at the Columbiana County Dog Pound. She called the dog warden who was a very nice lady and she said that she would keep us for the night and take us to the pound in the morning. Ah! Finally, a good night's rest was coming our way! No more having to cuddle together to stay warm with my friend on another cold night.

When we got there the next morning we were introduced to all the other dogs, got something to eat, and even saw a nice doctor who checked us out! And, we were given names. I'm Cooper, and my best friend is Callie. The people at the pound were so nice to us. We could tell that they really like what they do. The next day, my best friend was adopted by some nice people. I'm happy for her, but I'm really going to miss her. Hopefully sometime soon, someone will take me home to live with them. Some nice lady already put $50 toward sponsoring me. I need someone to love me, and I still have a lot of love to give. I like it here for now, but I'd really like to go home with that nice couple who rescued us. (I really think they are going to take me home with them and foster me).

I think that I could be best friends with their beagle. I could play, romp, and cuddle again; just like it should be. And to my former "owner" ... I forgive you.



Thank the EPA for milk price hikes

To the editor:

Dear Ohio Congressmen,

Recently the EPA has passed a new regulation on the milk industry. It requires that dairy farmers and the like implement spill prevention and clean-up measures identical to the oil industry. All of this is to be in effect by November of this year. If anyone thinks the price of milk is high now you haven't seen anything yet.

The EPA is systematically destroying every industry in this country. Be it coal, oil, milk, or maple syrup, this government bureaucracy is out of control. The acronym EPA can mean "Eliminate Prosperity Administration."


East Liverpool

Will Kasich run over voters?

To the editor:

Right after the November election, Gov. Kasich said that those who were not supportive of his agenda would get run over. I wonder if he will use the same rhetoric with voters who, based on a new Quinnipiac poll, disapprove of his agenda?

The poll shows that a majority of Ohio voters oppose Kasich and his allies' calls to take away public service workers' rights to bargain for a better life and don't want Kasich to lay off workers.

Kasich's rhetoric has been divisive and inflammatory, something voters in Ohio and across the nation have had enough of. Kasich has a choice: will he listen to voters or run them over too in order to implement his partisan agenda?

The poll also shows that nearly one in four Ohioans disapprove of Kasich, one of the highest disapproval ratings of any first-term Ohio Governor.

Voters are fed up with partisan politics and want real solutions to the jobs crisis we current face. They want good, family-sustaining jobs for hundreds of thousands of jobless Ohioans.





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