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January 30, 2011
Salem News

Offers suggestion for opening

To the editor:

Could this be the time to combine the auditor's and the treasurer's jobs ?



Clarifies info about HSCC

To the editor:

The following information about the Humane Society of Columbiana County (HSCC) was published recently. One fact needs to be made clear. This service is provided to the citizens of Columbiana County over the land area of 532 square miles at no cost to taxpayers. HSCC operates totally by private donation dollars and does not get support from any other organization such as HSUS.

One part-time humane agent travelled over 10,000 miles in order to attend to over 40 calls per month. Agent Palmer investigated concerns involving well over 480 animals at no cost to taxpayers. Many times she educates the pet owner or provides straw or food until other arrangements are made.

Some cases involve transporting the pet to get immediate medical care, and taking legal action through the court system. More than 3000 phone calls were handled by HSCC staff and volunteers. Information about spay and neuter, adoptable pets, upcoming events and pet concerns is provided.

At the same time, these individuals cared for 198 animals that came into the possession of HSCC a minimum of three times per day at the ROCC and Rescue Center at 1825 S. Lincoln Ave. in Salem. Pet introductions, home visits, vet record checks, temperament testing and compatibility were checked for over 183 adoptions and 45 rescues all at no cost to the taxpayer.

Only two pets were euthanized due to untreatable medical condition. Vaccinations, micro-chips, spay and neuter, medical treatment, and vet appointments are included in the modest adoption fee which rarely covers the expenses associated with the pet all at no cost to the taxpayer. When funding and space allow, stray pets or pets destined for euthanasia at other facilities are rescued all at no cost to the taxpayer.

Now, HSCC needs financial help. Although the humane agent will remain on the road to answer calls of concern, other services offered to concerned citizens will be curtailed. Many stories are told to us of worry and sleeplessness due to conditions of neighboring animals or strays. HSCC tries to help. Recently a volunteer trapped and provided vet care to a stray cat that was of concern to an elderly citizen. That cat now awaits adoption at HSCC. The number of animals we can assist is directly related to the generosity of our donors.

Animals are the window into the soul of every neighborhood. The quality of life in a community can be measured by their support of organizations such as HSCC. Please show your support today.




Lauds local attorneys for their help

To the editor:

Columbiana County attorneys support legal aid.

Financial resources should not determine the ability of a person to challenge an improper foreclosure, obtain financial freedom from an abusive partner, or put food on the family table. However, for many of our poor and elderly neighbors the high cost of retaining legal counsel is an overwhelming obstacle to resolving legal problems and accessing justice. Community Legal Aid is dedicated to providing free, high quality legal services to those who would otherwise go without.

We rely on the local legal community to join us in our mission and support our work. Community Legal Aid and the Volunteer Legal Services Program would like to acknowledge the following 12 Columbiana County attorneys who generously donated their time and talents to assist legal aid clients in 2010. In 2010 over 300 attorney volunteers across our eight county region came together to close over 2,100 cases on behalf of those most in need.

You have made a difference, and the board, staff and clients of Community Legal Aid thank you!

For more information about volunteering with Community Legal Aid and to complete a volunteer application visit

Low-income individuals with a legal problem should call the Community Legal Aid Services HelpLine at 1-800-998.9454 or visit

The 2010 volunteers are Stacey L. Alejars, Virginia Barborak, Nicholas Barborak, Shirley Christian, Marian D. Davidson, George A. Gbur, Tad Herold, Stephen A. Hill, Amanda Jo Jackson, R. Eric Kibler, Geoffrey Korff and Constance L. Witt.


Executive Director,

Community Legal Aid,


What is the future for animal care?

To the editor:

On Nov. 3, 2009 the Ohio voters spoke loud and clear. By a landslide 67 to 37 vote they authorized the creation of a livestock board to regulate animal care in Ohio.

This was in response to the plea of those who introduced the ballot initiative to keep animal care policy in the hands of Ohioans and out of the hands of the radical Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

It was not to be. Gov. Strickland, together with his agricultural secretary and two Ohio agricultural "leaders" negotiated with the president of the HSUS and reached an agreement that preempted any action that the livestock board might take in regulating animal care. It was an act of treachery perpetrated by the governor against the citizens of Ohio.

According to media reports, HSUS representatives and their surrogates have been showing up in force at meetings of the board. Their object is to intimidate the members of the board into believing that if they adopt measures not approved by these radicals, a ballot initiatives will be introduced at the next election by the HSUS mandating draconian animal care regulations. (The response of the board members to this should be: bring it on.)

The people spoke and Gov. Ted Strickland didn't listen. Will Gov. Kasich listen? Will he declare publicly that the agreement brokered by Strickland and the HSUS is null and void? Will the Republicans leaders of the Ohio House and Senate listen? Will the members of the livestock board listen?

In short, will animal-care policy in Ohio be governed by the voter-created livestock board or will it be governed by radical out-of-state vegan pressure groups?

The voters are watching and waiting to see which it will be.





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