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DV Awareness Month: Are you in danger?

October 31, 2010
By CATHY BROWNFIELD, Family Recovery Center

DV Awareness Month: Are you in danger?

If you are in danger, call 911, Help Hotline at 330-424-7767 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY, 1-800-787-3224.

Domestic violence: the inflicting of injury by one family or household member to another. DV occurs so frequently it has its own entry in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. There is a lengthy list of synonyms for those two words: compulsion, coercion, duress, constraint, infringe, violate, transgress, encroach, trespass, profane, intense, discord.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The first step is to recognize if it's a problem in your relationship. It's much easier to recognize the problems of domestic violence in others lives, but not to detect it in your own. Perhaps you ask yourself questions like, "What if I'm wrong and it's NOT domestic violence?" Or you justify what's happening with, "(S)He would never do anything to hurt me or our children" or "I made my bed, and now I have to sleep in it."

If you are in danger, call 911, Help Hotline or the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Am I being abused?

The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides the following questions to help determine the signs that you might be a victim of battering. Does your partner

- Embarrass you with put-downs?

- Try to control what you do, where you go, who you see and talk to?

- Make all the decisions?

- Threaten to take away or hurt the children?

- Prevent you working or going to school?

- Act like abuse is no bid deal, denies doing it, or blame someone or something else for problems-even you?

- Destroy your property, threaten your pets?

- Intimidate you with guns, knives or other weapons?

- Slap, shove, hit, punch, choke you?

- Threaten to commit suicide?

- Threaten to kill you?

- Force you to stop charges that have been filed against them?

How can I know for sure?

You may be a victim of domestic violence if there is ongoing abuse of alcohol or other drugs, and if there has been trouble with the law. If your partner doesn't work or go to school, there may be a domestic violence problem. It often has been said that the way a man treats his mother is how he will treat a wife. Ask yourself a few questions.

- Are you afraid to break up with your partner? Why?

- Do you feel tied down, like you have to check in?

- Are you afraid to make decisions or bring up certain subjects so your partner won't get mad?

- Do you tell yourself if you just try harder and love your partner enough everything will be just fine?

- Do you find yourself crying a lot, being depressed and unhappy?

- Do you find yourself worrying and obsessing about how to please your partner and keep them happy?

- Is the physical or emotional abuse getting worse all the time?

What if I'm still not sure?

Go to a safe place to access the Internet. Take the quiz at If you are in danger right now, call 911, Help Hotline at 330- 330-424-7767. or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY, 1-800-787-3224.

Family Recovery Center promotes the well being of individuals, families and communities with it's education, prevention and treatment programs. Some walk-in appointments are available.

It is recommended that you call ahead so the agency can make sure there is someone available to talk with you when you get there.

FRC is located at 964 N. Market St., Lisbon; phone, 330-424-1468; or email, FRC is funded, in part, by United Way of Northern Columbiana County.



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