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October 10, 2010
Salem News

Now is not the time

to raise income taxes

To the editor:

Now is not the time to raise income taxes. The people that have jobs have had to take pay cuts and insurance premiums increases. Young families are struggling to keep their heads above water. Those of us that are retired should remember when times were hard for us and not vote yes for this increase.

As a realtor over the years people have told me they don't want to buy in Salem because of the income tax. Raising the income tax will not encourage people to move to Salem.



Another resident unhappy

with dogs doing their thing

To the editor:

To the people who walk their dogs in Salem: Please take a minute and grab a doo doo bag to pick up your dog's waste. There is nothing worse and more disgusting than to have a big pile of dog poo in your path, and have your dog stop and smell every pile. I have seen piles that look like somebody has an elephant for a pet.



Supports a potential

for change in Columbus

To the editor:

The fight for Ohio House District One can become a heated debate when candidates share conflicting views of the budget expenditures for 2010-11. The latest plan, which was supported by the current State Rep. Linda Bolon, cuts funds where they are needed most. So if her decisions haven't led to enough floundering in Columbiana County, our community is doomed if this scheme is set in motion. Not to mention the swift disapproval rate by Ohioans.

To counter the grand idea to raise taxes while cutting budgets in state agencies, social services, mental health facilities, libraries, and schools, consider the potential for change with a new representative, Craig Newbold. But if you are keen on having the tuition freeze on Ohio public universities lifted when it was promised to stay the same, stick with the current administration.

Newbold is a hardworking self-made man who was born and raised in East Liverpool. He is directly involved in his local community and the school district, because he thinks that "to involve real change, you must get involved." He has seen firsthand where Ohio's education system is lacking, which will directly influence an individual's hope of getting a job offering a livable income.

He feels that education is where it all begins and will one day lead to better employment, finally resulting in a more prosperous economy. The $8 billion deficit and plummeting economy that Bolon has so kindly graced us with creates a bleak future for Ohio.


East Liverpool

Encourages backing of

mental health renewal levy

To the editor:

I have received services or worked in the Columbiana County Mental Health System for the past 18 years. The services provided through levy dollars are extremely important to those of us whose lives are affected each day with mental illness.

I personally received the following services through the Counseling Center in Lisbon, which is just one of the provider agencies who receives some funding through levy dollars: psychiatrist, counseling (therapy), payee program, vocational, and children's services. I also received services from other provider programs covered under some levy dollars that included Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Shining Reflections, a peer operated service in East Liverpool.

Through these services available right here in Columbiana County, I have learned to manage the symptoms of my illness. I have gotten off Social Security disability, off food assistance and Medicaid from the Department of Job and Family Services (welfare), off help from Metropolitan Housing, off the HEAP program-to live a life of freedom from the assistance programs that held be bound in poverty, to working a full time job with benefits, supporting my self, paying taxes and my way through life, like other "normal" people do.

I am not the only person who receives services in Columbiana County who has achieved these accomplishments in their life many others are also working hard towards or already accomplished reaching their own goals of freedom from the system of assistance.

With your support by voting for the renewal of our mental health levy, these remarkable changes in the lives of people who live with serious mental illness will not improve but become more and more dependent on the systems that hold them bound in poverty and discourage dependence. So please continue the caring and vote yes for the mental health renewal levy.



Raspberry-aholic upset

by what research reveals

To the editor:

I'm a raspberry-aholic. I admit it. There is nothing finer in life to eat than raspberries, unless it is raspberries with dark chocolate. So, imagine my delight when I saw breakfast cereals with "more berries" and more varieties, like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. But, wait, with today's food crises occurring more often, I wondered where these freeze-dried berries were coming from. Are they from the USA, Mexico, or South America? Guess again.

My first call was to Kellogg's, and I asked if they were buying their freeze-dried strawberries from China. The answer was, "We do not buy any finished product from China." Hmmm. What does "finished product" mean? Is it not "finished" until it is in the box, ready to be sold? A follow-up e-mail stated, "Kellogg sources vitamins from a number of countries, including a small amount from China. Because of the Quality Assurance programs we have in place, we are confident of the safety of these ingredients." Did you know that the PRC forbids foreign inspection of farms?

I contacted Post also and got a denial that they were buying ingredients from China. "Please be assured that none of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of Post General are from China."

Next I contacted the biggest strawberry producer in Florida and asked about freeze-dried strawberries. The CEO answered, saying that no freeze-drying was performed in Florida, but that he believed freeze-drying was being done in California. Next I contacted the California Strawberry Commission and here's their answer: "Thank you for contacting the California Strawberry Commission with your question. The origin of the freeze-dried strawberries used as ingredients in many cereals is difficult to determine. There is no public source of information regarding origin, imports, exports and usage of freeze-dried strawberries as an ingredient. Our industry does not directly manufacture freeze-dried strawberries, but frozen strawberries from California are often used to manufacture freeze-dried strawberries. Much of the world's freeze-drying production capacity is in China and in some cases frozen strawberries produced in California are shipped to China, dried, and then returned to the US for ingredient use. However, production of strawberries in China has increased over the last few years and may now exceed US strawberry production, so it is likely that much of their domestic production is used to manufacture frozen and freeze-dried strawberry ingredients."

Thank you, Congress, for first allowing more and more food products and ingredients from China and other "developing" countries, and secondly for allowing US companies to hide that fact from the public. This is just one more negative effect of moving toward a "one world" or "global economy." I guess I'll just have to buy my fruits and vegetables locally, or raise them myself.



Angry with the debt that

our country is facing

To the editor:

We the people

What is going on? Are we rebelling against the truth and hoping the problem will just slip away? I am referring to the tremendous debt this country is now facing.

Who bears the responsibility for the mess we're in? Is it Washington alone? No, we the people have been and still are clamoring for fund for one project after another and our representatives in Washington do not have the guts to say no, even though many of these projects are not essential and could very well be put on hold. Too many of our representatives are allowing their personal ambitions to govern their actions and refuse to put their country first.

We have to put a stop to all unnecessary spending which includes not only Washington, but every city, town, village and hamlet. We as individuals should be more fiscally I responsible. To purchase a home beyond ones means to run up a credit card debt and expect the government to bail us out is certainly irresponsible. There are no freebees in this world. Somebody sometime is going to have to pay. We must stop depending on the government for hand cuts, because there is no money. The government will only continue borrowing or print what they need which will only compound the problem.

It is disturbing when we read of unions who refuse to take a 2 or 3 percent cut in pay to help their communities survive these difficult times. When workers are demanding pay raises with apparently no concern for the difficulties most businesses are facing today.

We are a nation of the people and by the people. This means we as individuals can enjoy the freedom and privileges only this great socially can provide. It also means when our country is in trouble we must unite and do our part to help return stability. .

John Kennedy put it so well. "Don't ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country." To some this might sound like a corny phrase, but I think it deserves serious thought. If there ever was a tune when we the people should unite and pull together it is now. Let's begin thinking out of the box



Concerned with small

businesses being overlooked

To the editor:

I am concerned that our elected officials are overlooking the importance of small businesses to the economy of Columbiana County. During the past year and a half, we have all witnessed state government grow at an alarming rate and take more taxes from our community-which has led to massive layoffs and business closures. How can we keep our economy strong if our elected officials continue to make it increasingly difficult to do business in Ohio?

Small businesses keep unemployment rates down by creating sustainable jobs and giving Ohioans steady paychecks. In both good and difficult economies, we need to be fostering small business growth and encouraging investment in our community.

Because jobs and the economy is the number one concern facing our state today, I would like to express my support for Craig Newbold, who is running for state representative of the First Ohio House District. He is a successful business owner who understands how to create jobs, as well as how to keep government spending responsible and efficient as any private sector business would. His business experience will help create jobs for Columbiana County.

Please join me in supporting Craig Newbold on Nov. 2.





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